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Daily Rituals are side-objectives available to Players in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.


Daily Rituals can be completed by both SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivor and KillersIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killer in return for BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints when completed.
Daily Rituals cannot be completed during private matches (Kill Your Friends).

A new Daily Rituals is generated every day, up to a maximum of 3 active at the same time.
Additionally, the Player may remove one Daily Rituals per day (UTC), which is immediately replaced with a new one.

Daily Rituals

Survivor Rituals

Icon Name Reward Description
DailyRitualIcon objectives
The Reconstruction Ritual 30,000 BPs Repair the equivalent of 3 full GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators.
The Way Of Light 30,000 BPs Successfully open 1 Exit GateIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates with the Survivor.
DailyRitualIcon survival
The Awakening 30,000 BPs Escape and survive 1 time with the Survivor.
Relic Veneration 30,000 BPs Escape and collect 1 new ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items.
DailyRitualIcon altruism
Blood Dance 30,000 BPs Heal other Survivors for the equivalent of 3 Health StateIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healing.
The Saviour Ritual 35,000 BPs Rescue 3 Survivors from the HookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook with the Survivor.
The Initiation 30,000 BPs Perform cooperative actions for a total of 180 seconds.
DailyRitualIcon boldness
Rite Of Ruin 30,000 BPs Sabotage the equivalent of 4 full HooksIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook.
Wild Dance 30,000 BPs Be chased by the Killer for a total of 120 seconds with the Survivor.

Killer Rituals

Icon Name Reward Description
DailyRitualIcon brutality
Mors Ambitio 60,000 BPs By your hands, kill 1 Survivor with the Killer.
DailyRitualIcon deviousness
Rites 30,000 BPs Different for each Killer, generally requires using their ability on Survivors.
See below for all the Rites.
Rite of the Jaws 30,000 BPs With The TrapperIconHelpLoading trapperIconHelpLoading trapperIconHelpLoading trapper, catch Survivors a total of 3 times in a Bear Trap.
Rite of the Bell 30,000 BPs With The WraithIconHelpLoading wraithIconHelpLoading wraithIconHelpLoading wraith, hit Survivors a total of 4 times shortly after Uncloaking.
Rite of the Chains 30,000 BPs With The HillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbilly, down Survivors a total of 3 times with The Chainsaw.
Rite of the Last Breath 30,000 BPs With The NurseIconHelpLoading nurseIconHelpLoading nurseIconHelpLoading nurse, hit Survivors a total of 4 times shortly after Blinking.
Rite of the Dark Within 30,000 BPs With The ShapeIconHelpLoading shapeIconHelpLoading shapeIconHelpLoading shape, tier-up Evil Within a total of 4 times.
Rite of Flesh and Mud 30,000 BPs With The HagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hag, hit Survivors a total of 4 times shortly after teleporting to a Phantasm Trap.
Rite of the Mind Shock 30,000 BPs With The DoctorIconHelpLoading doctorIconHelpLoading doctorIconHelpLoading doctor, hit Survivors with a total of 4 times with the Shock Therapy Attack.
Rite of the Hatchet 30,000 BPs With The HuntressIconHelpLoading huntressIconHelpLoading huntressIconHelpLoading huntress, hit Survivors a total of 4 times with Hunting Hatchets.
Rite of The Butcher 30,000 BPs With The CannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibal, down Survivors a total of 4 times with Bubba's Chainsaw.
Rite of The Nightmare 30,000 BPs With The NightmareIconHelpLoading nightmareIconHelpLoading nightmareIconHelpLoading nightmare, trigger the Dream Chaser Score Event a total of 4 times.
Rite of the Ungrateful 30,000 BPs With The PigIconHelpLoading pigIconHelpLoading pigIconHelpLoading pig, hit Survivors a total of 4 times with an Ambush Dash Attack.
Rite of The Clown 30,000 BPs With The ClownIconHelpLoading clownIconHelpLoading clownIconHelpLoading clown, hit Intoxicated Survivors a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Spirit 30,000 BPs With The SpiritIconHelpLoading spiritIconHelpLoading spiritIconHelpLoading spirit, hit Survivors a total of 4 times shortly after reappearing from a Phase-Walk.
Rite of The Legion 30,000 BPs With The LegionIconHelpLoading legionIconHelpLoading legionIconHelpLoading legion, inflict Survivors with the Deep WoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWound Status Effect a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Plague 30,000 BPs With The PlagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plague, hit fully Infected Survivors a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Ghost Face 30,000 BPs With The Ghost FaceIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghost, mark Survivors by stalking them a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Demogorgon 30,000 BPs With The DemogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgon, hit Survivors with a fully charged Shred Attack a total of 5 times.
Rite of The Oni 30,000 BPs With The OniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oni, down Survivors a total of 4 times with a Demon Strike.
Rite of The Deathslinger 30,000 BPs With The DeathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslinger, hit Survivors a total of 5 times after speering them with The Redeemer.
Rite of The Executioner 30,000 BPs With The ExecutionerIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading wales, send Survivors to Cages of AtonementIconHelp cagesOfAtonementIconHelp cagesOfAtonementIconHelp cagesOfAtonement a total of 2 times.
Ritual of The Blight 30,000 BPs With The BlightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blight, down Survivors a total of 4 times with a Lethal Rush.
Rite of The Twins 30,000 BPs With The TwinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twins, down Survivors a total of 4 times using Victor's Pounce.
Rite of The Trickster 30,000 BPs With The TricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading trickster, fill the Laceration Meter a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Nemesis 30,000 BPs With The NemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesis, reach maximum Mutation Rate.
Rite of The Cenobite 30,000 BPs With The CenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobite, bind Survivors a total of 4 times with a Possessed Chain.
Rite of The Artist 30,000 BPs With The ArtistIconHelpLoading artistIconHelpLoading artistIconHelpLoading artist, damage Survivors a total of 4 times with Dire Crows.
Rite of The Onryō 30,000 BPs With The OnryōIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryo, hit Survivors a total of 4 times shortly after Manifesting.
Rite of The Dredge 30,000 BPs With The DredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredge, activate Nightfall by any means a total of 2 times.
Rite of The Mastermind 30,000 BPs With The MastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermind, hit Survivors a total of 4 times with a Virulent Bound.
Rite of The Knight 30,000 BPs With The KnightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knight, damage Survivors a total of 5 times using a Guard.
Rite of The Skull Merchant 30,000 BPs With The Skull MerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchant, down Survivors that have a Claw Trap a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Singularity 30,000 BPs With The SingularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularity, Slipstream Teleport to Survivors a total of 4 times.
Rite of The Xenomorph 30,000 BPs With The XenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorph, hit Survivors a total of 4 times with a Tail Strike Attack.
Rite of The Good Guy 30,000 BPs With The Good GuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuy, hit Survivors a total of 4 times with a Slice & Dice.
Rite of The Unknown 30,000 BPs With The UnknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknown, injure Survivors a total of 4 times with UVX.
Rite of The Lich 30,000 BPs With The LichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lich, hit a Survivor with a Basic Attack 4 times within 15 seconds of casting a Spell.
DailyRitualIcon hunter
The Hunt Ritual 45,000 BPs Chase the Survivors for a total of 3 minutes with the Killer.
DailyRitualIcon sacrifice
Worship by Sacrifice 30,000 BPs Complete 2 Sacrifices with the Killer.


