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Basic Attacks are a Game Mechanic unique to Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Basic Attacks are initiated whenever a Killer presses the Attack button.

There are 2 different Basic Attacks available to all Killers.

Quick Attack

The Quick Attack is a short-ranged default Attack.
A Quick Attack is initiated by merely tapping the Attack button and causes the Killer to swiftly swing their Weapon in front of them.
A Quick Attack does not boost the Killer's Movement speed and therefore has a short range, only hitting Survivors that are in very close proximity to the Killer.

Lunge Attack

The Lunge Attack is an alternate default Attack with an increased range.
A Lunge Attack is initiated by pressing and holding the Attack button and causes the Killer to lunge forward, increasing their range considerably.

Lunge Mechanic

During the Lunge Attack animation, the Killer's base Movement speed is temporarily (for 0.3 seconds) boosted to 150 %, which is equal to 172.5 % or 6.9 m/s.
This Movement speed boost is what gives Killers the increased range over a Quick Attack.

Lunge Range

Prior to Patch 2.2.0, the range of a Killer's Lunge Attack was directly determined by their base Movement speed.
Therefore, it could generally be said that faster Killers had a longer and slower Killers a shorter range, with two exceptions having been The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png and The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png.

With Patch 2.2.0, the range of a Lunge Attack was standardised for all Killers: if their base Movement speed differs from 4.6 m/s, it is temporarily set to that value and all reach the same top speed of 6.9 m/s during the Lunge Attack.

If the Killer's Movement speed at the moment of initiating the Lunge Attack is greater than 4.6 m/s (e.g. due to Movement-speed boosting Perks, Add-ons or Powers), that Lunge Attack will have an increased range over a default one due to how the mechanic works.

Momentum Build-up

Due to how a Lunge Attack works from a technical Point of View, it is absolutely imperative to build up a minimum of momentum before initiating a Lunge Attack, in order to maximise the available range.
Since Killers do not accelerate to their top speed instantly, initiating a Lunge Attack prior to reaching top speed will cause it to have less range.

This is a problem almost exclusive to a post-Blink Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png and a post-Teleport Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png, as both Killers have zero momentum right after using their Power.
It is therefore advised to momentarily wait before initiating the Lunge Attack after using the Power of those Killers, allowing them to build up some momentum and reaching top speed first, ensuring that the Lunge Attack will have its full range available.

Unique Attacks

  • The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png in Evil Within I has a reduced Lunge duration, decreasing his range.
  • The Shape in Evil Within III is granted an extended Lunge duration, increasing his range.
  • The Ambush Attack of The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png is technically an extensively prolonged Lunge animation, allowing her to cover a vast distance with her Dash.
  • Prior to Patch 1.9.0, The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png had a special post-blink Lunge with aim-assist, which used to be the longest Lunge range in the Game.
    • She now has the default Killer Lunge, that is not tied to her Movement speed anymore.
      • Her default Lunge Attack reaches 6 metres.
      • Her post-blink Lunge Attack reaches 5.667 metres.
      • Her post-blink Quick Attack reaches 3.333 metres.

Special Attacks

Some Killers have a secondary Attack that is considered a Special Attack by the Game.
Special Attacks differ from Basic Attacks in that their successful hits generally do not grant nor lose any Tokens, unless an Unlockable specifically mentions an interaction with Special Attacks (i.e. Play with Your Food IconPerks playWithYourFood.png).

Special Attacks are often tied to the Killer using their Power and may not visually differ from their standard Basic Attack.

The following Attacks are considered Special Attacks:

K01 charSelect portrait.png
Trap Catches
K03 charSelect portrait.png
Chainsaw Hits
K07 charSelect portrait.png
Shock Attacks
K08 charSelect portrait.png
Hatchet Hits
K09 charSelect portrait.png
Chainsaw Hits
K11 charSelect portrait.png
Ambush Dash Hits
K12 charSelect portrait.png
Bottle Hits
K14 charSelect portrait.png
Frenzy Hits
K15 charSelect portrait.png
Corrupt Purge Hits
K17 charSelect portrait.png
Shred Attacks
K18 charSelect portrait.png
Kanabo Strikes
K19 charSelect portrait.png
Harpoon Shot
K20 charSelect portrait.png
Punishment Trail Hits
K21 charSelect portrait.png
Lethal Rush Hits
K22 charSelect portrait.png
Pounce Hits
K23 charSelect portrait.png
Laceration Hits
K24 charSelect portrait.png
Tentacle Strike Hits
K25 charSelect portrait.png
Possessed Chain Hits
K26 charSelect portrait.png
Dire Crow Hits

Attack Cool-downs

Potential changes in these numbers would be mentioned in the Power Trivia section on a Killer's article page
  • Successful attack: 3 seconds
  • Missed attack: 1.5 seconds
    • also applies to hitting obstacles

Dodging Attacks

  • If a Survivor is within 5 metres of either the Killer or their projectile (if applicable), but are not hit, the Game regards that attack as having been dodged.
    This is mostly important for Score Events, Tome Challenges and the Achievement Whiffing to Success.


  • From a technical Point of View, the Lunge Mechanic works very similar to the Survivor Perk Dead Hard IconPerks deadHard.png.
  • Killers retain full rotation control during Attacks and are not forced to perform attacks in a straight line.