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Quotes left.png “At first I actually believed that it was a pig that slept in front of me on the ground. An animal that somehow had eluded the banalities of my old life and managed to end up at this forsaken and forgotten place. But then it rose, from crouch to standing, with its lifeless eyes nailed to my person. I ran, as I have so brutally learnt to do. My curiosity halted my escape after a few feet and I hid in a cabinet. The Pig moved like a predator – and I saw: a human body wearing a pig's head as ornament. It walked by the cabinet and its snout was just a few inches away from me. I held my breath, aching for freedom. A sudden sound caught the pig's attention and it walked away. But not without giving me a last, final glance, as if it wanted to inform me that I was given a second chance. I will not get a third.” Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
The Pig
K11 charSelect portrait.png
Amanda Young
Gideon Meat Plant
Jigsaw's Baptism
Power Attack Type
Special Attack
(Ambush Dash)
Hidden Blade
115 % | 4.6 m/s
Movement speed
90 % | 3.6 m/s (Crouch)
172.5 % | 6.9 m/s (Ambush Dash)
32 metres
Height IconHelp height.png
Voice Actor
Christine Marsh (Associate Producer)

Amanda Young or "The Pig" is one of 24 Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png currently featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

She was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER VII: The SAW™ Chapter, a Chapter DLC released on 23 January 2018.

She originates from the 2004 Horror Movie franchise of the same name, SAW.


The Pig is a tormenting Killer, able to crouch into stealth mode, then ambush Survivors from a short distance. She can also apply Reverse Bear Traps to downed Survivors, forcing them to remove it before the timer runs out, triggering an instant death.

Her personal Perks, Hangman's Trick IconPerks hangmansTrick.png, Surveillance IconPerks surveillance.png, and Make Your Choice IconPerks makeYourChoice.png, give her more Map control and expose altruistic Survivors.

The focus of her Perks is on pain and torture. A Hook is not that easy to flee from and all Survivors will be seriously tested when it comes to Skill Checks.

Difficulty rating: Intermediate
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play her and use her Power effectively)


FK PI charPreview.png

When John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, planned for his son to be born during the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Pig, he wanted it to represent fertility and rebirth; a new beginning for him and his wife, and the start of a charmed life for his son. But that plan was shattered on the night that a junkie broke into his wife's clinic, hoping to score.

After this event resulted in the death of his unborn son, John finally caught up with the junkie, making him his first test subject, and The Pig was changed forever too. It became a representation of the disease that was rotting John from the inside, a reminder that we are just meat unless we elevate ourselves by our actions, by grasping life from the jaws of death. The Pig became a vessel, an agent of Jigsaw, conveying the subjects to their test. For some of those who emerged victorious, The Pig could still be a rebirth, into their new lives as apprentices, even disciples, of Jigsaw.

That was the case for Amanda Young, a troubled soul, whose life had been a catalogue of harm, both to herself and those around her. That changed when she faced, and bested, Jigsaw's test. Deciding her life was worth something, she became devoted to Jigsaw's cause, ready to take over when cancer consumed him.

But she became more dependent on John, her anguish at his impending death combining with a belief that their test subjects weren't capable of saving themselves, of being reborn in the crucible of the games.

Seeing this, John presented her with another game, another chance to save herself, but Amanda let her rage and jealousy rule her actions. She failed the test and took a bullet as a consequence.

Bleeding out on the tiled floor, darkness engulfed Amanda's vision, accompanied by a sound like creaking wood. Then she was in a forest, once more viewing the world through the eyes of a Pig. Trees surrounded her, their branches clawing at her from all sides. Waves of panic washed over her and she could hear her breath reverberating inside the mask.

Had she been damned, cursed to spend her days here, in this guise? Or maybe this was another test? Maybe she hadn't failed at all? John always thought one step ahead of everyone else, planned for every eventuality, and he would never give up on her, surely?

Jigsaw may have gone but he had passed her onto another. A being for whom she would be The Pig again.

Ultimately, she saw now that she had been right in the choices she had made. The time for games was over. There was no chance of redemption for any of them. They were meat, and meat was destined to die.

The Pig's Perks

These are Perks which start off only appearing in The Pig's Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png. After achieving Level 30, Teachable versions of these Perks can be found:

  • Hangman's Trick - Level 30
  • Surveillance - Level 35
  • Make Your Choice - Level 40

Once obtained, other Killers will be able to find The Pig's Perks in their respective Bloodwebs from that point onwards.

Hangman's Trick

Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability and your ingenious modifications to Hooks IconHelpLoading hook.png alert you of tampering.

  • Gain a Loud Noise notification whenever a Survivor begins sabotaging a Hook.
  • While carrying a Survivor, see the Aura IconHelp auras.png of any Survivor within 2/4/6 metres of any Hook.

