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Quotes left "Whether Killers perform their heinous acts by the compulsions of their diseased minds, or if they are forced into them by external pressures, has long been a matter of debate. But for one Killer, nature and nurture are inextricably linked. Leatherface kills not from a desire to exert his will over others, to satisfy carnal urges, or even to quiet the voices in his head. He kills because he is scared. Scared that others will hurt him; scared that his family will be displeased with him, scared that their shared willingness to eat human flesh will be discovered." Quotes right
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
The Cannibal
K09 TheCannibal Portrait
Name Bubba Sawyer
Game Alias(es) "Leatherface"
Gender Man
Origin American
Power Bubba's Chainsaw
Power Attack Type Special Attack

(Chainsaw Hits)

Weapon The Sledge
Movement SpeedIconHelp movementSpeedIconHelp movementSpeedIconHelp movementSpeed 115 % | 4.6 m/s
Alternate Movement speed 132.25 % | 5.29 m/s

(Chainsaw Sweep)

Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius 32 metres
Height IconHelp heightIconHelp heightIconHelp height Tall
Voice Actor Filip Ivanovic (BHVR)
Cost 500 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells

Bubba Sawyer or "The Cannibal", also known as "Leatherface", is one of 36 KillersIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killer currently featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.

He was introduced with CHAPTER 5.5: LEATHERFACE™, a Half-Chapter DLC released on 14 September 2017.

He originates from the 1986 Slasher Movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.


New Store Cannibal
Quotes left Leatherface knows a thing or two about chainsaw massacres. Any Survivor in his path will be instantly cut down, and his presence alone is enough to instill sheer panic. Capable of hitting multiple targets with a single swing, Leatherface is an unstoppable force with an insatiable appetite. Quotes right

The Cannibal is a chainsaw-wielding Killer, able to trigger a deadly frenzy using his Power, immediately downing anyone in its path.

His personal Perks, Knock OutIconPerks knockOutIconPerks knockOutIconPerks knockOut, Barbecue & ChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilliIconPerks barbecueAndChilli, and Franklin's DemiseIconPerks franklinsDemiseIconPerks franklinsDemiseIconPerks franklinsDemise, make Survivors easier to locate while robbing them of their tools and abilities.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate
(These Killers require the Player to be comfortable with the basics of the role, though they share common mechanics with easier ones)


CA charPreview

Whether killers perform their heinous acts by the compulsions of their diseased minds, or if they are forced into them by external pressures, has long been a matter of debate. But for one killer, nature and nurture are inextricably linked.

Leatherface kills not from a desire to exert his will over others, to satisfy carnal urges, or even to quiet the voices in his head. He kills because he is scared. Scared that others will hurt him; scared that his family will be displeased with him, scared that their shared willingness to eat human flesh will be discovered.

He does as he is told. His family loves him and that is all that matters. Outsiders are a threat, and threats need to be dealt with.

Like those kids that came into the house, uninvited. Walked in like they owned the place. Looked around the house, trying to find out his family’s secrets, no doubt. But Leatherface deals with them, and protects his family just as he’s been taught.

He is not just protector, he has many roles, and each role has its own face. He serves dinner, cares for the family, and dresses well when they eat. His Grandpa and Ma used to care for them all, but Grandpa, he is old now and Ma has been still for a while, so Leatherface and his brothers had to take over. Family is everything to him. Family is security and safety.

But, even though he did his best, one of the kids got away. He tried to stop her, chasing after her as fast as he could, but she had help: another outsider, driving a truck. The evil trucker killed his brother, ran him over like he was a possum. In a fury, Leatherface leapt at him, the saw ready to avenge his family, but the trucker was too quick. He knocked Leatherface aside and turned his own saw against him.

As he watched the outsiders driving away, the rage, grief and pain combined with the worry about what would happen to his family now. They would surely return with the police, and the police would take his brothers, his Grandpa. Without them, what would he do? Without their commands, he would wither and die.

As his world collapsed, Leatherface spun in circles, swinging the saw all around, trying to fight off the myriad external threats that surrounded him.

