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CHAPTER XXI: Hellraiser™ is the twenty-first Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

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Release Date 07 September 2021 (Tuesday)
Category Chapter DLC
Cost $4.99
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It was released on 7 September 2021.

This DLC features:


Hellraiser is a new Chapter in Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, Pinhead. Demon to some, angel to others, Pinhead seeks to unleash the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain upon any who cross his path. Purchasing the add-on will unlock the new Killer and an exclusive universal charm.

Killer: The Cenobite[]

Main Article: Elliot Spencer

Cenobite's Info[]

K25 charSelect portrait.png

The Cenobite

Pinhead is an explorer in the further regions of experience, indulging in the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain. When the puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration—a key to another dimension—was found in The Entity’s realm, it was only a matter of time before it fell into curious hands. Once opened, he arrived. What came next was sweet suffering that spilled over the realm.

Killer Power - Cenobite: Summons of Pain

FulliconPowers summonsOfPain.png
Quotes left.png An extradimensional gateway that leads to pleasure and pain so great it will tear your soul apart. Quotes right.png

Press the Power button to create a gateway and release the button to open it.
Once opened, tap the Ability button to summon forth a possessed Chain under your control.
Direct the Chain into a Survivor to bind them.

A Survivor bound to a Chain is unable to sprint, suffers from the Incapacitated IconStatusEffects incapacitated.png Status Effect, and cannot leave through the Exit Gate IconHelp exitGates.png.
Their Movement speed will decrease further as they are hit with a second and a third Chain.

Breaking Chains: Atl Hud Icon BreakChains.png
Survivors can perform the Break Free action to escape.
If The Cenobite walks through Chains, they will break immediately.
Any solid object (including Characters) between the Gateway and the chained Survivor will immediately break the Chain.
Chains broken via the environment or The Cenobite will spawn an additional Chain aimed at the survivor.

Lament Configuration: Icons Hud Icon Solve.png
If left alone, the Lament Configuration eventually initiates a Chain Hunt by summoning Chains to pursue Survivors.
The Chain Hunt ends when a Survivor picks up the Lament Configuration.

Survivors can see the Aura IconHelp auras.png of the Lament Configuration, which is either white (idle) or yellow (Chain Hunt)

A Survivor carrying the Lament Configuration suffers from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect and Chains will occasionally be summoned to attack them.
The Survivor must solve the Lament Configuration to remove it from their possession.
While doing this, The Cenobite will see their location and be able to teleport to it.

When The Cenobite picks up the Lament Configuration, a Chain Hunt is activated.
Additionally, all Survivors are instantly bound by Chains, causing them to scream and reveal their locations.

The Lament Configuration will spawn in a new location after The Cenobite or a Survivor has used it.

Cenobites's Perks[]

Deadlock Deadlock
You induce mental suffering by crushing any hope of escape.

Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, The EntityIconHelp entity.png blocks the Generator with the most progression for 20/25/30 seconds.

  • The AuraIconHelp auras.png of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.

"Nobody escapes us." — Pinhead

Hex: Plaything Hex: Plaything
A Hex that toys with a victim's suffering.

If there is at least one Dull TotemIconHelpLoading totem.png remaining in the Trial Grounds, Hex: Plaything activates on a random Totem each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time:

  • The hooked Survivor suffers from the CursedIconStatusEffects cursed.png and ObliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effects until Hex: Plaything is cleansed.
  • For the first 90 seconds, only the Cursed Survivor is able to cleanse the Hex Totem.
  • The AuraIconHelp auras.png of Hex: Plaything's Hex Totem is revealed to the Cursed Survivor within 24/20/16 metres.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totem.png is standing.

"We came. Now you must come with us. Taste our pleasure." — Pinhead
Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain
You are the bringer of sweet pain.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

  • The AurasIconHelp auras.png of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

Each time a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, the following effects apply:

  • The Survivor suffers from the HaemorrhageIconStatusEffects bleeding.png and MangledIconStatusEffects mangled.png Status Effects until healed.
  • Upon being healed, the Survivor suffers from a 7/8/9 % Action Speed penalty to Healing and Repairing until they are injured again.

"We will tear your soul apart." — Pinhead


The Cenobite[]

Head Body Weapon
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