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Release Date 30 March 2021 (Tuesday)
Category Chapter DLC
Cost $6.99
18,000 Iridescent Shards IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed.png
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CHAPTER 19: All-Kill is the nineteenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

This DLC features:


All-Kill is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a Killer, The Trickster, and a Survivor, Yun-Jin Lee. Purchasing the DLC will unlock its new Killer, new Survivor, and an exclusive item for the Survivor: Yun-Jin's Polka Dotted Blouse.

The new killer is Ji-Woon Hak, better known to fans across the globe as The Trickster. Famed singer by day, calculating serial killer by night, The Trickster thirsts for notoriety above all, treating both his music and his murders as high art. He was beckoned into The Fog on the eve of his most gruesome performance with the promise of an eager audience and an endless encore. The new Survivor is Yun-Jin Lee, a resilient and ambitious music producer who built her reputation on the success of her one and only client – The Trickster. Ignoring evidence of his true nature in favour of her career, Yun-Jin now stands to pay the ultimate price for her decision.

Killer: The Trickster

Main Article: Ji-Woon Hak

Trickster's Info

K23 charSelect portrait.png

The Trickster

A vain and talented singer, Ji-Woon thrived under the attention of others. His talent caught the attention of Yun-Jin Lee, a producer with Mightee One Entertainment. She recruited him into the boy band, NO SPIN, kickstarting a lifestyle of fame and celebrity. Yet, over time, the thrill faded. He begrudged his bandmates for dividing the adoration deserved for himself. When a fire broke out in their studio, he left them to die, their pleas for salvation exciting him. Emerging from the inferno, he played the part of bereaved survivor, though he secretly harboured a newfound addiction in controlling the lives—and deaths—of others. He began abducting victims to torture and kill. Murder scenes became elaborate art pieces, and the screams of the dead were recorded and secretly woven into his tracks.

As murder became his artistic outlet, his music faltered. Mightee One’s executives reacted by restricting his creative control. He considered this a grave insult. His revenge came three months later at a private show planned for the executive board. Nitrous oxide seeped into the hall, incapacitating each member. Ji-Woon bound and tortured them on-stage in an elaborate performance. Only Yun-Jin was given a stay of execution—his favourite allowed to be the sole audience member, eyes pried open. As the show ended, he bowed, and made his way to Yun-Jin, intent on tying up loose ends. But before he could strike—The Fog. Billowing in, it revealed a realm adorned with rusted hooks, sustained by a million eyes that would watch him, run from him, experience him. All he had to do was accept, become an implement of The Fog and, most importantly, make them scream.

Killer Power - Trickster: Showstopper

FulliconPowers showstopper.png
FulliconPowers showstopper mainEvent.png
FulliconPowers showstopper mainEventCooldown.png
Quotes left.png A mesmerising skill honed through a lifetime of practice, Ji-Woon Hak unleashes a flurry of knives with rapid-fire speed. Quotes right.png

Start the Trial with 44 Blades.
Press and hold the Power button to wind up and enter the Throw State.

While in the Throw State, tap the Attack button to throw a single Blade, or hold down the Attack button to unleash a flurry of Blades.
Throwing a flurry of Blades increases control and Throw rate, while decreasing Movement speed.

Restock Blades at Lockers IconHelp lockers.png.

Laceration Meter:
A Survivor's Laceration Meter increases each time they are hit by a Blade.
Once the meter is filled (6 Blade Hits), they lose a Health State IconStatusEffects healing.png, putting them either into the Injured IconHelp injured.png or Dying State IconHelp dying.png.

A Survivor's Laceration Meter will gradually decrease if they have not been hit by a Blade for a short time.
Hitting a Survivor with a Basic Attack will partially deplete their Laceration Meter.

Each Blade Hit also fills the Event Meter.
Once full, The Main Event can be activated by pressing the Active Ability button.
In this mode The Trickster automatically throws unlimited Blades for the duration of The Main Event.

His Throw rate is significantly increased and his Movement speed does not decrease after each throw.
The Main Event can be cancelled by pressing the Active Ability button again.
Doing so resets the Event Meter and initiates a cool-down on Showstopper.

Trickster's Perks

Starstruck Starstruck
Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all.

When carrying a Survivor, Starstruck activates:

  • Survivors suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect while in your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png.
  • The Status Effect lingers for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving your Terror Radius.

After hooking or dropping the carried Survivor, Starstruck deactivates:

  • The Status Effect persists for 26/28/30 seconds for any Survivor inside your Terror Radius at that moment.

Starstruck has a cool-down of 60 seconds once the Survivor is no longer being carried.
"Enjoy this moment, few get so close." — Ji-Woon Hak

Hex: Crowd Control Hex: Crowd Control
A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded.