Then another feeling overtook him. It came from outside his vision, crawling over his skin with cold dread. He realised that no matter what outsiders could do to him, there was something worse, something bigger that lived in the shadows. He was filled with a terror unlike any he had ever felt before. But it was almost comforting, like the fear he'd felt with his family. The fear of disappointing them.

He was brought to a place that was familiar but unknowable, and he instinctively knew what he had to do. He couldn't fail it, the way he had his family. Outsiders would come but he would use his skills to overcome any threats. There would be screaming, but he could make the world quiet again. Until the only sound remaining was the blessed howl of the saw.

Let the outsiders come.


Unique Perks

The Cannibal comes with 3 PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks that are unique to him:

IconPerks barbecueAndChilli
Barbecue & Chilli A deep bond with The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.
  • After hooking a Survivor, all Survivors who are at least 60/50/40 metres away from that Hook have their AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras revealed to you for 5 seconds.

"I just can't take no pleasure in killing. There's just some things you gotta do. Don't mean you have to like it." — Drayton Sawyer

IconPerks franklinsDemise
Franklin's Demise Your vicious Basic Attacks make Survivors drop their ItemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items on impact:
  • Causes dropped Items to slowly lose their Charges over 150/120/90 seconds.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of dropped Items are revealed to you within 32 metres.
    • The level of depletion is indicated by the colour of the Aura, ranging from white to red as the timer elapses.

"Sally, I hear something. Stop! Stop!" — Franklin Hardesty

IconPerks knockOut
Knock Out The trauma caused by your brutal attacks makes crying for help painfully difficult.

Putting a Survivor into the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying with your Basic Attack blocks their AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras from being revealed to any Survivor, who is farther than 32/24/16 metres away from them.

For the next 15 seconds, the following effects apply to the dying Survivor:

  • Reduces their Field of View and causes them to be deafened.
  • Suffers from the BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Status Effect.
  • Reduces the Crawling speed by -50 %.
  • Reduces the Recovery speed by -25 %.

"Oh, that gun's no good. The old way... with a sledge! You see, that way's better. They die better that way." — Nubbins Sawyer


Prestiging The Cannibal will automatically add Tier I of his Unique Perks to the inventories of all other Killers and unlock the ability for their higher-tiered versions to spawn in their BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb.

Prestige The Cannibal twice more to automatically add Tier II and Tier III respectively into the other Killers' inventories.

Weapon: The Sledge

CA W01

The Sledge is the Primary Weapon of The Cannibal.
The Sledge might be old-fashioned, but it is still the fastest and cleanest way to put down cattle.

Power: Bubba's Chainsaw

IconPowers bubbasChainsaw
IconPowers bubbasChainsaw tantrum

"An incredibly powerful and heavy Chainsaw which sank its teeth into countless victims.
A suitable birthday gift for The Cannibal."

The Cannibal starts the Trial with 3 Tokens.
Tokens automatically recharge at a rate of 0.25 c/s while the Chainsaw is not in use.

Press and hold the Power button to charge the Chainsaw and break into a Chainsaw Sweep for 2.5 seconds:

  • Increases his Movement speed gradually to 5.35 m/s.
  • Hitting Survivors with the Chainsaw inflicts double damage.
    • The Chainsaw can hit multiple targets in one sweep.

Using Bubba's Chainsaw consumes 1 Token.

Press the Power button again during an on-going Chainsaw Sweep to chain a Chainsaw Dash:

  • Resets the Power Gauge timer, extending the Chainsaw Sweep.
  • Increases the Cool-down time of the Chainsaw by +1 second per consumed Token.

Revving the Chainsaw fills the Tantrum Meter by +33 % per second, with it discharging at the same rate when stopping to rev.
Once the meter is full, or after hitting an obstacle during a Chainsaw Sweep, The Cannibal unleashes a Tantrum for a minimum of 3 seconds, wildly slashing out and damaging any Survivors in close proximity, dealing double damage:

  • Extends the Tantrum duration by +1 second per consumed Token.
  • Removes any remaining Tokens.
  • Reduces his Movement speed by -90 %.

