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The SAW™ Chapter
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Release Date 23 January 2018 (Tuesday)
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CHAPTER 7: The SAW™ Chapter is the seventh Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

This DLC features:


The SAW™ Chapter is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight.

Life is the most precious thing we have. A gift we are given, but a gift some squander. We need to be alive and not just exist. This is where The Pig steps in - a teacher that provides those selected with an opportunity to appreciate life yet again. To fight for our own survival, or simply let go and die. David Tapp thinks otherwise. He believes that everyone is free to live their own life, without the threat of death in the shape of a trap. A seasoned detective that seeks The Pig - a search that brings him to the Gideon Meat Plant.

Puzzle me this

They say that it’s good for the human race to solve puzzles, to make use of our highly developed brain. To get some of that “positive stress”. But there’s a limit. A lethal limit where blood gets involved and we create memories of something we rather forget. The Pig is the puzzlemaster, and we are the test subjects.

The SAW™ Chapter™ is a Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map.

Killer: The Pig[]

Main article: Amanda Young

Killer's Info[]

FK charSelect portrait.png

The Pig

The Pig is a disciple of a mastermind known to the world as Jigsaw. In both The Pig and Jigsaw’s minds, they believe they are doing something necessary. Something that’ll make those placed inside their devious contraptions see life for what it really is once again. There are, of course, some sacrifices one must be willing to make, if one is to survive the “lesson”. Good luck…

Killer Power - The Pig: Jigsaw's Baptism

FulliconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
Quotes left.png Forever devoted to her master's cause, she punished the ungrateful and the guilty with slyness and murderous puzzles.
The Pig can move stealthily, dash in Ambush Attacks and put deadly Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors' heads.
Quotes right.png

The Pig starts the Trial with 4 Reverse Bear Traps.

Inactive Reverse Bear Traps: IconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
While standing over a Survivor who is in the Dying State IconHelp dying.png, press the Active Ability button to place an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap on that Survivor's head.

  • Survivors may attempt to free themselves from an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap by searching Jigsaw Boxes IconHelp jigsawBoxes.png for the key.
  • Jigsaw Boxes are located around the environment.
  • Survivors may leave through an Exit Gate IconHelp exitGates.png while wearing an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap.

Active Reverse Bear Traps: IconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
Whenever a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, all currently Inactive Reverse Bear Trap will activate:

  • Active Reverse Bear Traps initiate the Death timer, a countdown timer displayed on the Survivor's Status icon that expires after 150 seconds.
  • Once the Death timer expires, the Active Reverse Bear Traps snaps open, automatically killing the Survivor.
  • A Survivor attempting to leave the Trial Grounds through an Exit Gate with an Active Reverse Bear Traps immediately trips the Reverse Bear Trap.
    • The trap will beep rapidly warning the Survivor of the active nature, even with the timer paused due to chase or downed.
    • The tripping occurs halfway between the gate and the exit.
    • Survivors can exit through the hatch with an Active Reverse Bear Trap.
  • The Death timer is paused whenever the Survivor is being chased by The Pig, is in the Dying State, or is on the Hook.

Press the Active Ability button to crouch and uncrouch.

  • When crouched, The Pig is granted the Undetectable IconStatusEffects undetectable.png Status Effect at the cost of moving at a slower speed (3.6 m/s).

SPECIAL ATTACK: Ambush Dash Atl Hud AB IconAmbush.png
Press and hold the Attack button when crouched to perform an Ambush Dash attack at increased speed (6.9 m/s) and range.

"You will give everything to me, every cell in your body. The marks on your arms, they're from another life. We'll leave that life behind. When you walk down that corridor there is no turning back. Do you understand that?" — Jigsaw's Baptism

Killer's Perks[]

The focus of The Pig’s Perks is on pain and torture. A Hook is not that easy to flee from and all Survivors will be seriously tested when it comes to Skill Checks.

Hangman's Trick Hangman's Trick
Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability and your ingenious modifications to HooksIconHelpLoading hook.png alert you of tampering.

"No excuses, no equivocations... No crying." — Amanda Young

Surveillance Surveillance
Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

The AurasIconHelp auras.png of regressing GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generators.png are highlighted in white.

  • If the Regression progress is interrupted on a Generator, its Aura will be highlighted in yellow for 8/12/16 seconds.

Surveillance increases the audible range of Survivors' Generator-repairing noises by 8 metres.
"Are you gonna behave?" — Amanda Young

Make Your Choice Make Your Choice
Each time a Survivor is rescued from a Hook when you are at least 32 metres away, Make Your Choice activates:
  • The Rescuer screams and suffers from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for the next 40/50/60 seconds.

Make Your Choice has a cooldown of 40/50/60 seconds.
"You'd be surprised what tools can save a life." — Amanda Young

Survivor: David Tapp[]

Main article: David Tapp

Survivor's Info[]

FS charSelect portrait.png

The Detective

David Tapp is one of the few good guys left. Someone who actually seeks justice. After years of wearing the shield, he caught the most horrendous case yet. A fiendish being that reserved the right to unleash torture upon the world as it was considered “needed”. A frantic chase began, making David end up at the Realm of the Entity where the search never ends.

Survivor's Perks[]

Tenacity Tenacity
There is nothing stopping you.

Your ferocious tenacity in dire situations allow you to benefit from the following effects:

  • Increases your Crawling speed by 30/40/50 %.
  • Grants the ability to crawl and recover at the same time.
  • Reduces the volume of Grunts of Pain while in the Dying StateIconHelp dying.png by -75 %.

"What the hell is this? I'm taking this bastard down!" — Detective David Tapp

Detective's Hunch Detective's Hunch
Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

Each time a Generator is completed, the AurasIconHelp auras.png of any GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generators.png, ChestsIconHelp chests.png, and TotemsIconHelpLoading totem.pngwithin 32/48/64 metres are revealed to you for 10 seconds.

  • If you are holding a MapIconItems map.png, any objects revealed by Detective's Hunch will automatically be tracked by it.

"Are you able to tell us where you were last night?" — Detective David Tapp

Stake Out Stake Out
Getting close to the Killer fills you with determination.

Every 15 seconds you are within the Killer's Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png, while not being chased, Stake Out gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 2/3/4 Tokens.

  • When Stake Out has at least 1 Token, Good Skill ChecksIconHelp skillChecks.png consume 1 Token and are considered Great Skill Checks, granting an additional Progression bonus of 1 %.
  • Great Skill Checks do not consume any Tokens.

"I had you, I had you on your knees. You're runnin' scared because we had you. We're gonna close this case!" — Detective David Tapp


Main article: Gideon Meat Plant

Map's Info[]

IconMap Fin TheGame.png

The Abattoir

The Gideon Meat Plant is no longer a place of death designed for animals. Its focus has shifted towards the human race. You can still sense a scent of blood mixed with rust and fear. Thousands upon thousands of animals have met their end at this place, but those humans who enter the premises are not supposed to die. They are meant to survive and learn. But the majority of those who participate will fail.


The Pig[]

Head Body Weapon

David Tapp[]

Head Torso Legs



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