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The Bloodweb revealing its contents after a Player opens it.

Dbd-bloodweb-ss Quotes left Last night I got out of The Fog, in a matter of speaking. I arrived in a pocket of tranquillity where the monster was nowhere to be seen. I stopped running and was immediately filled with a strange calmness. I lay down near the bonfire and closed my eyes for the first time in what seemed like days. After long, deep breaths, I plunged into what I first thought was the darkness of a dreamless sleep. And then I saw it: the Bloodweb, a space between reality and abstraction. There is no sleep here, only torment. Even my own mind is shared and bent at The Entity's will. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896 (displayed to Players after opening the Bloodweb for the first time on a Character)


The Bloodweb, as it was dubbed by Benedict Baker, is a metaphysical concept within the world of Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, which according to the Lore, is accessed by Players through their thought and sleep patterns while trapped in the Realm of The Entity.

Each Character in Dead by Daylight has their own randomly-generated Bloodweb.


The Bloodweb is the Character Progression mechanic of Dead by Daylight and allows Players to purchase various Unlockables in exchange for the BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints gained from playing ranked Trials.

The Bloodweb is constructed from three concentric circles around a central Node with interconnecting lines that connect a random number of Nodes, located on the circles, together.
The number of Nodes in a given Bloodweb depend on the Character's current Level, with higher levels producing larger Bloodwebs with more interconnections.

Every fifth Bloodweb is larger than usually for its Tier.

Purchasing Nodes

When a new Bloodweb is generated, Players only have immediate access to the Nodes of the inner circle, which is connected to the central Node.
In order to access the Nodes on the middle and the outer circle, Players must purchase Nodes from the inner and the middle circle respectively, creating a path to the desired Node first.


Players can purchase Nodes undisturbed until they progress a Character's Bloodweb to Level 10, at which point The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity awakens starts to interfere.

From this point onwards, purchasing the fourth Node will spawn a dark, foggy Node outside the regular Bloodweb circles, which will consume a Node on the outermost accessible circle on the Player's purchase of the fifth Node.
The Entity will then continue to consume a Node each time the Player purchases another one until the entire Bloodweb is either purchased or consumed, with no free Nodes left.

If the Player purchases a Perk in a Bloodweb that has multiple Perks available, and The Entity has not awoken yet, it will immediately consume one of the other Perks, both forgoing the rule about spawning after a set number of nodes have been consumed by the Player and spawning outside the regular circles first.

Consumed Nodes cannot be purchased by the Player and paths between consumed Nodes cannot be accessed, causing The Entity to sometimes consume multiple Nodes at once, if there is no alternative path left the Player could take to a Node.


When consuming Nodes from the Bloodweb, The Entity exhibits distinct patterns for which Node it will consume given specific circumstances:

  1. The first Node consumed will always be located on the outermost available circle, meaning that if all Nodes on the outer circle were purchased before The Entity awakened, it will consume a Node on the middle circle instead.
    • This rule is also applied if its path is intercepted by the Player.
  2. The Entity shows a preference for consuming the Node of the highest Rarity first, if it has the choice between multiple Nodes of varying Rarity for its next consumption.
    • However, this preference does not apply if it respawns on one of the outermost Nodes, after having had its path blocked by the Player or consumed all Nodes on its current branch.
  3. The Entity will not consume a bottlenecking Node (a Node that provides the only accessible path to other Nodes on the middle or the outer circle), if that would cause the Bloodweb to become completely purchased/consumed.
    • In this scenario, The Entity will stop its path and respawn on the outermost Node connected to the bottlenecking one instead.
  4. The final Node consumed can only ever be a non-bottlenecking Node.


Main Article: Levels & Prestige

Once all Nodes in a Bloodweb are either purchased or consumed, a new Bloodweb generates and the Character's Level is progressed by +1.
This continues up to Level 50, after which the Player must consume the central Node to prestige the Character, progressing their Prestige by +1.
This then continues up to Prestige 100, after which a high-level Bloodweb continues to be generated indefinitely whenever all of its Nodes are purchased/consumed.


