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Release Date 08 September 2020 (Tuesday)
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CHAPTER XVII: Descend Beyond is the seventeenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

This DLC features:


Descend Beyond is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a Killer, The Blight, and a Survivor, Felix Richter. Purchasing the add-on will unlock its new Killer, new Survivor, and an exclusive item for the survivor: Felix's The World Class jacket.

The Blight, a bright and ambitious chemist who sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds, only to become a victim of his ambitions, is the new Killer. After his research was stolen, The Blight was lured into the Realm of the Entity by the promise of new, forbidden knowledge. The new Survivor is Felix Richter, an eccentric architect with a unique vision. Returning to the mysterious island where his father had disappeared, Felix descended into the darkness beyond and was never seen again.

Killer: The Blight

Main Article: The Blight

Killer's Info

K21 charSelect portrait.png

The Blight

A bright and ambitious chemist from Scotland, Talbot Grimes sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds. During his time at the British East India Company, he created a drug that increased workers’ productivity while reducing their need for rest. Despite the rewards he reaped, the drug had fatal side effects, putting workers’ lives in jeopardy for profit.

He amassed enemies, and one such man had him abducted, bound, beaten, and left for dead.

Barely clinging to life, Talbot was rescued and nursed back to health by the disciples of an ancient mystery school. There, monks studied forbidden texts, striving to expand the human mind in the search for other dimensions. In return for saving Talbot, they asked for his help, believing his knowledge could lead them to their goal. Yet, when he nearly reached his breakthrough, they had him drugged and dumped into an opium den.

Frantic to remember his research, a whisper reached out from the corner of his mind to help. He grabbed a stone and etched into the wall. When there was nowhere left to write, he carved the message into his chest. Stained with blood, he witnessed a miracle appear before him—a field of lush, orange flowers. The whispered voice urged him to enter the field and discover dimensions beyond human comprehension. As the orange flowers wilted around him, he descended further into darkness.

Killer Power - The Blight: Blighted Corruption

FulliconPowers blightedCorruption.png
Quotes left.png Pustula serum courses through his veins, corrupting his mind and body, yet granting him unnatural physical abilities. Quotes right.png

The Blight starts the Trial with 5 Tokens.

When Blighted Corruption is fully charged, press the Power button to initiate a Rush, allowing The Blight to dash forwards at great speed, consuming 1 Token in the process.

  • During a Rush, The Blight is unable to initiate an Attack.

A Slam is performed by rushing The Blight into obstacles or walls, which opens the Chain Rush Window.

During the Chain Rush Window, press the Power button again to initiate a Lethal Rush, consuming 1 Token in the process.

  • During a Lethal Rush, The Blight can initiate an Attack by pressing the Attack button.
  • Rushing into Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png or Breakable Walls IconHelp breakableDoors.png while attacking will destroy them.

After either the Chain Rush Window closes or the final Lethal Rush with all Tokens are consumed, The Blight enters Fatigue and begins recharging the Tokens.

Killer's Perks

The Blight comes with 3 new Perks:

IconPerks dragonsGrip.png
Dragon's Grip

After kicking a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png, for the next 30 seconds, the first Survivor interacting with it will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffers from the Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for 60 seconds.

Dragon's Grip has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.

"Such potential in this compound... even the slightest trace causes unnatural effects." — Journal of Talbot Grimes

IconPerks hexBloodFavour.png
Hex: Blood Favour

A Hex that gains the favour of The Entity IconHelp entity.png when blood is spilt.

Hitting a Survivor with your Basic Attack prompts The Entity IconHelp entity.png to hold all Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png within a radius of 16 metres from your location in place for the next 15 seconds, preventing Survivors from pulling them down.

Hex: Blood Favour has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png is standing.

"It would be no leap of the imagination to suggest that the Trials are a biological response of sorts." — Journal of Talbot Grimes

IconPerks hexUndying.png
Hex: Undying

A Hex which maintains the vile powers that flow throughout the Trial.

The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors within 2/3/4 meters of any Dull Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png are revealed to you.

  • When another Perk's Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png is cleansed, its Hex is transferred to the Hex: Undying Totem, including any accumulated Tokens, disabling Hex: Undying instead.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png is standing.

Survivor: Felix Richter

Main Article: Felix Richter

Survivor's Info

S23 charSelect portrait.png

Creative, enterprising, and analytical, Felix Richter is an eccentric architect with a unique vision who won several designs awards, including but not limited to the Swiss Architect Medal and the German National Design Award. Turning away from a legacy of medicine, Felix carved his way in the world of design, establishing a name for himself as an architect while establishing the ‘Richter and Golder’ firm with his friend and colleague, Lauren Golder.

Despite his success, he was unable to shake the sense that he was a 'hack' and often distracted his anxious mind with booze and parties. When Felix discovered he was going to be a father, he quickly pulled his life together and focused on a project that he believed would prove his worth as an architect.

Returning to an island where his father and other members of his father’s secret society disappeared, Felix began extensive plans to restore and reinvent the old, crumbling Victorian buildings. As he surveyed the ruins of the island, he thought he saw his father beckoning him through a gathering fog below. Without hesitation, Felix descended into the darkness beyond and was never seen again.

Survivor's Perks

Felix comes with 3 new Perks:

IconPerks visionary.png

You are remarkably focused on your means of escape.

The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png are revealed to you within 32 metres.

  • Each time a Generator is completed, Visionary is disabled for 20/18/16 seconds.
IconPerks desperateMeasures.png
Desperate Measures

You refuse to fail, even during your darkest hour.

Increases Healing and Unhooking speeds by 10/12/14 % for each injured, hooked, or dying Survivor, up to a maximum of 40/48/56 %.

"When they come with a wrecking ball, build stronger walls." — Felix Richter

IconPerks builtToLast.png
Built to Last

You know how to get the most out of your tools.

Once per Trial, your carried Item IconHelp items.png will refill 30/40/50 % of its Charges 10 seconds after having depleted it.

"Architecture is the soul of civilisation." — Felix Richter


The Blight

Head Body Weapon

Felix Richter

Head Torso Legs



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