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Bone Chill is a recurring Winter Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, celebrating Christmas.

Bone Chill 2022 was the second iteration of the Event and took place between 8 December 2022 and 4 January 2023 (later extended to 11 January 2023).


BoneChill 2022 EventPopup

Bone Chill is a type of Winter-themed in-game Event, which temporarily adds interactable Snowmen to the Gameplay of Killers and Survivors.

The Event began during the Season of Giving 2022.

In-Game Changes[]

BoneChill 2022 LoadingScreen
  • Re-enabled the Winter Party StarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarter Firecracker
  • Re-enabled Event Lobby.
  • Re-enabled Event Loading Screen.
  • Re-enabled Christmas-themed HookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook Model.
  • Re-enabled Christmas-themed GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators Model.
  • Re-enabled Christmas-themed LockerIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers Model.
  • Re-enabled Christmas-themed Fire Barrel Model.
  • Re-enabled the SnowmenIconHelp snowmanIconHelp snowmanIconHelp snowman.

The Event Item could be found in newly generated BloodwebsIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb and also in ChestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chests located throughout the Trial Grounds.

The Snowmen could be entered by Survivors or the Killer.

Event Tome[]

The Bone Chill 2022 Event was accompanied by a special event-themed Tome, Event Tome 4 - Bone Chill, that was separate from the regular Tome, but also granted progress in The Rift.
Completing its Challenges rewarded Players with special Cosmetics, as well as unique Lore entries.

Event Tome Cosmetics[]

The Event Tome featured several new earnable Cosmetics:

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Icon Name Type Rarity Description Collection Character Tome Level
S31 Torso008 Harbinger of Wool CategoryIcon torso Event The best way to stay warm near an Overlap. Bone Chill 2022 Haddie Kaur 1
UK W012 Holiday Harpoon CategoryIcon weapons Event A unique way to get your friends to come over during the holidays. Bone Chill 2022 Caleb Quinn 2
BE W016 Holiday Surprise CategoryIcon weapons Event A perfect gift to throw at survivors during the holiday season. Bone Chill 2022 Anna 2
K30 Head01 WinterEvent2022 Frosty Eyes CategoryIcon head Event Heart chilling eyes of the cold blooded.

"Have an amazing Winter season 2022!" - The Dead by Daylight Team

Bone Chill 2022 Tarhos Kovács 2
K28 Body01 WinterEvent2022 Frosty Eyes CategoryIcon body Event Heart chilling eyes of the cold blooded.

"Have an amazing Winter season 2022!" - The Dead by Daylight Team

Bone Chill 2022 The Dredge 1
K28 outfit 008 Frosty the Nightmare CategoryIcon outfits Event From the subconscious of the cold and scared emerged a horrifying creature of ice and malice. Bone Chill 2022 The Dredge 1 & 2
DK outfit 017 Makeshift Nutcracker CategoryIcon outfits Event His neighbor's daughter had had a terrible year, so he brought presents over in costume. Bone Chill 2022 David King 1 & 2
S34 Torso008 Total Warmth CategoryIcon torso Event The best way to stay warm in colder realms. Bone Chill 2022 Vittorio Toscano 2

Event Tome Charms[]

The Event Tome featured four unique CharmsIcon charmIcon charmIcon charm.

Charm Icon
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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Tome Level
QU 001 Dwelf Figurine Event The only toy that won't mind being forgotten in the locker. Survivors Deck the Trials 1
QU 002 Trickster, New in Box Event A collector piece for his most obsessed fans. Look out for sharp packaging. Killers Deck the Trials 1
QU 004 A Friendly Face Event A reminder of the good times. Universal Deck the Trials 1
QU 011 Maurice's Stocking Event Hay and deep-fried fingers for The Clown’s favorite horse. Universal Deck the Trials 2


The Demogorgon entering a Snowman Yun-Jin entering a Snowman
Yun-Jin demolishing a Snowman



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