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In Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, there are two distinct roles to play and multiple Characters in each role to choose from.


Each Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique power, whereas Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png initially vary only in their appearance

However, every Killer and Survivor has 3 unique Perks IconHelp perks.png to unlock in their Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png which can eventually be taught to other Characters, these unlock at (Levels 30, 35 & 40).

Every Character comes with its own play style, progression path, Load-out IconHelp loadout.png and customisation options which fit your tastes. Feel free to experiment!


Main article: Survivors


Main article: Killers
Evan MacMillan - Trapper
K01 charPreview portrait.png
Philip Ojomo - Wraith
K02 charPreview portrait.png
Max Thompson Jr. - Hillbilly
K03 charPreview portrait.png
Herman Carter - Doctor
K07 charPreview portrait.png
Anna - Huntress
K08 charPreview portrait.png
Bubba Sawyer - Cannibal
K09 charPreview portrait.png
Freddy Krueger - Nightmare
K10 charPreview portrait.png
Jeffrey Hawk - Clown
K12 charPreview portrait.png
Rin Yamaoka - Spirit
K13 charPreview portrait.png
Adiris - Plague
K15 charPreview portrait.png
Danny Johnson - Ghost Face
K16 charPreview portrait.png
Demogorgon - Demogorgon
K17 charPreview portrait.png
Caleb Quinn - Deathslinger
K19 charPreview portrait.png
Pyramid Head - Executioner
WK EX charPreview portrait.png
Talbot Grimes - Blight
YK BL charPreview portrait.png
Ji-Woon Hak - Trickster
K23 charPreview portrait.png
Nemesis T-Type - Nemesis
K24 charPreview portrait.png
Elliot Spencer - Cenobite
K25 charPreview portrait.png
Carmina Mora - Artist
K26 charPreview portrait.png
Dredge - Dredge
K28 charPreview portrait.png

Legendary Characters

Legendary Characters are Cosmetic Sets of Legendary Rarity, which transform a Character into a completely different one, altering their entire Character model.
These Characters are generally legends of the horror genre and typically from other video games, from movies, shows, etc.

Legendary Characters generally come with their own unique voice-lines; however, this is currently not true for The Look-See and The Mordeo as they were early examples of such Characters.

K25 Chatterer charSelect portrait.png
The Cenobite
S27 Chris charSelect portrait.png
Leon Scott Kennedy
S26 Claire charSelect portrait.png
Jill Valentine
S22 Cybil charSelect portrait.png
Cheryl Mason
S22 James charSelect portrait.png
Cheryl Mason
S19 Jonathan charSelect portrait.png
Steve Harrington
S22 Lisa charSelect portrait.png
Cheryl Mason
K07 Look-See charSelect portrait.png
The Doctor
K08 Mordeo charSelect portrait.png
The Huntress

Mythological Characters

Mythological Characters are Cosmetic Sets of Ultra Rare Rarity, which transform a Character into a completely different one, altering their entire Character model.
Unlike Legendary Characters, these new Character models are not inspired by other legends of the horror genre, but originate in mythology or folklore instead.

Mythological Characters generally come with their own unique voice-lines and themes; however, this is currently only true for The Baba Yaga, as other Characters were introduced before this change.

K08 Baba Yaga charSelect portrait.png
The Huntress
K21 Ferryman charSelect portrait.png
The Blight
K01 Krampus charSelect portrait.png
The Trapper
K18 Minotaur charSelect portrait.png
The Oni

Costume Characters

Costume Characters are Cosmetic Sets of either Ultra Rare or Very Rare Rarity.
They are a mix of characteristics from Legendary Characters and Mythological Characters in that they are inspired either by other legends of the horror genre or mythology/folklore, or not at all, but do not alter the Character model.
They are akin to the Character donning a costume of another Character.

Ultra Rare Costumes, compared to just Very Rare ones, generally come with extras, such as new voice-lines, special sound effects, or special visual effects, justifying their higher price and rarity.

