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Dbd-journal-chest.png Quotes left.png The first time I found a chest, I didn’t manage to open it before a killer caught me. I got exuberated as something new shined some light on this hellish life I now live. I did not pay enough attention. But the next time I was more careful and I managed to loot it. But I must grasp whatever I find with my hands, cause all is lost if the killers lays his hands on me. Quotes right.png
~ Benedict Baker's Journal

Chests are an interactive object that can be searched by Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png in order to acquire Items IconHelp items.png within a Trial.


Chests have predetermined possible spawn locations throughout the Maps and the Map Generator will randomly pick a couple of said locations to spawn a Chest in. Only the single Chest found within the Basement IconHelp basement.png is guaranteed to spawn: appearing in either the far right or the far left corner of the room (relative to the entrance stairs).


Unlocking a Chest takes 10 seconds in which the Survivor attempts to pick the lock at the front of the Chest.
This action is accompanied by distinct sounds a nearby Killer may hear (within 20 metres of the Chest).
Equipping the Teachable Perk Pharmacy IconPerks pharmacy.png will reduce the range of those noises by 8 metres while also accelerating the Chest Unlock time.


Up to the first graphical update The Realm Beyond - Part One, Chests featured a different model and animations.

Instead of lock-picking the Chest a Survivor would approach it, open its lid and then rummage through the (invisible) contents, creating distinct rummaging noises, until eventually finding an Item. This action was referred to as a Chest Search.
Originally, if the Survivor would interrupt the Chest Search, they would slowly and carefully close the lid as to not attract the Killer. If, however, they were to rush that action, the lid would snap shut and create a Loud Noise notification for the Killer.
The slower animation was eventually discarded due to complaints of it taking too long, and the lid would always snap shut, but only create a Loud Noise notification if the action was rushed.

However, this interaction option was added back with Patch 4.4.0 and the introduction of Élodie's Perk Appraisal IconPerks appraisal.png, but renamed to be Rummaging instead of Searching.

Killer Interrupt

A Survivor in the middle of unlocking a Chest can be grabbed by the Killer and hoisted onto their shoulder directly.

Number of Chests

By default, 3 Chests will spawn each Trial.
The amount of Chests can be influenced with the Coin Offerings IconHelp offerings.png or the Perk Hoarder IconPerks hoarder.png
Since these Unlockables stack, it is possible to spawn up any number of Chests from 1 up to 13 Chests in a given Trial.
The table below lists some combination examples:

Chest(s) Modifier Unlockable(s) used
1 Chest -2 1 Cut Coin FulliconFavors cutCoin.png
2 Chests -1 1 Scratched Coin FulliconFavors scratchedCoin.png
3 Chests 0 default
4 Chests +1 1 Tarnished Coin FulliconFavors tarnishedCoin.png
5 Chests +2 1 Shiny Coin FulliconFavors shinyCoin.png
7 Chests +4 (2*2) 2 Shiny Coins
9 Chests +6 (3*2) 3 Shiny Coins
11 Chests +8 (4*2) 4 Shiny Coins
13 Chests +10 (4*2+2) 4 Shiny Coins + Hoarder IconPerks hoarder.png


The Items IconHelp items.png obtained from a Chest is random, but can be influenced by Perks IconHelp perks.png:

Note: the Rarity of the discovered Item is determined by the Survivor who completes the Search interaction, not the one who initiated it. The maximum possible Rarity of an Item is Ultra Rare.



The following table shows the approximate probability of obtaining each Rarity Tier without and with equipping Plunderer's Instinct: [1]

Rarity Default Plunderer's Instinct
Common 43 % 14 %
Uncommon 33 % 18 %
Rare 16 % 22 %
Very Rare 5 % 31 %
Ultra Rare 2 % 15 %


The following table shows the approximate probability of obtaining each Item without and with equipping Plunderer's Instinct, regardless of the Item's Rarity: [2]

Rarity Default Plunderer's Instinct
Med-Kit IconItems firstAidKit.png 37 % 23 %
Toolbox IconItems toolbox.png 37 % 37 %
Flashlight IconItems flashlight.png 16 % 16 %
Key IconItems key.png 7 % 14 %
Map IconItems map.png 2 % 10 %

Change Log

Patch 2.5.0

  • Increased the maximum Rarity of Loot from Very Rare to Ultra Rare.
  • Added a minimum spawn distance in-between Chests as they interfered with the spawns of Jigsaw Boxes IconHelp jigsawBoxes.png.
  • Found Items will now require to be picked up even when not already having one equipped.

Patch 4.2.0


  • A change that was done to the Chests for the Winter Solstice 2018 Event made it possible for Ultra Rare Items to spawn in them.
    • That change was originally an unintended side-effect, however, the Developers decided to make it a permanent feature after receiving much positive feedback from the Community.
  • Progression of unlocking a Chests is accumulative between all Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png and will be saved upon cancelling the interaction prematurely.
  • Completing a Chest Unlock will leave the found Item within the Chest and require the Player to actively pick it up.
    • Up until Patch 2.5.0, completing a Chest Search without an Item equipped would automatically equip the found Item.


Old Chest Search animation




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