Power Trivia

Movement Speeds:

Main Article
  • Tantrum: 0.46 m/s
  • Charging (eventual): 3.45 m/s
    • The Cannibal reaches this speed after charging Bubba's Chainsaw for 1 second.
  • Charging (initial): 4.37 m/s
    • The Cannibal reaches this speed after charging Bubba's Chainsaw for 0.3 seconds.
  • Sweeping: 5.35 m/s

Bubba's Chainsaw:

  • Chainsaw Recharge rate: 0.25 c/s by default.
    • It therefore takes 4 seconds to replenish 1 Charge by default.
  • Chainsaw Dash duration: 2.5 seconds by default.
  • Chainsaw Sweep Missed Hit Cool-down: 1.5 seconds.
    • The missed Cool-down duration is increased by 1 second for each consumed Charge up to a maximum of 4.5 seconds.
  • Chainsaw Sweep Successful Hit Cool-down: 2 seconds.
  • Chainsaw Sweep Obstructed Hit Cool-down: 3 seconds (Tantrum).
  • Chainsaw Sweep Cool-down on breaking PalletsIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDown or Breakable WallsIconHelp breakableWallIconHelp breakableWallIconHelp breakableWall: 1 second.
  • Each use of a Charge is considered an individual attack by the Game.
  • Chainsaw Charge time: 2 seconds.
  • Chainsaw Noise range: 60 metres.


  • Hitting an obstacle with Bubba's Chainsaw will trigger a Tantrum, which lasts for 3 seconds by default.
    • The same applies when a Tantrum is triggered by overheating Bubba's Chainsaw.
    • The Tantrum duration is increased by 1 second for each consumed Chainsaw Sweep charge up to a maximum of 8 seconds.
  • The Tantrum meter fills and empties at a rate of ±1 c/s.
    • By default, a Tantrum is initiated when 3 Charges are reached, which, assuming continuous revving, occurs after 3 seconds.

Add-ons for Bubba's Chainsaw

Icon Name Description
IconAddon chainsawFile
Chainsaw File A file whose purpose is to hone Chainsaw chains.
  • Reduces the duration of a Tantrum by -0.25 seconds.

IconAddon sparkPlug
Spark Plug A clean spark plug fitted for a Chainsaw.
  • Reduces the Power Recharge time by -0.5 seconds.

IconAddon speedLimiter
Speed Limiter A mechanical device that limits the amount of fuel small engines can intake at one time, forcing a constant and safe speed.
  • Grants +100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Chainsaw Hit Score Events in the DeviousnessDailyRitualIcon deviousnessDailyRitualIcon deviousnessDailyRitualIcon deviousness Category.
  • Survivors hit with Bubba's Chainsaw are only damaged for a single Health StateIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healing.

IconAddon vegetableOil
Vegetable Oil A rancid oil used as a poor quality lubricant.
  • Reduces the Cool-down duration of Bubba's Chainsaw by -0.3 seconds.

IconAddon chilli
Chilli A big bowl of steaming Chilli to keep you fresh and strong.
  • Increases the duration of the Chainsaw Dash by +0.15 seconds per consumed Token.
  • Increases the duration of the Chainsaw Dash Window by +0.15 seconds.

"I got some good barbecue here!" — Drayton Sawyer

IconAddon homemadeMuffler
Homemade Muffler A makeshift exhaust system made of black gas pipes.
  • Reduces the duration of a Tantrum by -0.5 seconds.

IconAddon knifeScratches
Knife Scratches Scratches cover the Chainsaw's body, caused by a searing blade.
Memories of reprimands fill its holder with the fear of failure.
  • Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Dash by +1.5 %.
  • Increases the Power Charge time by +10 %.

IconAddon longGuideBar
Long Guide Bar A sturdy iron replacement bar for long chains.
  • Increases the threshold before Revving triggers a Tantrum by +2 seconds.

IconAddon primerBulb
Primer Bulb Pumps more gas in the ignition system to ensure a quick and powerful start.
  • Reduces the Power Recharge time by -1 second.

IconAddon begrimedChains
Begrimed Chains This chain is stained with a foul substance that debilitates anyone it touches.
  • Causes Survivors hit by Bubba's Chainsaw to drop any carried ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items.