S22 Alessa charSelect portrait.png
Cheryl Mason
K06 Birch charSelect portrait.png
The Hag
K23 GodOfDesire charSelect portrait.png
The Trickster

Lore Characters

Main article: Lore Characters

Lore Characters are non-playable Characters that only exists in Dead by Daylight's Lore.
They can be mentioned in the Lore of Survivors or Killers, the descriptions and/or flavour texts of various Unlockables, and the Lore accompanying Tomes.

Unused Characters

Unused Characters are known playable Characters that only existed in developmental stages of Dead by Daylight and are currently not featured in the Game aside from at most some assets.

Unused Killers

Unused Alpha Survivors

These are the Survivors featured in original promotional material and Artwork for Dead by Daylight prior to its release in June 2016, as well as in the original Trailer.
It should be noted that they are ALPHA versions of the same four Survivors that released with the original Game, Dwight, Meg, Claudette, and Jake.
This is evidenced by the voice actors and early concept art:

Original Trailer

In order of appearance:

  • ALPHA Meg Thomas
  • ALPHA Jake Park
  • ALPHA Claudette Morel
  • ALPHA Dwight Fairfield (only in promotional Artwork)

It is worthy to note here that during ALPHA stages of Dead by Daylight, Meg and Claudette had switched ethnicities (and voice-actresses) compared to the BETA and subsequent release versions.
This can be seen in the original Trailer and in a screenshot in Claudette's Gallery.


Character Order

  • On the Wiki, the playable Characters are always ordered in order of release.
  • In-game, the playable Characters are also ordered in order of release, but are additionally divided into 2 groups:
    • All free (DLC) Characters in order of release are followed by all paid DLC Characters in order of release.
    • The divider between the two groups are the Characters of CHAPTER 5: A Lullaby for the Dark, which was the last free DLC on the PC build.
    • This is why, when the Public Test Build of a new Chapter is released, its Characters are placed in the last spot of the first group of free Characters, following The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png and David King SurvivorDavid.png respectively, as the new Characters are considered free Characters on the PTB so that Players can test them.
    • With the Chapter's release, they are then put into the last spot of the second group of paid DLC Characters.

Character Info

  • Patch 1.5.0 added a new feature called Character Info, which can be brought up with F1 (PC) or D-Pad Right (PS4 and Xbox 1), giving an overview of a Character, including their Lore and unlocked Teachable Perks.

