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Boon: Exponential is a Unique PerkIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks belonging to Jonah VasquezSurvivorJonahSurvivorJonahSurvivorJonah.
Prestige Jonah Vasquez to Prestige 1, 2, 3 respectively to unlock Tier I, Tier II, Tier III of Boon: Exponential for all other Characters.

IconPerks boonExponential
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When it seems like your number is up, you consider ways to recalculate the odds.

Press and hold the Active Ability button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon TotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotem.
Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 metres.

All Survivors benefit from the following effects when inside the Boon Totem's radius:

  • 90/95/100 % bonus to the Recovery speed.
  • Unlocks the Self-Recovery ability, allowing you to fully recover from the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying.
Only one Totem can be blessed by your Boon Perks at a time and all of their effects are active on the same Boon Totem.

"It is not our time to die... probably." — Jonah Vasquez


  • Time to recover from the Dying State: ~16 seconds (at Tier 3).


Recovering from the Dying State within the Boon: Exponential radius