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Crows are the sole interact-able wildlife featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

Often found in pairs, they are usually perched on top of rocks and crates around the outskirts of the Map, but can also be found standing on the ground in an area without rocks and crates.

Startling Crows[]

If a Player is too close to a Crow, they will make a small noise and fly above the skybox. They will then return 15 seconds later, possibly making another smaller sound as they land. This event can be triggered by both the Survivors and the Killer. The noise of Crows will not present a visual cue to the Killer, unless they have the Perk Spies from the Shadows IconPerks spiesFromTheShadows.png, which provides a visual cue at a certain range.

Survivors can avoid startling Crows by crouching past them. However, if they come much too close to a Crow while doing so, it will still get startled.
The Perk Calm Spirit IconPerks calmSpirit.png will prevent startling Crows while walking or running past them, with the aforementioned exception.

Killers will always startle Crows with the exception of a cloaked Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png or a crouching Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png.
A shot from The Redeemer IconPowers theRedeemer.png, however, will always startle any Crows within 24 metres.

Crows tend to land near a Survivor if they stay still for too long.

Stillness Crows[]

Stillness Crows are special Crows that will spawn above a Survivor's head, flying in circles, if that Survivor is staying in an area for too long without performing any interactions such as repairing a generator for example. This also applies to when a Survivor hides inside a Locker IconHelp lockers.png for too long, though the crows will then be perched atop the little roof.

Stillness Crows will caw, a noise that can be heard quite clearly from several metres away, which can alert a Killer who recognises this to your location. The circling crows are also quite visible from a distance, which will further alert an experienced Killer to your location, even without the noise indicator from the third Stillness Crow.

Up to three Stillness Crows can appear unless the Survivor IconHelpLoading survivor.png moves away from the area they were in or starts performing interactions. The third Stillness Crow will give the Killer a noise indicator to the Survivor's precise location.
This is to prevent Survivors from going AFK in Lockers for the whole duration of a game or for hiding in the same area for too long (e.g. Hatch camping).

Spawn Time[]

Stillness Crow Time the Survivor is inactive Noise Indicator?
1 60 seconds No
2 75 seconds No
3 90 seconds Yes

Note that the Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png will receive the Loud Noise Indicator on a 10-second-loop as soon as the third Stillness Crow spawns.

Losing Stillness Crows[]

In order to lose Stillness Crows, a Survivor needs to start interacting with something in the area or leave it and move on to another area of the Map. Crows are lost in specific intervals:

Stillness Crow Despawn time
3 0 seconds
2 45 seconds
1 75 seconds


  • On The Pale Rose and other maps, there are many Crows sitting on the main landmark, the Paddle Steamer. When either a Survivor or a Killer walks into the main landmark, they will caw at the same time and fly away. The cawing can be heard across the whole map, alerting every Player to someone's presence on or near the Paddle Steamer. Both Killers and Survivors can use this to their advantage.
  • On Grave of Glenvale, some of the crows are replaced by vultures. The vultures are larger and make their own sounds, but act the same as normal crows.



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