IconAddon grislyChains
Grisly Chains A chain with unusually hefty cutter teeth that leaves victims crippled even after being healed.
  • Survivors hit by Bubba's Chainsaw suffer from the MangledIconStatusEffects mangledIconStatusEffects mangledIconStatusEffects mangled Status Effect for 70 seconds.

IconAddon shopLubricant
Shop Lubricant An oil specifically formulated for Chainsaws.
A special additive prevents oil throw off.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Survivors downed by Bubba's Chainsaw, if no other Survivors were within the Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius, are hidden to other Survivors for 20 seconds.

IconAddon theBeastsMarks
The Beast's Marks Jagged marks cover the Chainsaw's body, punishment from the dark beast that lives in The Fog.
Memories of violent reprimands fill its holder with the fear of failure.
  • Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Dash by +2 %.
  • Increases the Power Charge time by +12 %.

IconAddon theGrease
The Grease A thick yellowish ooze, concocted by the Sawyers.
Used for all-purpose lubrication around their house.
  • Increases the threshold before Revving triggers a Tantrum by +3 seconds.

IconAddon award-winningChilli
Award-winning Chilli A big bowl of spicy Chilli made famous thanks to prime meat.
  • Increases the duration of the Chainsaw Dash by +0.2 seconds per consumed Token.
  • Increases the duration of the Chainsaw Dash Window by +0.2 seconds.

"The secret's in the meat" — Drayton Sawyer

IconAddon depthGaugeRake
Depth Gauge Rake A tool that increases the angle of the depth gauge, making the chain eat more "wood".
  • Increases the Power Tokens by +1.
  • Reduces the Power Charge speed by -18 %.
  • Reduces the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Dash by -2 %.

IconAddon lightChassis
Light Chassis A light and durable Chainsaw chassis with a shorter guide bar.
Makes the Chainsaw easier to handle.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Survivors within 8 metres are revealed to you while revving Bubba's Chainsaw.

IconAddon rustedChains
Rusted Chains This chain is covered with crusty and volatile rust spots that make injuries particularly difficult to heal.
  • Survivors hit by Bubba's Chainsaw suffer from the BrokenIconStatusEffects brokenIconStatusEffects brokenIconStatusEffects broken Status Effect for 90 seconds.

IconAddon carburettorTuningGuide
Carburettor Tuning Guide A crudely drawn guide to properly adjust and tune a Chainsaw carburettor.
  • Automatically consumes all Tokens when starting a Chainsaw Dash, adding up their durations.
  • Increases the duration of the Chainsaw Dash by +0.5 seconds per consumed Token.
  • Reduces the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Dash by -2 %.
  • Reduces the Power Recharge rate by -0.28 c/s.

IconAddon iridescentFlesh
Iridescent Flesh A thin slice of smooth, young flesh.
The veins shimmer with luminescent glow, as if life still flows within.
  • Instantly recharges all Power Tokens after hitting a Survivor with Bubba's Chainsaw.
  • Reduces the maximum duration of a Tantrum to 3 seconds.

"There are moments when we cannot believe that what is happening is really true.
Pinch yourself and you may find out that it is." — Pam Jones


Main article: Achievements

There are 2 Achievements related to The Cannibal:

Icon Name Description
Ach adeptCannibal Adept Cannibal Playing as The Cannibal, achieve a Merciless Victory using only his 3 Unique Perks: Knock Out, Barbecue & Chilli, and Franklin's Demise
Ach butcherin Butcherin' Playing as The CannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibal, chainsaw a total of 100 Survivors.

Cosmetic Options

Players can choose from a variety of Cosmetic options to customise The Cannibal:

Base Cosmetics


Icon Name Body Rarity Description
CA Head01 Leatherface CategoryIcon head Common A terrifying mask of dried skin, stretched and stitched together. A relic of detached faces, frozen in fear.
CA Body01 The Butcher CategoryIcon body Common Providing meat for the whole family can be messy work.
CA W01 The Sledge CategoryIcon weapons Common The Sledge might be old fashioned but it is still the fastest and cleanest way to put down cattles.


Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
CA Head01 P01 Bloody Leatherface CategoryIcon head Rare A terrifying mask of dried skin, stretched, stitched together and heavily marinated with two month old type 0 negative blood. Prestige Level 6 Reward
CA Body01 P01 The Bloody Butcher CategoryIcon body Rare Providing meat for the whole family is messy work. Especially uncooperative squirming meat. Prestige Level 5 Reward
CA W01 P01 The Bloody Sledge CategoryIcon weapons Rare The Sledge might be old fashioned but it is still the fastest and cleanest way to put down cattles. Prestige Level 4 Reward
Perk Charms
Prestige Level 7 Reward Prestige Level 8 Reward Prestige Level 9 Reward
K09 PCharm001 K09 PCharm002 K09 PCharm003
A keepsake gained upon mastery of a particular skill.

IconHelp store In-Game Store

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Collection Name
Release Date
CA outfit 006
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon body
CategoryIcon weapons
Old Lady
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
13 November 2020 (Friday)
Leatherface's homemaker persona, serene and harmonious until everything goes wrong.
1200IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
CA Head006
CategoryIcon head
Lady of Leather
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
An older woman's flayed face and scalp, lovingly cured into a kindly mask of domestic bliss.
400IconHelp auricCells
CA Body006
CategoryIcon body
Homemaker’s Apron
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
An extra-large apron for helping around the kitchen and cleaning whatever blood may spill.
400IconHelp auricCells
CA W006
CategoryIcon weapons
Dinner Smasher
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A brutal chunk of wood for when your meal's on the run.
400IconHelp auricCells
Collection Name
Release Date
CA outfit 007
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon body
CategoryIcon weapons
Pretty Woman
Fine Dining
30 September 2021 (Thursday)
Leatherface put on a pretty face to dress up for a delicious diner.
1200IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
CA Head007
CategoryIcon head
Makeup Mask
Fine Dining
While the face is colored with white concealer, blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick, nothing can conceal the darkness that lies underneath.
400IconHelp auricCells
CA Body007
CategoryIcon body
Black Suit
Fine Dining
A formal, dining dress suit lightly splashed with blood.
400IconHelp auricCells
CA W007
CategoryIcon weapons
Sturdy Hammer
Fine Dining
A robust hammer with a sturdy grip, ideal to crack skulls.
400IconHelp auricCells


Main article: Downloadable Content

The Cannibal is part of 1 DLC:


Original Power

Press and hold the Power button to charge the Chainsaw:

  • Start a timed Chainsaw Sweep upon activation.
    • Can hit multiple Survivors in one Chainsaw Sweep.
  • The Chainsaw Sweep stops automatically after 7 swings or upon bumping into an object.
    • Bumping into an object forces The Cannibal into a Tantrum, whereupon he wildly swings his Chainsaw around.
  • Survivors hit by Bubba's Chainsaw are automatically put into the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying.

Power Trivia:

  • Bubba's Chainsaw has default charge and cool-down times of 2 seconds.
  • The Cannibal's Tantrum has a default duration of 5 seconds.
  • The Chainsaw Noise can be heard within 60 metres.

Original Add-ons

Up to his rework in Patch 4.1.0, The Cannibal shared most of his Add-ons with The HillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbilly, with few exceptions:

Decommissioned Cosmetics

Prior to Patch 5.5.0, The Cannibal was able to acquire Masks of each of the original four Survivors.
They have since been removed and are no longer obtainable or usable by any Player.
This change was motivated by issues with racism in post-game chats in conjunction with Claudette's Mask[1].

All Players who had played at least one game with The Cannibal at any point since his original release, were recompensed for the removal of the Masks with 6,000 Iridescent Shards.