THE SURVIVORS IconHelpLoading survivor.png
S01 charSelect portrait.png Dwight Fairfield SurvivorDwight.png S02 charSelect portrait.png Meg Thomas SurvivorMeg.png S03 charSelect portrait.png Claudette Morel SurvivorClaudette.png S04 charSelect portrait.png Jake Park SurvivorJake.png S05 charSelect portrait.png Nea Karlsson SurvivorNea.png
2 - 5
S06 charSelect portrait.png Laurie Strode SurvivorLaurie.png S07 charSelect portrait.png Ace Visconti SurvivorAce.png S08 charSelect portrait.png Bill Overbeck SurvivorBill.png S09 charSelect portrait.png Feng Min SurvivorFeng.png S10 charSelect portrait.png David King SurvivorDavid.png
6 - 10
S11 charSelect portrait.png Quentin Smith SurvivorQuentin.png S12 charSelect portrait.png David Tapp SurvivorTapp.png S13 charSelect portrait.png Kate Denson SurvivorKate.png S14 charSelect portrait.png Adam Francis SurvivorAdam.png S15 charSelect portrait.png Jeff Johansen SurvivorJeff.png
11 - 14
S16 charSelect portrait.png Jane Romero SurvivorJane.png S17 charSelect portrait.png Ash Williams SurvivorAsh.png S18 charSelect portrait.png Nancy Wheeler SurvivorNancy.png S19 charSelect portrait.png Steve Harrington SurvivorSteve.png S20 charSelect portrait.png Yui Kimura SurvivorYui.png
15 - 19
S21 charSelect portrait.png Zarina Kassir SurvivorZarina.png S22 charSelect portrait.png Cheryl Mason SurvivorCheryl.png S23 charSelect portrait.png Felix Richter SurvivorFelix.png S24 charSelect portrait.png Élodie Rakoto SurvivorElodie.png S25 charSelect portrait.png Yun-Jin Lee SurvivorYun-Jin.png
20 - 23
S26 charSelect portrait.png Jill Valentine SurvivorJill.png S27 charSelect portrait.png Leon Scott Kennedy SurvivorLeon.png S28 charSelect portrait.png Mikaela Reid SurvivorMikaela.png S29 charSelect portrait.png Jonah Vasquez SurvivorJonah.png S30 charSelect portrait.png Yoichi Asakawa SurvivorYoichi.png
S31 charSelect portrait.png Haddie Kaur SurvivorHaddie.png
THE KILLERS IconHelpLoading killer.png
1 - 2
K01 charSelect portrait.png Evan MacMillan - The Trapper IconHelpLoading trapper.png K02 charSelect portrait.png Philip Ojomo - The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png K03 charSelect portrait.png Max Thompson Jr. - The Hillbilly IconHelpLoading hillbilly.png K04 charSelect portrait.png Sally Smithson - The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png K05 charSelect portrait.png Michael Myers - The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png
3 - 6
K06 charSelect portrait.png Lisa Sherwood - The Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png K07 charSelect portrait.png Herman Carter - The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.png K08 charSelect portrait.png Anna - The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png K09 charSelect portrait.png Bubba Sawyer - The Cannibal IconHelpLoading cannibal.png K10 charSelect portrait.png Freddy Krueger - The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png
7 - 11
K11 charSelect portrait.png Amanda Young - The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png K12 charSelect portrait.png Jeffrey Hawk - The Clown IconHelpLoading clown.png K13 charSelect portrait.png Rin Yamaoka - The Spirit IconHelpLoading spirit.png K14 charSelect portrait.png Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey - The Legion IconHelpLoading legion.png K15 charSelect portrait.png Adiris - The Plague IconHelpLoading plague.png
12 - 15
K16 charSelect portrait.png Danny Johnson - The Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png K17 charSelect portrait.png The Demogorgon IconHelpLoading demogorgon.png K18 charSelect portrait.png Kazan Yamaoka - The Oni IconHelpLoading oni.png K19 charSelect portrait.png Caleb Quinn - The Deathslinger IconHelpLoading deathslinger.png K20 charSelect portrait.png Pyramid Head - The Executioner IconHelpLoading wales.png
16 - 21
K21 charSelect portrait.png Talbot Grimes - The Blight IconHelpLoading blight.png K22 charSelect portrait.png Charlotte & Victor Deshayes - The Twins IconHelpLoading twins.png K23 charSelect portrait.png Ji-Woon Hak - The Trickster IconHelpLoading trickster.png K24 charSelect portrait.png Nemesis T-Type - The Nemesis Nemesis T-Type}} K25 charSelect portrait.png Elliot Spencer - The Cenobite IconHelpLoading cenobite.png
22 - 24
K26 charSelect portrait.png Carmina Mora - The Artist IconHelpLoading artist.png K27 charSelect portrait.png Sadako Yamamura - The Onryō IconHelpLoading onryo.png K28 charSelect portrait.png The Dredge IconHelpLoading dredge.png
K25 Chatterer charSelect portrait.png The Chatterer S27 Chris charSelect portrait.png Chris Redfield S26 Claire charSelect portrait.png Claire Redfield S22 Cybil charSelect portrait.png Cybil Bennett S22 James charSelect portrait.png James Sunderland S19 Jonathan charSelect portrait.png Jonathan Byers
S22 Lisa charSelect portrait.png Lisa Garland K07 Look-See charSelect portrait.png The Look-See K08 Mordeo charSelect portrait.png The Mordeo
K08 Baba Yaga charSelect portrait.png The Baba Yaga K21 Ferryman charSelect portrait.png The Ferryman K01 Krampus charSelect portrait.png The Krampus K18 Minotaur charSelect portrait.png The Minotaur
S22 Alessa charSelect portrait.png Alessa Gillespie K06 Birch charSelect portrait.png The Birch K23 GodOfDesire charSelect portrait.png The God of Desire K27 RottenRemains charSelect portrait.png The Rotten Remains
Alex Benedict Baker The Entity IconHelp entity.png The Observer IconHelp archivesGeneral.png Vigo and many more...
The Smasher The Teacher