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Anniversary Med-Kit is an Event Item IconHelp items.png.

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Icon Description Cost
Anniversary Med-Kit A festive Med-Kit.

Explodes with confetti upon fully healing a Survivor. Surprise!

  • Unlocks the Self-Heal action.
  • Considerably increases (+35 %) Altruistic Healing speed.

The Anniversary Med-Kit has 24 Charges.

"Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more!" — The Dead by Daylight Team


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Change Log[]

Patch 5.0.0[]

  • Change: renamed the Item from Fourth Year Med-Kit to Anniversary Med-Kit


  • During the Fourth Year Anniversary, the then called Fourth Year Med-Kit was revealed slightly prior to the start of the Event, as Patch 4.0.0 had added it to Custom Game.
    A similar reveal occurred during the Fifth Year Anniversary, when Patch 5.0.0 renamed the Item to the more generic Anniversary Med-Kit.
  • The Med-Kit features a unique in-game model that is themed after the Anniversary-colours introduced during the Fourth Year Anniversary.
    Its model also features the Golden Crown on its side from that same Anniversary Event.