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Stranger Things
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Release Date 17 September 2019 (Tuesday)
Category Retracted Chapter DLC
Cost $11.99
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CHAPTER XIII: Stranger Things is the thirteenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.
It will only remain available for purchase until 17 November 2021, after which the Chapter will be leaving the Realm of The Entity.

This DLC features:

Content Retraction/Suspension

At the time of writing this, no official information on the Why was given.

Characters and Cosmetics

On 16 August 2021, one month short of two years after the Chapter was introduced to Dead by Daylight, the Developers announced on their website that the Chapter would be leaving the Game three months later by 17 November 2021.

After this date, none of the Stranger Things content can be purchased anymore on any platform and there will be no new content made for the Chapter.
Any previously bought content will remain in the Game and usable, with Players continuing to be able to play with and against the Stranger Things characters in the Trials.


The sole game-impacting change of the content suspension is the removal of the Realm and its associated Map, The Underground Complex.
After 17 November 2021, the Map will no longer be accessible by any Player in any mode.


  • This Chapter marked the first Chapter to feature two Survivors instead of just one.
  • This Chapter marked the first Chapter to leave Dead by Daylight in any form.
  • This Chapter was first teased after the official Netflix Twitter account posted a tweet during E3 2019 which told players to "watch out" for upcoming projects with different companies. Behaviour, the developers behind Dead By Daylight, was one of them. Link



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