"No excuses, no equivocations... No crying." — Amanda Young


Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

The Auras IconHelp auras.png of regressing Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png are highlighted in white.

  • If the Regression process is interrupted on a Generator, its Aura will be highlighted in yellow for 8/12/16 seconds.

Surveillance increases the audible range of Survivors' Generator-repairing noises by 8 metres.

"Are you gonna behave?" — Amanda Young

Make Your Choice

Each time a Survivor is rescued from a Hook when you are at least 32 metres away, Make Your Choice activates:

  • The Rescuer suffers from the Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for the next 40/50/60 seconds.

Make Your Choice has a cool-down of 40/50/60 seconds.

"You'd be surprised what tools can save a life." — Amanda Young


Weapon: Hidden Blade

FK W01.png

A razor-sharp blade, attached to a mechanical contraption that can conceal or extend it.

Power: Jigsaw's Baptism

FulliconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
Quotes left.png Forever devoted to her master's cause, she punished the ungrateful and the guilty with slyness and murderous puzzles.
The Pig can move stealthily, dash in Ambush Attacks and put deadly Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors' heads.
Quotes right.png

The Pig starts the Trial with 4 Reverse Bear Traps.

Inactive Reverse Bear Traps: IconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
While standing over a Survivor who is in the Dying State IconHelp dying.png, press the Active Ability button to place an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap on that Survivor's head.

  • Survivors may attempt to free themselves from an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap by searching Jigsaw Boxes IconHelp jigsawBoxes.png for the key.
  • Jigsaw Boxes are located around the environment.
  • Survivors may leave through an Exit Gate IconHelp exitGates.png while wearing an Inactive Reverse Bear Trap.

Active Reverse Bear Traps: IconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
Whenever a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, all currently Inactive Reverse Bear Trap will activate:

  • Active Reverse Bear Traps initiate the Death timer, a countdown timer displayed on the Survivor's Status icon that expires after 150 seconds.
  • Once the Death timer expires, the Active Reverse Bear Traps snaps shut, automatically sacrificing the Survivor.
  • A Survivor attempting to leave the Trial Grounds through an Exit Gate with an Active Reverse Bear Traps immediately trips the Reverse Bear Trap.
  • The Death timer is paused whenever the Survivor is being chased by The Pig or is in the Dying State.

Press the Active Ability button to crouch and uncrouch.

  • When crouched, The Pig is granted the Undetectable IconStatusEffects undetectable.png Status Effect at the cost of moving at a slower speed (3.6 m/s).

SPECIAL ATTACK: Ambush Dash Atl Hud AB IconAmbush.png
Press and hold the Attack button when crouched to perform an Ambush Dash attack at increased speed (6.9 m/s) and range.

"You will give everything to me, every cell in your body. The marks on your arms, they're from another life. We'll leave that life behind. When you walk down that corridor there is no turning back. Do you understand that?" — Jigsaw's Baptism

Power Trivia

  • Jigsaw Box Search duration: 12 seconds by default.
  • Jigsaw Box Skill Check Trigger chance: 80 % each second.
  • Transition to Crouched State: 1.3 seconds by default.
  • Reverse Bear Trap Timer duration: 150 seconds by default.
  • Reverse Bear Trap Setting time: 3.3 seconds by default.
  • Ambush Dash Charge time: 0.75 seconds by default.
  • Ambush Dash Missed Hit cool-down: 2 seconds.
  • Ambush Dash Successful Hit cool-down 3 seconds.
  • Ambush Dash duration: 2 seconds maximum.

