Basic Attacks

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Basic Attacks is a feature unique to the Killers in DBDlogo Dead by Daylight}}.


The Lunge Mechanic momentarily increases a Killer's base Movement Speed to 150% in order to give them a longer reach when they charge their primary attack (default: M1) by holding down their primary action button.


Killer Base speed Lunge speed
Nurse 3.85 m/s 5.78 m/s
Shape - Evil Within I 4.14 m/s 6.21 m/s
Hag / Huntress 4.4 m/s 6.6 m/s
Trapper / Wraith / Hillbilly / Shape - Evil Within II / Doctor 4.6 m/s 6.9 m/s
Shape - Evil Within III / Huntress 4.6 m/s 6.9 m/s + with one additional step
Nurse (post-blink) 3.85 m/s Unknown


  • The Nurse has an increased post-blink lunge, which is the longest lunge in the game.
  • The Wraith has a shorter lunge than he is supposed to have as a persistent bug makes him stutter mid-lunge, shortening it.