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Charity Case
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Release Date 10 August 2017 (Thursday)
Category Clothing Pack DLC
Cost $4.99
Theme Music No special Theme Music
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Charity Case is the fourth Clothing Pack DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

The profits made from selling this DLC will go to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

All customization from this DLC were inspired from different Youtubers/Streamers.

This DLC features:


You've watched your favourite broadcasters play Dead by Daylight and show off their exclusive outfits, now you can finally get your hands on those amazing threads and proudly display your fandom! On top of that, all profits from the sale of this item will go to the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation.

The Charity Case is a collection of 26 cosmetic items for many of the Dead by Daylight Survivors and Killers. It contains 20 brand new customisation options based on your favourite broadcasters and 6 previously exclusive items from old friends. 


Dwight Fairfield[]

S01 charSelect portrait.png

Meg Thomas[]

S02 charSelect portrait.png

Claudette Morel[]

S03 charSelect portrait.png
Head Torso

Jake Park[]

S04 charSelect portrait.png

Nea Karlsson[]

S05 charSelect portrait.png


K02 charSelect portrait.png


K04 charSelect portrait.png
Head Body


K08 charSelect portrait.png


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