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
CA HeadDF01 Leaderface CategoryIcon head Common Maybe they'll finally listen and stay put. A mask made of Dwight's face. Unlocked after sacrificing Dwight 25 times
CA HeadMT01 Athleteface CategoryIcon head Common A mask imbued with strength and willpower. A mask made of Meg's face. Unlocked after sacrificing Meg 25 times
CA HeadCM01 Smartface CategoryIcon head Common He's not completely devoid of empathy. A mask made of Claudette's face. Unlocked after sacrificing Claudette 25 times
CA HeadJP01 Survivorface CategoryIcon head Common If he can't be with them, he'll find another way to be like them. A mask made of Jake's face. Unlocked after sacrificing Jake 25 times

Change Log

Patch 1.7.2

  • Nerf: BloodlustIconHelp bloodlustIconHelp bloodlustIconHelp bloodlust no longer affects The Cannibal's revving speed.

Patch 3.1.0

  • QoL: adjusted the cool-down for successful Chainsaw attacks to be the same as for missed attacks (adjusted Movement speed and reduced duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds).

Patch 4.1.0

  • Rework: reworked Bubba's ChainsawIconPowers bubbasChainsawIconPowers bubbasChainsawIconPowers bubbasChainsaw and the majority of its Add-onsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons.
    • Buff: added Charges to Bubba's Chainsaw, allowing him to extend the duration of his Chainsaw Sweep by consuming Charges as well as increase its speed.
    • Buff: increased movement speed during Chainsaw Sweep from 5.06 m/s to 5.29 m/s.
    • Buff: removed the secondary action to initiate a Chainsaw Sweep when the revving bar is fully charged, allowing it to activate as soon as the bar is completely full.
    • Nerf: added a cool-down after missing a Chainsaw Sweep, with the duration dependent on the number of Charges consumed during the respective Chainsaw Sweep.
    • QoL: downing a Survivor with Bubba's Chainsaw does not inflict the same cool-down as when performing a missed Chainsaw Sweep, regardless of the number of Charges spent.
    • Nerf: disables Bubba's Chainsaw if no charges are available and must wait for them to replenish.
    • Nerf: added a Tantrum meter, causing The Cannibal to enter a Tantrum for revving Bubba's Chainsaw for too long without initiating a Chainsaw Sweep.
    • Nerf: added an extended cool-down towards Tantrum that is dependent on the number of Charges consumed when running into an obstacle.
    • Nerf: entering a Tantrum by any means depletes all Charges and disables Bubba's Chainsaw until the Tantrum ends.
    • QoL: Tantrum cool-down is unchanged if The Cannibal runs to an obstacle after downing a Survivor during the same Chainsaw Sweep.
    • QoL: Tantrum meter immediately depletes after cancelling revving Bubba's Chainsaw.
    • Change: reworked add-ons so The Cannibal no longer shares them with The HillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbilly, making them exclusive to The Cannibal.

Patch 5.5.0

  • Change: removed the Survivor Masks of the original four Survivors that could be unlocked by sacrificing them 25 times each.
    • This change was motivated by issues with racism in post-game chats in conjunction with Claudette's mask[2].

Patch 7.3.0

  • Nerf: Survivors benefitting from the Endurance Status Effect are immune from being hit a second time by a Chainsaw Sweep within 0.5 seconds.
    • This prevents The Cannibal from downing a freshly unhooked Survivor immediately below the Hook, before that Survivor had a chance to run away.

Patch 8.0.0

  • Buff: increased the Chainsaw Sweep duration from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds per Token.
  • Buff: increased the Movement speed during Chainsaw Sweep from 5.29 m/s to 5.35 m/s.
  • Buff: reduced the size of the Collision detection from 17.5 cm to 10 cm.
    • This change assists The Cannibal in better navigating tight spaces.
  • Buff: reduced the base Tantrum duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • This was accomplished by reducing the Power Gauge capacity from 5 Charges to 3 Charges, since a Tantrum discharges it at a fixed rate of -1 c/s.
    • This change results in an Indirect Nerf, as it effectively reduces the time The Cannibal can rev his Chainsaw for, before he reaches the Tantrum limit.
  • Change: adjusted several Add-ons in accordance with the above changes.