  • Multiple Killer-specific Rites have been altered at some point, either due to being considered too situational and difficult or due to Killer reworks necessitating a change.
    • Up until Patch 1.9.2, the Rite of the Ungrateful used to require killing one Survivor through a Reverse Bear TrapIconPowers jigsawsBaptismIconPowers jigsawsBaptismIconPowers jigsawsBaptism.
    • Up until Patch 4.4.0, the Rite of the Ghost Face used to require marking three Survivors while leaning, then hitting the Survivors while they are marked.
    • Up until Patch 5.2.0, the Rite of the Nemesis used to require reaching the maximum Mutation Rate 4 times, instead of only once.
    • Up until Patch 7.3.0, the Rite of the Skull Merchant used to require downing Survivors 4 times within 10 seconds of the Survivor being in a Drone's Active Zone.
  • Each KillerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killer has a uniquely named Rite Daily Ritual.
    • The Rite Rituals were named thematically for each KillerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killer from The Trapper to The Pig, aside from The Nightmare's, which falls into the same name scheme as Rite Rituals for Killers introduced after The Pig, where the name of the Rituals are just "Rite of" followed by the title of the respective Killer.
  • Up to Patch 4.4.0, the Rites Daily Rituals differed in values from Killer to Killer, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 Bloodpoints for using a Killer's ability on.
    • This was because not all Powers are equally easy/difficult to use.
    • However, the Developers eventually updated those Daily Rituals to grant 30,000 Bloodpoints each.
  • The Rite of the Legion requires to inflict Deep Wound with Feral Frenzy Hits, as Basic Attacks do not count towards this Ritual.


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