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The Shrine of Secrets
(Week 20)
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Teachable Perks Cost Perk Owners
Teachable hangmansTrick.png
Hangman's Trick
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K11 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable desperateMeasures.png
Desperate Measures
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Felix Richter
S23 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable oppression.png
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
K22 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable powerStruggle.png
Power Struggle
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Élodie Rakoto
S24 charSelect portrait.png
refreshes in 7 days
Current Event(s)
Tome 11 - Devotion - Level 2:
Read the final 5 entries for The Twins IconHelpLoading twins.png
and the next 3 entries for David King SurvivorDavid.png
Tome11 Devotion Banner.jpg
Featured Cosmetics
Spring Ensembles Collection
Featured Video:
Roots of Dread Trailer
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