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Release Date 25 July 2023 (Tuesday)
Category Half-Chapter DLC
Cost $9.99
500 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells
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Quotes left There's nothing more powerful than imagination. It can shape the fabric of reality, transforming everything you may think you know. Quotes right
~ Nicolas Cage

CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage was the fifth Half-Chapter DLC for Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, released on 25 July 2023.

This DLC features the following content:

  • 1 Survivor:
  • 1 exclusive Cosmetic Piece:
    • Teal Jacket - Common Nicolas Cage Torso
  • 1 bundled Outfit:
    • Gorgon Drip - Very Rare Nicolas Cage Outfit


Prepare for a tour de force performance. Dead by Daylight's Nicolas Cage Chapter features a new Survivor, legendary actor Nicolas Cage. Purchasing this DLC unlocks an exclusive Cosmetic: Teal Jacket.

The Survivor is Nicolas Cage. Yes, you heard that right. A cinematic icon with over one hundred films under his belt, Cage brings boundless creativity to any project – but nothing could have prepared him for this. Roll out the red carpet for a premiere that's sure to leave audiences breathless, as Nick Cage steps into The Fog for his deadliest role yet.

Survivor: Nicolas Cage

Main Article: Nicolas Cage

Cage's Info

S38 charSelect portrait

Countless awards. Over one hundred films. Nicolas Cage had done it all and seen it all...or so he thought. When a mysterious screenplay for “Descend Beyond” landed on his desk, he signed on without hesitation. While filming, Nick performed his dialogue with gravitas, a dark incantation that rolled off his tongue with ease. He dipped his fingers in a cup of red ink and painted symbols on the stone altar. He was so immersed he barely noticed the tendrils of black Fog slowly creeping toward him...

Cage's Perks

IconPerks dramaturgy
Dramaturgy When people bring you on to their project, they do so because of the unexpected magic you bring to your performance.

Whenever you are HealthyIconHelp healthyIconHelp healthyIconHelp healthy, Dramaturgy activates:

  • While running, press the Active Ability button to run with knees high for 0.5 seconds to gain a +25 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 2 seconds, followed by one of the following effects:
    • Suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposed Status Effect for 12 seconds.
    • Extend the duration of the HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for another 2 seconds.
    • Scream, but without notifying the Killer.
    • Receive a random ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items of Rare Rarity, with a random selection of Add-onsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons attached to it, automatically dropping any previously held Item.
  • The same effect cannot happen twice in a row.

Dramaturgy causes the ExhaustedIconStatusEffects exhaustedIconStatusEffects exhaustedIconStatusEffects exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Dramaturgy cannot be used when Exhausted.

"Take the part. It's a good movie, he says. What's the worst that can happen?" — Nicolas Cage

IconPerks plotTwist
Plot Twist Big moments are vital, but you know that sometimes an understated read can be just as powerful.

Whenever you are in the Injured StateIconHelp injuredIconHelp injuredIconHelp injured, Plot Twist activates:

  • While crouching and motionless, press the Active Ability button to silently enter the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying with the following benefits:
    • Suppresses Grunts of Pain.
    • Suppresses Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding.
    • Grants the ability to fully recover from the Dying State.
  • After full recovery using Plot Twist, you are healed instantly and gain a +50 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 2/3/4 seconds.

Plot Twist deactivates after recovering yourself by any means.

Plot Twist reactivates once more when the Exit Gates become powered.

"I think you'll find this shooting location... captivating." — Pauline Stamper

IconPerks scenePartner
Scene Partner You lock in with your co-star, engaging with and reacting to each other on a higher level.

Whenever you are inside the Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius, Scene Partner activates:

  • Looking at the Killer causes you to scream, which reveals their AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras for 3/4/5 seconds.
  • There is a chance of 50 % that you will scream again, extending the Aura-reveal duration by another 2 seconds.

Scene Partner has a cool-down of 60 seconds.

"This is not in the script!" — Nicolas Cage

Cage's Cosmetic Pieces

  • Teal Jacket - A sophisticated teal smoking jacket, the finest in his wardrobe.
  • Gorgon Drip - A mythological outfit for a larger-than-life celebrity.
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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
S38 Torso01 01 Teal Shirt CategoryIcon torso Common A sophisticated teal smoking jacket, the finest in his wardrobe. CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage
S38 Head009 Slicked Back CategoryIcon head Very Rare Not a single hair was out of place. CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage
or In-Game StoreIconHelp storeIconHelp storeIconHelp store
S38 Torso009 Snakey Jacket CategoryIcon torso Very Rare An exotic jacket made from snake skin. CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage
or In-Game StoreIconHelp storeIconHelp storeIconHelp store
S38 Legs009 Designer Leather Pants CategoryIcon legs Very Rare Nick spent a pretty penny on these pants. CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage
or In-Game StoreIconHelp storeIconHelp storeIconHelp store



  • CHAPTER 28.5: Nicolas Cage was originally teased on 17 May 2023.
    • A short teaser trailer, narrated by the actor himself, showed the decrepit interiors of a film studio, with Nicolas coming into view, stepping out from billowing clouds of smoke or fog.
  • Nicolas Cage provided both his likeness for the Character, as well as his voice for the narration of the teaser trailer and the Character as well.
  • Nicolas Cage is the first real-life person to be adapted into a playable character in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.


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