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Release Date 07 September 2021 (Tuesday)
Category Chapter DLC
Cost $4.99
500 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells
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CHAPTER 21: Hellraiser™ is the twenty-first Chapter DLC for Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, released on 7 September 2021.

This DLC features the following content:

  • 1 Killer:
  • 1 exclusive Charm:
    • Lament Configuration - Rare Universal Charm


Hellraiser is a new Chapter in Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, Pinhead. Demon to some, angel to others, Pinhead seeks to unleash the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain upon any who cross his path. Purchasing the add-on will unlock the new Killer and an exclusive universal charm.

Killer: The Cenobite[]

Main Article: Elliot Spencer

The Cenobite's Info[]

K25 charSelect portrait

The Cenobite

Pinhead is an explorer in the further regions of experience, indulging in the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain. When the puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration—a key to another dimension—was found in The Entity’s realm, it was only a matter of time before it fell into curious hands. Once opened, he arrived. What came next was sweet suffering that spilled over the realm.

The Cenobite's Power[]

IconPowers summonsOfPain

"An extradimensional gateway that leads to pleasure and pain so great it will tear your soul apart."

Press the Power button to conjure a Gateway up to 16 metres away in front of The Cenobite.
Release the Power button to open the Gateway and possess it.

Press the Attack button while possessing the Gateway to summon forth a guided Possessed Control under your control.

Hitting a Survivor with the Possessed Chain causes the following effects:

  • Binds the Survivor with 3 Chains.
  • Reduces their Movement speed:
    • 1.13 m/s with 3 Chains.
    • 1.695 m/s with 2 Chains.
    • 2.26 m/s with 1 Chain.
  • Causes them to suffer from the IncapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitated Status Effect.
  • Suppresses their ability to run.
  • Blocks the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates.
    • This effect lingers for 5 seconds after all Chains are removed.

Bound Survivors can perform the Break Free interaction to remove one Chain at a time, each taking 1 second.

Chains are broken upon colliding with the environment, which will spawn a replacement Chain that will attempt to bind the Survivor again.
Chains are also broken when colliding with other Players, but this will not spawn a replacement Chain.

The Lament ConfigurationIconItems lamentConfigurationIconItems lamentConfigurationIconItems lamentConfiguration spawns in a random location in the environment at the start of the Trial and slowly charges a Chain Hunt

The AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of the Lament Configuration is revealed to Survivors in white at all times and changes to yellow during an active Chain Hunt.

Any Survivor can pick up the Lament Configuration to prevent it from continuing charging a Chain Hunt or ending an on-going one, but not without suffering from the following effects:

  • Causes the Survivor to suffer from a permanent ObliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious Status Effect.
  • Causes all of their ambient sounds to be replaced with a haunting tune.
  • Triggers a Chain Hunt targetting only them.

The Lament Configuration cannot be dropped, demanding to be solved to remove it from their possession.
If they are attacked by The Cenobite, it is dropped from their grasp and respawns after 30 seconds.

When left to its own devices, the Lament Configuration charges a Chain Hunt over the course of 90 seconds.

During a Chain Hunt, Survivors are repeatedly targetted by Chains spawning from nearby Gateways, which attempt to bind them until 3 Chains are attached to them.
This process continues indefinitely until a Survivor picks up the Lament Configuration.

If The Cenobite picks it up from the ground himself, he instantly starts a Chain Hunt in addition to the following effects:

  • Causes all Survivors to be bound by 3 Chains.
  • Causes all Survivors to scream and reveal their location for 3 seconds.
  • Causes the Lament Configuration to respawn after 10 seconds.

If the condition of the Last Survivor Standing is met, Chain Hunts will still activate, but not spawn any Chains, leaving the Last Survivor Standing untouched.

Solving the Lament Configuration takes 6 seconds to complete:

  • Triggers Killer Instinct.
  • Causes it to disappear and respawn in a random location after 45 seconds upon success.

While a Survivor is solving the Lament Configuration, The Cenobite is granted the ability to teleport to within 10 to 12 metres of their location.

  • Interrupts the Solving process and briefly binds the Survivor in place with Chains shooting from the Lament Configuration.

The Cenobite's Perks[]

IconPerks deadlock
Deadlock You induce mental suffering by crushing any hope of escape.

Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators is completed, The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity blocks the Generator with the most progression for 15/20/25 seconds.

  • The AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.

"Nobody escapes us." — Pinhead

IconPerks hexPlaything
Hex: Plaything A Hex that toys with a victim's suffering.

If there is at least one Dull TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem remaining in the Trial Grounds, Hex: Plaything activates on a random Totem each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time:

  • The hooked Survivor suffers from the CursedIconStatusEffects cursedIconStatusEffects cursedIconStatusEffects cursed and ObliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious Status Effects until Hex: Plaything is cleansed.
  • For the first 90 seconds, only the Cursed Survivor is able to cleanse the Hex Totem.
  • The AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Hex: Plaything's Hex Totem is revealed to the Cursed Survivor within 24/20/16 metres.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem is cleansed or blessed.
"We came. Now you must come with us. Taste our pleasure." — Pinhead

IconPerks scourgeHookGiftOfPain
Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain You are the bringer of sweet pain.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

Each time a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, the following effects apply:

  • The Survivor suffers from the HaemorrhageIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding and MangledIconStatusEffects mangledIconStatusEffects mangledIconStatusEffects mangled Status Effects for 90 seconds.
  • Upon being healed, the Survivor suffers from a 10/13/16 % Action Speed penalty to Repairing and Healing until they are injured again.

"We will tear your soul apart." — Pinhead

DLC Charm[]

Icon Name Rarity Description Collection Usability
GE 002 Lament Configuration Rare An invitation to pleasure and pain. Hellraiser Universal Charm
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