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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a {{clr|4|Very Rare}} [[Powers#Bear_Trap|Bear Trap]] [[Add-on]].
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! Icon !! Stacks?
| [[File:FulliconAddon_bloodyCoil.png|64px|frameless|center]] || No
Part sticky, part slippery, this grim liquid makes handling the Trap's spring more dangerous.
* '''Tremendously increases''' the Bear Trap's sabotage time.
* '''Slightly increases''' the setting time of Bear Traps.
* '''Moderately decreases''' the Bear Trap's sabotage Skill Check success zone.
* Affects every Bear Trap.

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Bloody Coil is a Very Rare Bear Traps IconPowers trap.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png.

Add-on descriptions may vary from in-game descriptions for reasons explained here.
Add-ons support Mouse-over functionality
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Icon Description Cost
Bloody Coil Part sticky, part slippery, this grim liquid makes handling the Bear Trap's spring more dangerous.
  • When a healthy Survivor disarms a Bear Trap, the Bloody Coil exacts its price, putting the Survivor into the Injured State IconHelp injured.png.
  • Slightly decreases Bear Trap Disarm speed.

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