  • Dead by Daylight's Leatherface is based on the Killer mask Leatherface from the 1974 movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
  • The Cannibal is the fourth licensed Character to be introduced to Dead by Daylight.
    • He is the second licensed Killer to be introduced.
  • The HillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbillyIconHelpLoading hillbilly is said to be based directly on Leatherface and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, explaining their similarities in looks and abilities.
  • The Cannibal is one of few Killers that can instantly put Survivors into the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying without any PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks or Add-onsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons.
  • During a Tantrum, The Cannibal's speed is reduced to about that of The NurseIconHelpLoading nurseIconHelpLoading nurseIconHelpLoading nurse when she is blink fatigued.
  • The Cannibal's Memento Mori animation was the first one in which the Survivor attempts to get up on their own.
  • The Cannibal's Memento Mori is a reference to Kirk's death in the original film.
  • The Cannibal is the fourth Killer to wear face masks.
  • The Cannibal is one of the most human-looking Killers in the game, as he doesn't have any unnatural alterations to his appearance like most of the other Killers.
  • The Cannibal is one of few Killers without an associated Realm, though unofficially, and due to his promotional material featuring him in it, the Coldwind Farm can be considered his associated Realm.
  • According to The Cannibal's Lore, he was taken directly after the events of the first movie from 1974.
    • However, due to the fact that he is named as "Bubba Sawyer" and there are references to "Drayton" and "Nubbins", Dead by Daylight's version technically originates from the second movie from 1986.
    • The Add-ons ChilliIconAddon chilliIconAddon chilliIconAddon chilli and Award-winning ChilliIconAddon award-winningChilliIconAddon award-winningChilliIconAddon award-winningChilli reference a scene from the start of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where Drayton wins a chilli-cookoff with human chilli.

Voice Actor


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  2. January 2022 Developer Update. Dead by Daylight Forum. Retrieved 5 January 2022.