The Bloodweb is made up of several Nodes, cells that are interconnected with paths and contain the Unlockables.
What type the Unlockable in a given cell is can be discerned from the icon's shape:

Shape Type Additional Information
Square ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items -
Square w/ Plus Sign Add-onIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons -
Square rotated 45° w/ Markings PerkIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks -
Hexagon OfferingIconHelp offeringsIconHelp offeringsIconHelp offerings -
Circle Mystery BoxIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FP Turns into any of the other types of Unlockable after purchase.

Nodes come in different Rarities that depend on the type of Unlockable they display.
Their cost is directly linked to their Rarity:

Node Cost

Icon Rarity Cost in BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints
Dbd-events Event
2,000 BPs
Dbd-addons-common Common
2,000 BPs
Dbd-addons-uncommon Uncommon
2,500 BPs
Dbd-addons-rare Rare
3,250 BPs
Dbd-addons-veryrare Very Rare
4,000 BPs
Dbd-addons-ultrarare Ultra Rare
5,000 BPs

Benedict's Quotes

When generating Bloodwebs, some Levels display a piece of Lore information from Benedict Baker's Journal, explaining the Bloodweb in the context of the Realm of The Entity:

Level 2

Quotes left I return to the space I call the Bloodweb as often as I can. I feel like I'm starting to gain more control over it. I'm able to focus and travel to deeper levels. Here's a fair warning to anyone who might attempt to follow my steps: Tread carefully, as the Bloodweb is unpredictable and ever-changing. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov 1896

Level 10

Quotes left I have found that on deeper levels of the Bloodweb, I can learn and collect better tools. The deeper I go, and the more marvel I can extirpate from the figment of fog. This comes at a price, however. The Entity that rules over this world grows restless with my attempts to know more. Each time I move further in the web, It makes sure to devour and consume something else. I must choose carefully what I want to extract from this journey across the web. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Dec. 1896 (referring to The Entity)

Level 15

Quotes left Today I have reached a deeper sub-level of the Bloodweb which opened my mind to more possibilities. I have no way to know how deep I can go, but I must continue as long as I can withhold my sanity. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Feb. 1897 (referring to unlocking the second Perk Slot)

Level 30

Quotes left I feel confident that I can inculcate my awareness of the Bloodweb to the others that are trapped here with me. Maybe they can unlock their inner strength with my help. Quotes right
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, June 1897 (referring to unlocking Teachable Perks)


Original Bloodweb

  • Nodes of higher Rarity had a tendency to only spawn on the outermost circle.
  • The cost of Nodes was independent of their Rarity, but determined by which circle they were on:
    • Nodes on the inner circle all cost 3,000 Bloodpoints
    • Nodes on the middle circle all cost 5,000 Bloodpoints
    • Nodes on the outer circle all cost 8,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bloodwebs only ever spawned 1 Perk.
    • However, Level 2, 3, and 4 would spawn no Perks at all.
  • The Bloodweb would spawn a Character's Teachable Perks at Level 30, 35, and 40 respectively.
    • Since the previously mentioned rule also extended to these Perks, these Bloodweb Levels would only contain those Perks, no regular ones.
  • The Bloodweb would spawn the Tier I version of a Character's Unique Perks at Level 5, 10, and 15 respectively.
  • The Bloodweb would unlock a Character's Perk Slots II, III, and IV at Level 15, 20, and 25 respectively.
  • Lower-level Bloodwebs were much larger than the current iterations.
  • The Entity would consume Nodes after the Player's fourth purchase for all Levels.
  • The Perk Selection Routine of the original Bloodweb never worked as it was intended to do in regards to the Rarity of Perks:
    • The Bloodweb vastly preferred spawning Perks of higher Rarity over those of lower Rarity.
    • This was bugged to such an extent that Perks of Common Rarity would be so elusive that they were actually the rarest ones Players had, in some extreme cases only receiving them once the Bloodweb literally had no other, "rarer" Perks left to select.
  • Purchasing a Node would prompt a pop-up that detailed the purchased Unlockable.
  • Each Bloodweb contained at least 1 Mystery Box.

