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Bardic Inspiration is a Unique PerkIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks belonging to Aestri Yazar & Baermar UrazSurvivorTroupeSurvivorTroupeSurvivorTroupe.
Prestige Aestri Yazar & Baermar Uraz to Prestige 1, 2, 3 respectively to unlock Tier I, Tier II, Tier III of Bardic Inspiration for all other Characters.

IconPerks bardicInspiration
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It's time to give your audience a show.
Will you bring the house down or will you choke?

Press the Active Ability button while standing and motionless to enter the Performance interaction that lasts up to 15 seconds and empowers other Survivors within 16 metres of your location.

The empowering effect depends on the result of you rolling a d20 and lasts for 90 seconds after completing the Performance:

  • 1: You scream, but without notifying the Killer.
  • 2 - 10: Skill ChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks grant +1 % Progression.
  • 11 - 19: Skill Checks grant +2 % Progression.
  • 20: Skill Checks grant +3 % Progression.
Bardic Inspiration has a cool-down of 110/100/90 seconds after completing the Performance or cancelling it.

"Listen closely! I'm about to save your life!" — Aestri