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Blood Moon 2024 is a Spring Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo that took place between 18 and 31 March 2024, celebrating the arrival of spring in the Realm of The Entity under the first Blood Moon of the year.


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Event Title Screen

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Event Main Menu

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Event Overview

The Event was centred on Blood and Bloodpoints, prompting Survivors and Killers to collect Blood Droplets and deposit them into Blood Basins.

Community Challenge[]

During the Event, there was a permanent Bloodpoint-Bonus for ranked Trials with an accompanying Community Challenge.

By depositing Blood Droplets into Blood Basins, each Player automatically participated in the Community Challenge that had all Players collectively deposit 35,000,000 Blood Droplets.

Reaching certain Milestones along the way increased the Bloodpoint-Bonus:

Milestone Bonus Percentage Equivalent Multiplier
0 +100 % x2
7,000,000 +200 % x3
20,000,000 +300 % x4
35,000,000 +400 % x5

Daily Log-in Rewards[]

Date Reward
18 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
19 March 10 Rift Fragments
20 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
21 March 15 Rift Fragments
22 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
23 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
24 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
25 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
26 March 10 Rift Fragments
27 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
28 March 15 Rift Fragments
29 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
30 March 50,000 Bloodpoints
31 March 50,000 Bloodpoints

Event Currency[]

Blood Moon 2024 introduced a new variant of Trinket Currency exclusive to this Event, called Thrombotic Trinkets.

Thrombotic Trinkets could be earned by completing Challenges and Tome Levels in the Event Tome 9 - Blood Moon 2024.
They could be used to purchase Event Cosmetics.

Event Items[]

IconItems bloodsenseMap
Bloodsense Map A bloodstained piece of parchment, hastily rolled and burning with a strange power.

Holding and channelling the Bloodsense Map unlocks great potential in your Aura-reading abilities, revealing the AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of all tracked objects at the cost of slowly burning it.

The Bloodsense Map has 20 Charges.

Event Offering[]

IconFavors bloodshotEye
Bloodshot Eye THIS OFFERING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

An eye filled with, and capable of finding, strange blood.

  • Increases the Aura-reveal duration of Fragile Blood Basins at the start of the Trial by +40 seconds.
  • Increases the Protection duration of Blood Zones after their creation by +15 seconds.
  • Increases the Action speeds for Creating and Removing Blood Zones by +50 %.

Bloodshot Eye was only available during the Blood Moon 2024 Spring Event.

Event Mechanics[]

Fragile Blood Basins[]

During the Event, 3 Fragile Blood Basins spawn throughout the environment, whose Auras are revealed to all Players in pale rose for the first 20 seconds of the Trial (longer if using the Event Offering).

Blood Charges / Droplets[]

EventIcon bloodCharge

Players can collect 1 Blood Droplet by walking through a Fragile Blood Basin, giving them +1 Blood Charge.

Survivors can only hold 1 Blood Charge, whereas Killers can hold 2 and even start the Trial with 1.

A Player carrying Blood Charges has a red orb swirling around their midsection, with the Killer also seeing red slashes across their screen.

Stealing Blood Charges[]

Players can steal a Blood Charge from the opposing side:

  • Survivors can steal a Blood Charge from the Killer by stunning them by any means.
  • The Killer can steal a Blood Charge from a Survivor by hitting them with a Basic Attack.

Blood Basins[]

EventIcon bloodBasin

Blood Basins also spawn in random locations through the environment and have their AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras revealed in pale rose within 12 metres of Players carrying at least 1 Blood Charge.

Blood Zones[]

Upon activating a Blood Basin, by using one's Blood Charge on it by pressing the Event Ability button, they create an Area of Effect around them, known as the Blood Zone.

While inside the Blood Zone, Players benefit from certain special effects:

General Effects[]

  • Triggering any Score Event while inside a Blood Zone also triggers the Blood Moon Boosted! Score Event, which automatically grants 25 % of the original Score Event's value in the Special Event Category, acting as a Bloodpoint-Bonus.
  • Since Blood Zones are collaborative, depositing a Blood Droplet grants all effects listed below map-wide for 20 seconds to the creator of a specific Blood Zone.

Killer Effects[]

  • Increases the duration of a Lunge Attack to 1 second, doubling its default reach.
  • Increases the Cool-down time after a Lunge Attack to 2.14 seconds, doubling its default duration.

Survivor Effects[]

  • Reduces the volume of their Grunts of Pain while injured by -50 %.
  • Accelerates the Fading time of Pools of Blood left while injured by +50 %.
  • Reduces the volume of their Grunts of Pain while injured by -100 % when crouching.
  • Accelerates the Fading time of Pools of Blood left while injured by +100 % when crouching.


Blood Charges:

  • Maximum Event Charges for Killers: 2 Charges
    • Starting value: 1 Charge
  • Maximum Event Charges for Survivors: 1 Charge
    • Starting value: 0 Charges
  • Collection Range: 60 centimetres
    • Players must be this close to a Blood Charge to collect it.

Blood Dream:

  • Multipliers for Levels 1-4: x1.25 each
    • This refers to a general Bloodpoint-multiplier Community Goal.

Blood Basins:

  • Creation/Removal Time for Killers: 2 seconds
  • Creation/Removal Time for Survivors: 4 seconds
  • Protection Timer: 20 seconds
  • Area of Effect size: 12 metres
    • This is also known as the Blood Zone.
    • Maximum Height up: 2.65 metres
    • Maximum Height down: 1 metre
  • Initial Aura Reveal time: 20 seconds
    • This applies to the start of the Trial, which reveals the Aura of all Blood Basins to all Players for a limited time.
  • Spawn Restrictions to other Blood Basins: 23.75 metres

Event Rewards[]

EventBanner bloodMoon2024 collection

Reward Outfits


The Event introduced 2 earnable Blood-Moon-inspired Event Outfits from the Blood Moon Collection for the following Characters:


  • Universal Charm: Blood Basin
  • Universal Charm: Dripping Skulls


  • Universal Badge: Blood Basin


  • Universal Banner: Bubbling Blood
  • Universal Banner: Blood Web

Thrombotic Trinkets[]

Thrombotic Trinkets could be earned during gameplay and then be used to purchase Cosmetics, Charms, Badges, and Banners in the Event's Collection screen.

Event Store Collection[]

EventBanner bloodMoon2024 store

Store Outfits

In addition to the Reward Outfits, the Event also added 4 purchasable Blood-Moon-inspired Store Outfits from the Blood Moon Collection for the following Characters:

Event Tome[]

EventBanner bloodMoon2024 tome

First Tome Level

The Blood Moon 2024 Event was accompanied by an Event Tome.


  • It was the first Spring Event in Dead by Daylight, as previous Events around that time of the year (usually a bit earlier) were centred on Lunar New Year.
    • However, in 2024, there was no Lunar Event, as the Lights Out modifier had replaced it.