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Quotes left The Entity keeps rearranging the world around me in an attempt to confuse me. To break me. I know what it wants but I will not obey. Yesterday, or... the last time I left the Campfire a dark swamp opened up, decaying and rotting, and a maze filled with walls of mud disoriented me in my path. In the midst of it, I found bloodied and saturated corpses amongst drowned wooden buildings. My feet dragged through the sloppy mud, leaving a noticeable trail I had to cover lest a killer find me. I do not know what devilish deeds that took place here and I no longer care. I can no longer feel empathy for what must have been endless torment for the previous inhabitants. Quotes right
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
Quotes left Decrepit shacks hide cells packed with bloated corpses, their fetid stench barely masked by the bog.
Those lost in Backwater Swamp seldom return in one piece.
Quotes right
Backwater Swamp
RealmKeyArt 06
Code Name Swamp
Associated Killer(s) The HagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hag
Colour Palette Light Grey
Location United States
Associated Chapter(s) CHAPTER 3: Of Flesh and Mud
Number of Maps 2
Release Patch(es) Patch 1.3.1
Intro Theme

Backwater Swamp is one of 20 Realms within Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.

It was implemented into the Game alongside the release of CHAPTER 3: Of Flesh and Mud on 8 December 2016.


The Realm consists of 2 Maps and is set in a swamp theme. The Realm's prominent colour palette is grey.


It wasn't until the villagers of a nearby hamlet discovered a half-submerged collection of huts during a search for a missing person that the true history of Backwater Swamp began to unravel. After the federal authorities were alerted to the small settlement, they opted to drain the waters around the village in order to investigate the outcome of the previous inhabitants. Even after only a small amount of water had been removed, they soon realized that any poor souls that had drifted on the currents or gotten lost wandering in the swamp had found their way to this place. Saturated bits of flesh floated in the remaining water and caked blood darkened the already-rotting wood of the shacks amidst the occasional limb. In the middle of the encampment, a large paddle steamer engulfed by the sloppy, drooling mud loomed over its surroundings. Upon closer inspection, one could read discrepant lettering across the portside reading, "The Pale Rose".

Further drainage eventually gave access to the lower levels of the steamer. Even going near the entrance caused several investigators to vomit as a horrible stench oozed out into the open air. At the top of the stairs, several marks in the walls could be noted, hinting that something had been clawing at them. The marks continued almost in a line down the steps until the flooded basement hid them from sight. At the bottom, the true horror was found. An approximation of 37 confirmed sets of human remains floated and bobbed in the crimson water, veins and intestines flowing out of their respective cavities. Corpses showed traces of being cut into, their bones apparently carefully scraped free of flesh by either tools, claws, or both. Only one body, Lander Millard, was ever identified and sufficiently recovered for a burial. Most deduced a cannibalistic individual likely hunted in the swamp, though this was never proven. Village rumour has it whoever was responsible fled into the darkest reaches of the swamp, to one day begin their foul hunt again.

As for the family that actually lurked in these waters - the villagers would stumble across them elsewhere, devoured by an identifiable animal.


The Pale Rose
IconMap Swp Palerose
Grim Pantry
IconMap Swp Grimpantry


Patch 1.7.0


IconFavors fumingCordage
Fuming Cordage THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED (Same as notAvailable, but specifically for Unlockables that will officially not return.)

  • Slightly increases the Odds of being sent to the Backwater Swamp Realm.
    • The Offering modifies the Realm Selector Logic by a value of 2.

"A burnt piece of marine rope still emitting a warm black smoke."

IconFavors fumingWelcomeSign
Fuming Welcome Sign THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED (Same as notAvailable, but specifically for Unlockables that will officially not return.)

  • Considerably increases the Odds of being sent to the Backwater Swamp Realm.
    • The Offering modifies the Realm Selector Logic by a value of 5.

"A welcome sign made from a coarse piece of water polished cypress board.
The sign is charred and still fuming."

IconFavors granmasCookbook
Grandma's Cookbook
  • Tremendously increases the Odds of being sent to the Backwater Swamp Realm.
    • The Offering modifies the Realm Selector Logic by a value of 9,999.

"A leather-bound book containing horrible human meat recipes such as the granny-slapping good chilli."

Change Log

Patch 2.5.0

  • Adjusted the height of bulrushes.


  • The game files refer to the Realm as "Swamp".
  • The Pier is a Landmark that is featured on all Maps of the Backwater Swamp Realm.
  • The Backwater Swamp is likely situated around a Bayou, a body of water typically found in a flat, low-lying area or an extremely slow-moving stream or river. Bayous are commonly found in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, notably the Mississippi River Delta.
  • In the BETA of Dead by Daylight, a prototype, unfinished version of the Backwater Swamp Realm existed as a single Map under the name of Paradise Creek.
    • It featured many structures and landmarks, some of which are present in the Swamp Maps today:
      • The Pale Rose Paddle Steamer, which was much more progressed than most other parts of the Map and even fully textured.
      • The Shrimp Boat, also fully textured.
      • The main building as well as the cabin of the Grim Pantry Map, the latter being fully textured.
      • An unreleased Village building, presumed to have pertained to the Grim Gully Map, which was ultimately scrapped.
      • The unreleased Blood Willow tree, as well as a scrapped sewage pipe asset.

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