Survivors who perform a rushed vault through a WindowIconHelp window.png prompt The EntityIconHelp entity.png to block it for the next 14/17/20 seconds.
The Hex effects persist until its Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totem.png is cleansed.

"You have no control. People like you never did." — Ji-Woon Hak
No Way Out No Way Out
You are not going to let just anyone into the VIP room.

For each Survivor you hook for the first time, No Way Out gains 1 Token.
Once the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGates.png have been powered, No Way Out activates:

  • When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you receive a Loud Noise Notification and The EntityIconHelp entity.png blocks both Exit Gate SwitchesIconHelp exitGates.png for 12 seconds and an additional 6/9/12 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a combined maximum of 36/48/60 seconds.

"That sound when you bleed... let me hear it again." — Ji-Woon Hak

Survivor: Yun-Jin Lee

Main Article: Yun-Jin Lee

Yun-Jin Lee's Info

S25 charSelect portrait.png

Resilient and ambitious, Yun-Jin Lee was born into a life of hardship finding success in the music industry after years of effort and self-sacrifice. At seventeen, she auditioned for renowned record label Mightee One Entertainment. While she was rejected as an idol trainee, she obtained an unpaid internship at the studio. For the following years, she created some of the studio's biggest hits, without any credit or recognition. To get her dues, she emerged in the public eye wearing flamboyant fashion and put soundbites into her songs that looped her artist name, Magnum Opus. Fans began to recognize her songs and she became the producer of NO SPIN, a poorly performing boy band that needed her special touch.

To make NO SPIN stand out, she added a fresh recruit to their rank: Ji-Woon Hak. Within hours their first video was a viral sensation. But their success took a tragic turn when a fire engulfed the recording studio. All members of NO SPIN perished except one: Ji-Woon. To save both of their careers, Yun-Jin created a new single that re-launched Ji-Woon as the Trickster. The new single broke records internationally, launching Trickster's global tour. While success greeted them on every shore, so did a series of disturbing murders.

Then pressure came from Mightee One Entertainment who disapproved the violent themes in the Trickster's music. Yun-Jin and Ji-Woon were given three months to create a commercial hit. When the time came, Yun-Jin took a seat next to the executives, confident that the Trickster's performance would impress them. What followed was a terrifying nightmare come to life.

Yun-Jin's Perks

Fast Track Fast Track
Sometimes the sacrifice of others is necessary to get ahead.

Whenever another Survivor is hooked, Fast Track gains 1/2/3 Tokens, up to a maximum of 9/18/27 Tokens.

  • You consume all accumulated Tokens after a Great Skill CheckIconHelp skillChecks.png on a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png.
  • Each Token grants a stack-able 1 % Progression bonus in addition to the default Progression bonus for succeeding a Great Skill Check.

"The weak are sacrificed first. It's nature, it's business... it's the truth most refuse to face." — Yun-Jin Lee

Smash Hit Smash Hit
When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity.

After stunning the Killer with a PalletIconHelp pullDown.png, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 4 seconds.
Smash Hit causes the ExhaustedIconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.
Smash Hit cannot be used when Exhausted.

"I have dealt with psychopaths in suits. You're just uglier and worse dressed." — Yun-Jin Lee

Self-Preservation Self-Preservation
Life is unforgiving.

The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become.
Whenever another Survivor is hit with a Basic Attack or Special Attack within 16 metres of you, Self-Preservation activates:

"Something I learnt in the industry: when the axe is swinging, keep your head down." — Yun-Jin Lee


The Trickster

Head Body Weapon

Yun-Jin Lee

Head Torso Legs


  • The Chapter's theme music is a K-POP remix of the theme music from CHAPTER XI: Demise of the Faithful, which is associated with The Plague IconHelpLoading plague.png.
  • An "All-Kill" is a term used in K-POP to describe a band's song or album winning the top spot in all of South Korea's music charts simultaneously.
  • This is the fourth DLC Chapter without an accompanying Map due to the The Realm Beyond Updates reworking several older Maps at the time.
    • However, the Developers have mentioned that they may revisit this Chapter and give it a Map in a future update.
  • This is the fourth DLC Chapter or Paragraph to not receive a spotlight trailer.

Charm QR Code

  • The Ninth Rift, accompanying Tome IX - Crescendo, which featured Lore from both All-Kill Characters, featured a Charm Charm Icon.png on the Premium Track titled "The Trickster Concert Ticket".
    The Charm features a functioning QR code, which redirects to the YouTube video of the official All-Kill Chapter Trailer.



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