Patch 1.2.1

Patch 1.2.2

  • Bloodwebs now spawn 2 Perks from Level 25 onwards.
  • Reduced the amount of Nodes per Bloodweb to accelerate Character Progression.
  • Various adjustments to the Bloodweb-generation process (rarity and content distribution).

Hotfix 1.2.2b

  • The Entity now only consumes Nodes after the Player's fifth purchase from Level 25 onwards.

Patch 1.3.1

Patch 1.4.0

  • Added additional interconnections to the Bloodweb to ensure that Players could reach any specific Node before The Entity would start its consumption.

Patch 1.4.1

  • Adjusted the Perk Selection routines to equalise the chance of obtaining Perks of all Rarities.
    • This change did not work as intended either and actually inversed the issue it had intended to fix.
    • Perks of higher Rarities would now only spawn once the Bloodweb was forced to spawn them, meaning the supply of lower-tiered, more common Perks had been usurped.
    • This eventually prompted the first Perk Rarity Rework of Patch 1.5.0.

Patch 1.5.0

  • Adjusted the Perk Selection Routine to equalise the chance of obtaining any given Perk, independent of their Rarity.
  • Removed the ability for the Chinese FirecrackerIconItems chineseFirecrackerIconItems chineseFirecrackerIconItems chineseFirecracker Item to spawn in the Bloodweb outside of Events.

Patch 1.5.1

Hotfix 1.5.2b

Hotfix 1.5.2c

  • Re-enabled the +25 % bonus Bloodpoints and +50 % bonus Bloodpoints Offerings.

Patch 1.7.0

Patch 1.7.3

Patch 1.8.0

Patch 1.8.2

  • Improved the speed of Bloodweb animations to make it more responsive and easier to use.
  • Removed the pop-up when purchasing a Node, detailing the purchased Unlockable, with the exception of Mystery BoxesIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FP.
  • Mystery Boxes now spawn only at Levels 3 and 5, then every 5 Levels.
  • Improved the balancing of the Bloodweb to have a better repartition between Items and Rarities, making Bloodwebs of higher Rarities more rewarding and satisfying to progress through.
  • Changed the Node Cost to now depend on an Unlockable's Rarity, than its location on the circles:
    • Common Nodes cost 3,000 Bloodpoints
    • Uncommon Nodes cost 4,000 Bloodpoints
    • Rare Nodes cost 5,000 Bloodpoints
    • Very Rare Nodes cost 6,000 Bloodpoints
    • Ultra Rare Nodes cost 7,000 Bloodpoints
    • Teachable Nodes cost 5,000 Bloodpoints
    • Event Nodes cost 3,000 Bloodpoints
  • Removed the ability for the MoonlightIconFavors quarterMoonBouquetIconFavors quarterMoonBouquetIconFavors quarterMoonBouquet Offerings to spawn in the Bloodweb.
  • Removed the ability for the All Hallows' Eve LunchboxIconItems allHallowsEveLunchboxIconItems allHallowsEveLunchboxIconItems allHallowsEveLunchbox and Will O' WispIconItems willOWispIconItems willOWispIconItems willOWisp Items to spawn in the Bloodweb outside of Events.

Patch 1.8.3

  • Temporarily added the Winter Gift variation of Mystery BoxesIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FP for the duration of the Winter Solstice 2017 Event, which spawn in every single Bloodweb.
  • Temporarily added the Winter Party StarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarter Item for the duration of the Winter Solstice 2017 Event.
  • Removed the possibility for Mystery Boxes to spawn an Unlockable of a lower Rarity than the box itself.
  • The price of a Mystery Box is now just 50 % of what it should be according to the Rarity of the box for the duration of the Winter Solstice 2017 Event.

