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The Cages of Atonement are Props featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo that were added with Patch 4.0.0 alongside The ExecutionerIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading wales.



A Cage of Atonement.

Cages of Atonement are the manifestation of The Executioner's special ability: downed Survivors suffering from Torment after coming into contact with a Torment Trail left by Rites of JudgementIconPowers ritesOfJudgementIconPowers ritesOfJudgementIconPowers ritesOfJudgement can be sent to a Cage of Atonement as an alternative to a regular HookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook.


Cages of Atonement work differently to Hooks: while they do progress the Sacrifice process and trigger the associated Hook Score Events, they are not considered Hooks by other Game Mechanics, causing any Perks requiring Hook-interaction to trigger their effects to ignore the interaction with a Cage of Atonement.

Examples of this are Perks such as Borrowed TimeIconPerks borrowedTimeIconPerks borrowedTimeIconPerks borrowedTime, DeliveranceIconPerks deliveranceIconPerks deliveranceIconPerks deliverance, Barbecue & ChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilli, etc.

The Memento MoriIconHelp mementoMoriIconHelp mementoMoriIconHelp mementoMori Offerings do acknowledge the interaction with a Cage of Atonement, since those Offerings require a Survivor's Sacrifice progress to have progressed two Hook Stages in order to be able to kill them.


A Cage of Atonement will generally spawn far away from The Executioner. Should The Executioner walk into close proximity of the Cage of Atonement and remains there for a short amount of time, it and the trapped Survivor will relocate to a different location on the Map.

This behaviour was chosen to prevent The Executioner from excessively camping trapped Survivors, due to the already inherent advantage of Cages of Atonement not triggering Hook-interaction Perks that could counter-act that.

Change Log[]

Patch 4.0.2[]

  • Change: the ExecutionerIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading wales can no longer see the AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Cages of Atonement.
  • Change: added a Relocation mechanic to Cages of Atonement, which relocates the Cage of Atonement when The Executioner remains too close to it for several seconds.


  • Like Alarm ClocksIconHelp alarmClockIconHelp alarmClockIconHelp alarmClock and Pools of DevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotion, interacting with Cages of Atonement is not affected by any Unlockables.
  • Cages of Atonement have a set of 6 randomly chosen locations, but predetermined at the start of a Trial, they may spawn at once a Survivor is sent to one by The Executioner.
  • The Auras of Cages of Atonement are not affected by the BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Status Effect.


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