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PlagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plague
K16 TheGhostFace Portrait
Ghost FaceIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghost
K17 TheDemogorgon Portrait
DemogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgon
K18 TheOni Portrait
OniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oni
CHAPTERS 15 — 20
K19 TheDeathslinger Portrait
DeathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslinger
K20 TheExecutioner Portrait
ExecutionerIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading walesIconHelpLoading wales
K21 TheBlight Portrait
BlightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blight
K22 TheTwins Portrait
TwinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twins
K23 TheTrickster Portrait
TricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading trickster
K24 TheNemesis Portrait
NemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesis
CHAPTERS 21 — 26
K25 TheCenobite Portrait
CenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobite
K26 TheArtist Portrait
ArtistIconHelpLoading artistIconHelpLoading artistIconHelpLoading artist
K27 TheOnryo Portrait
OnryōIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryo
K28 TheDredge Portrait
DredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredge
K29 TheMastermind Portrait
MastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermind
K30 TheKnight Portrait
KnightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knight
CHAPTERS 27 — 32
K31 TheSkullMerchant Portrait
Skull MerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchant
K32 TheSingularity Portrait
SingularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularity
K33 TheXenomorph Portrait
XenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorph
K34 TheGoodGuy Portrait
Good GuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuy
K35 TheUnknown Portrait
UnknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknown
K36 TheLich Portrait
LichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lich
THE SURVIVORS IconHelpLoading survivor
S01 DwightFairfield Portrait
Dwight FairfieldSurvivorDwightSurvivorDwightSurvivorDwight
S02 MegThomas Portrait
Meg ThomasSurvivorMegSurvivorMegSurvivorMeg
S03 ClaudetteMorel Portrait
Claudette MorelSurvivorClaudetteSurvivorClaudetteSurvivorClaudette
S04 JakePark Portrait
Jake ParkSurvivorJakeSurvivorJakeSurvivorJake
S05 NeaKarlsson Portrait
Nea KarlssonSurvivorNeaSurvivorNeaSurvivorNea
S06 LaurieStrode Portrait
Laurie StrodeSurvivorLaurieSurvivorLaurieSurvivorLaurie
S07 AceVisconti Portrait
Ace ViscontiSurvivorAceSurvivorAceSurvivorAce
S08 BillOverbeck Portrait
Bill OverbeckSurvivorBillSurvivorBillSurvivorBill
S09 FengMin Portrait
Feng MinSurvivorFengSurvivorFengSurvivorFeng
S10 DavidKing Portrait
David KingSurvivorDavidSurvivorDavidSurvivorDavid
S11 QuentinSmith Portrait
Quentin SmithSurvivorQuentinSurvivorQuentinSurvivorQuentin
S12 DavidTapp Portrait
David TappSurvivorTappSurvivorTappSurvivorTapp
S13 KateDenson Portrait
Kate DensonSurvivorKateSurvivorKateSurvivorKate
S14 AdamFrancis Portrait
Adam FrancisSurvivorAdamSurvivorAdamSurvivorAdam
S15 JeffJohansen Portrait
Jeff JohansenSurvivorJeffSurvivorJeffSurvivorJeff
S16 JaneRomero Portrait
Jane RomeroSurvivorJaneSurvivorJaneSurvivorJane
S17 AshWilliams Portrait
Ash WilliamsSurvivorAshSurvivorAshSurvivorAsh
S18 NancyWheeler Portrait
Nancy WheelerSurvivorNancySurvivorNancySurvivorNancy
CHAPTERS 13 — 18
S19 SteveHarrington Portrait
Steve HarringtonSurvivorSteveSurvivorSteveSurvivorSteve
S20 YuiKimura Portrait
Yui KimuraSurvivorYuiSurvivorYuiSurvivorYui
S21 ZarinaKassir Portrait
Zarina KassirSurvivorZarinaSurvivorZarinaSurvivorZarina
S22 CherylMason Portrait
Cheryl MasonSurvivorCherylSurvivorCherylSurvivorCheryl
S23 FelixRichter Portrait
Felix RichterSurvivorFelixSurvivorFelixSurvivorFelix
S24 ElodieRakoto Portrait
Élodie RakotoSurvivorElodieSurvivorElodieSurvivorElodie
CHAPTERS 19 — 23
S25 Yun-JinLee Portrait
Yun-Jin LeeSurvivorYun-JinSurvivorYun-JinSurvivorYun-Jin
S26 JillValentine Portrait
Jill ValentineSurvivorJillSurvivorJillSurvivorJill
S27 LeonScottKennedy Portrait
Leon Scott KennedySurvivorLeonSurvivorLeonSurvivorLeon
S28 MikaelaReid Portrait
Mikaela ReidSurvivorMikaelaSurvivorMikaelaSurvivorMikaela
S29 JonahVasquez Portrait
Jonah VasquezSurvivorJonahSurvivorJonahSurvivorJonah
S30 YoichiAsakawa Portrait
Yoichi AsakawaSurvivorYoichiSurvivorYoichiSurvivorYoichi
CHAPTERS 24 — 27
S31 HaddieKaur Portrait
Haddie KaurSurvivorHaddieSurvivorHaddieSurvivorHaddie
S32 AdaWong Portrait
Ada WongSurvivorAdaSurvivorAdaSurvivorAda
S33 RebeccaChambers Portrait
Rebecca ChambersSurvivorRebeccaSurvivorRebeccaSurvivorRebecca
S34 VittorioToscano Portrait
Vittorio ToscanoSurvivorVittorioSurvivorVittorioSurvivorVittorio
S35 ThalitaLyra Portrait
Thalita LyraSurvivorThalitaSurvivorThalitaSurvivorThalita
S36 RenatoLyra Portrait
Renato LyraSurvivorRenatoSurvivorRenatoSurvivorRenato
CHAPTERS 28 — 32
S37 GabrielSoma Portrait
Gabriel SomaSurvivorGabrielSurvivorGabrielSurvivorGabriel
S38 NicolasCage Portrait
Nicolas CageSurvivorNicolasSurvivorNicolasSurvivorNicolas
S39 EllenRipley Portrait
Ellen RipleySurvivorEllenSurvivorEllenSurvivorEllen
S40 AlanWake Portrait
Alan WakeSurvivorAlanSurvivorAlanSurvivorAlan
S41 SableWard Portrait
Sable WardSurvivorSableSurvivorSableSurvivorSable
S42 TheTroupe Portrait
S43 LaraCroft Portrait
Lara CroftSurvivorLaraSurvivorLaraSurvivorLara