Patch 1.9.0

  • Added the Glass SplinterIconFavors glassSplinterIconFavors glassSplinterIconFavors glassSplinter Offering.
  • Removed the ability for the Winter Party StarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarterIconItems winterPartyStarter Item to spawn in the Bloodweb outside of Events.
  • Mystery Boxes are once again priced based on their Rarity and spawn according to their previous spawn rules.
  • Readjusted the drop rates of Items from Levels 25 to Level 50.

Patch 1.9.2

  • Temporarily added the Red EnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelope Offering for the duration of the Howling Grounds Event.
  • Added various tooltips and help text for the Bloodweb into the in-game documentation.

Patch 1.9.3

  • Removed the ability for the Red EnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelopeIconFavors redEnvelope Offering to spawn in the Bloodweb outside of Events.

Patch 2.0.0

  • Removed the ability for the Muddy SplinterIconFavors muddySplinterIconFavors muddySplinterIconFavors muddySplinter and Shock SplinterIconFavors shockSplinterIconFavors shockSplinterIconFavors shockSplinter Offerings to spawn in the Bloodweb, as those Characters can now be purchased with Iridescent ShardsIconCurrency iridescentShardsIconCurrency iridescentShardsIconCurrency iridescentShards.
  • Removed the Tier I version of a Character's Unique Perks from the Bloodweb, as they are now part of a Character's base-kit and immediately available in their inventory.

Patch 2.1.0

  • Adjusted the logic for spawning multiple Perks in a single Bloodweb.
    • Perks no longer spawn on the inner ring.
    • If multiple Perks spawn in a single Bloodweb, they will be spaced farther apart.

Patch 2.3.0

  • Added the ability for Perks to spawn on Levels 2, 3, and 4.

Patch 2.5.4

  • The indefinite Level 50 Bloodweb now always spawns at least 2 Event Nodes if an Event is occurring (in this case the Moonrise Event).

Patch 3.2.0

  • Level 40 Bloodwebs and higher now spawn 3 Perks.
  • The indefinite Level 50 Bloodweb now spawns 4 Perks.

Patch 3.6.0

  • Removed the ability for all remaining Splinter Offerings to spawn in the Bloodweb.

Patch 6.1.0

  • Removed Teachable Perks from the Bloodweb.
  • The Level 50 Bloodweb no longer regenerates indefinitely, Players must now purchase the "Level 51"'s central Node to prestige a Character for 20,000 Bloodpoints.

Patch 6.2.0

  • Reduced the Node Costs:
    • Common Nodes now cost 2,000 Bloodpoints
    • Uncommon Nodes now cost 2,500 Bloodpoints
    • Rare Nodes now cost 3,250 Bloodpoints
    • Very Rare Nodes now cost 4,000 Bloodpoints
    • Ultra Rare Nodes now cost 5,000 Bloodpoints
    • Event Nodes now cost 2,000 Bloodpoints

Patch 6.3.0

  • Removed Mystery BoxesIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FPIconHelp mysteryBox FP from the Bloodweb.
    • They now only spawn temporarily in their special event-iterations during the Game's three main Events: Winter Solstice, Anniversary, and Halloween.

Patch 7.6.0

  • Permanently unlocked the auto-purchase centre node for all P0 Characters after at least one other Character is prestiged.
  • Level-up pop-ups can now be skipped by pressing 'A' on controller, M1 on mouse, or any keyboard key.
  • Added a loading wheel animation while data is being loaded.


  • During the BETA, the Bloodweb was locked after reaching Level 5. However, because Players were able to complete the Level 5 Bloodweb, it capped at Level 6.
  • By cleverly intersecting the path The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity is consuming in the Bloodweb, it is possible to cause it to consume large chunks of it in the process, accelerating progression.

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