Add-ons for Jigsaw's Baptism

Add-ons support Mouse-over functionality (desktop version only): hovering over the modifier words with your cursor will reveal the values behind them.
On mobile browsers, the values are displayed in small text after the modifier words. Desktop users experiencing issues with the mouse-over may temporarily switch to mobile view at the bottom of an Article page.
Icon Name Description
Workshop Grease}}
Workshop Grease A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the lubricated parts make the search a more delicate exercise.
  • Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png Trigger odds.
Shattered Syringe}}
Shattered Syringe Symbol of a broken way of life. Reminiscing about her past-self hardens her determination.
  • Slightly decreases missed Ambush Attack cool-down.
John's Medical File}}
John's Medical File The medical file of a cancerous man. Fills the reader with dread and recklessness.
  • Slightly reduces Ambush Attack Charge time.
Combat Straps}}
Combat Straps Leather straps that hold fabric in place for nimbler movement.
  • Slightly reduces Crouch Activation time.
Video Tape}}
Video Tape A recording of Jigsaw, explaining the game's rules to Amanda. Reminiscing about her past-self hardens her determination.
  • Slightly reduces Ambush Attack Charge time.
  • Slightly decreases missed Ambush Attack cool-down.
Utility Blades}}
Utility Blades A modification to the Reverse Bear Trap: sharp blades attached to the Trap's interior lacerate the victim with every movement.
  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Haemorrhage IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Status Effect.
Razor Wires}}
Razor Wires A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of razor sharp wires makes it extra difficult and potentially painful to search them.
  • Moderately increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png Trigger odds.
Last Will}}
Last Will A latched wooden box with a satin lining, offered as part of a last will.
  • Available Reverse Bear Traps increased by 1.
Face Mask}}
Face Mask A modification to the Reverse Bear Trap: the heavy cloth face mask, laced with a sedative, partially suffocates the target, making it hard to concentrate.
  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png Status Effect.
  • Does not affect the Jigsaw Box Aura IconHelp auras.png.
Slow-Release Toxin}}
Slow-Release Toxin A modification to the Reverse Bear Trap: a poison that is not fatal, but weakens the body and makes it nearly impossible to recover fully from any effort.
  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Exhausted IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect.
Rusty Attachments}}
Rusty Attachments A modification to the Reverse Bear Trap: mouth spikes, covered with crusty and volatile rust spots that make injuries particularly difficult to heal.
  • Injured Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap suffer from the Mangled IconStatusEffects mangled.png Status Effect until healed.
Jigsaw's Annotated Plan}}
Jigsaw's Annotated Plan A disturbing, yet brilliant, Trap design laid down on paper and annotated by Jigsaw.
  • Available Jigsaw Boxes increased by 1.
  • Moderately increases Reverse Bear Trap Death timer.
Interlocking Razor}}
Interlocking Razor A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of interlocking razor blades makes it impossible to move suddenly in the Jigsaw Box without slitting one's wrists.
  • Tremendously increases the Regression penalty of failed Skill Checks on Jigsaw Boxes.
Bag of Gears}}
Bag of Gears A few mechanical parts that allow the creation of challenging Jigsaw Boxes and easier to install Reverse Bear Traps.
  • Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Search time.
  • Slightly reduces Reverse Bear Trap Setting time.
Tampered Timer}}
Tampered Timer A timer that has been fiddled with. A spring in the mechanism forces the gears to turn faster.
  • Moderately reduces Reverse Bear Trap Death timer.
Jigsaw's Sketch}}
Jigsaw's Sketch A disturbing, yet brilliant, Trap design sketched in detail on a sheet of paper.
  • Available Jigsaw Boxes increased by 1.
Crate of Gears}}
Crate of Gears This collection of mechanical parts allows the creation of extra-challenging Jigsaw Boxes and Reverse Bear Traps that are easier to install.
  • Considerably increases Jigsaw Box Search time.
  • Moderately reduces Reverse Bear Trap Setting time.
Amanda's Secret}}
Amanda's Secret A black metal box containing a knife and various medical supplies, such as bandages and compresses. Deep cuts reduce stress and awaken the senses.
  • Gain a notification when a Survivor removes a Reverse Bear Trap.
  • Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors removing a Reverse Bear Trap are revealed to The Pig for 6 seconds.
  • Disables The Pig's ability to see the Auras of Jigsaw Boxes.
Rules Set No.2}}
Rules Set No.2 Not all games need to have the same rules.
  • Disables the Survivors' ability to see the Auras IconHelp auras.png of Jigsaw Boxes until their Reverse Bear Trap is activated.

"Listen, there are rules." — Jigsaw

Amanda's Letter}}
Amanda's Letter A blackmailing Letter for the attention of Amanda. Fills the reader with rage and focus.
  • When crouched, Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors within 12 metres are revealed to The Pig.
  • Available Reverse Bear Traps reduced by 3.
  • Available Jigsaw Boxes reduced by 2.

"Amanda, you were with Cecil the night Jill lost Gideon. You killed their child. You know it and I know it." — Amanda's Letter


Main article: Achievements

There are currently 2 Achievements related to The Pig.

Icon Name Description
Adept Pig}}
Adept Pig Achieve a Merciless Victory with The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png using only her Unique Perks: Hangman's Trick IconPerks hangmansTrick.png, Surveillance IconPerks surveillance.png & Make Your Choice IconPerks makeYourChoice.png.
I Want to Play a Game}}
I Want to Play a Game With The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png, put 125 Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors.


Players may customise their Character by choosing one outfit style from each category. Blood-stained attire is obtained after The Pig reaches Level 50 and prestiges.

The Pig's attire includes:


Icon Name Body Rarity Description
FK Mask01.png Pig Head CategoryIcon masks.png Common A rotting pig's head with runlets of blood trickling from its eye holes and nostrils.
FK Body01.png Red Cloak CategoryIcon body.png Common The attire of a devoted disciple.
FK W01.png Hidden Blade CategoryIcon weapons.png Common A razor-sharp blade, attached to a mechanical contraption that can conceal or extend it.


Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
FK Mask01 P01.png Bloody Pig Head CategoryIcon masks.png Rare A bloody pigs head with runlets of pus trickling from its eye holes and nostrils. 3rd Prestige Reward
FK Body01 P01.png Bloody Cloak CategoryIcon body.png Rare The blood-drenched attire of a zealous disciple. 2nd Prestige Reward
FK W01 P01.png Bloody Hidden Blade CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare A bloodstained blade, attached to a mechanical contraption that can conceal or extend it. 1st Prestige Reward

IconHelp store.png In-game store

CategoryIcon outfits.png Outfits
Expand to view content
Icon Name Rarity Description Contents Collection Price
FK outfit 006.png Test Subject Very Rare She comes as a friend, dressed to blend in. Then the games begin. Second Chance

Hidden Horror

The Saw

The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK outfit 007.png Pig Leather Very Rare Pigskin is tough and hardwearing, as long as you can tan it before it rots. Bloated Pig Head

Biker's Gear

Twisted Trefoil Blade

The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK outfit 008.png Deceiver Very Rare Slaughter is an art requiring razor sharp wit and deception. Probable Cause

Genuine Cool

Tactical Excellence

True Swine
IconHelp auricCells.png
CategoryIcon masks.png Masks
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Icon Name Rarity Description Outfit Collection Price
FK Mask006.png Second Chance Very Rare Now, in this place, Amanda has another chance. She'll prove that her way is the right way. Test Subject The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK Mask007.png Bloated Pig Head Very Rare The skin of a pig's head has a translucent, waxy quality. It is well decomposed and rotten inside, like it's wearer. Pig Leather The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK Mask008.png Probable Cause Very Rare Comfort comes in all styles and shapes. A freshly skinned pig head makes all the difference. Deceiver True Swine
IconHelp auricCells.png
CategoryIcon body.png Bodies
Expand to view content
Icon Name Rarity Description Outfit Collection Price
FK Body006.png Hidden Horror Very Rare Red shirt with detached sleeves keeping her blade hidden as she reaches the final stages of her own, failed, game. Test Subject The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK Body007.png Biker's Gear Very Rare Overall protection, for when the Test Subjects fight back. Pig Leather The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK Body008.png Genuine Cool Very Rare A comfortable jacket to spend free time or chase down pigs in the slaughter bin. Deceiver True Swine
IconHelp auricCells.png
CategoryIcon weapons.png Weapons
Expand to view content
Icon Name Rarity Description Outfit Collection Price
FK W006.png The Saw Very Rare A rusted and jagged saw blade, crudely carved from steel. If the wound doesn't kill them, the tetanus will. Test Subject The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK W007.png Twisted Trefoil Blade Very Rare An ornate design, combining three razor-sharp blades into one weapon. Pig Leather The Games Continue
IconHelp auricCells.png
FK W008.png Tactical Excellence Very Rare A tactical blade salvaged and reworked into a highly effective eviscerating tool that straps around the arm. Deceiver True Swine
IconHelp auricCells.png


Main article: Downloadable Content

The Pig is currently part of 1 DLC:

Change Log

Patch 2.0.0

  • Quality of Life: fixed an issue that caused The Pig to vault more slowly than other Killers.

Patch 2.3.0

  • Quality of Life: reduced the footstep audio.

Patch 2.5.0

  • Buff: reduced the Crouch State transition time from 2 seconds to 1.3 seconds.
  • Nerf: increased The Pig's the Terror Radius from 28 metres to 32 metres.
    • This was done to standardise her Terror Radius with that of other 4.6 m/s Killers.
  • Buff: reduced the fade-in/fade-out timers for the Terror Radius from 6.6 seconds to 4 seconds.

Patch 2.7.0

  • Nerf: Reverse Bear Traps only become active when a Generator is completed.
  • Nerf: inactive Reverse Bear Traps no longer trigger when attempting to leave via the Exit Gate.

Patch 3.1.0

  • Nerf: The Pig's Ambush Attack is no longer considered a Basic Attack.
  • Quality of Life: adjusted The Pig's speed curves for crouching and uncrouching to be smoother.

Patch 3.2.1

  • Nerf: adjusted The Pig's Carrying speed to match that of other Killers, reducing it from 3.85 m/s or 96.25 % to 3.68 m/s or 92 %.
    • This was due to an oversight. The Pig's code is mostly copy-pasted from The Huntress, who, as a 4.4 m/s Killer, uses a higher Carrying speed modifier (x0.8365), which was not adjusted to the fact that The Pig is a 4.6 m/s Killer.

Patch 3.3.1

  • Buff: updated The Pig's Power with the Undetectable Status Effect.


  • The Pig was the first Killer with two different Weapon cool-downs.
  • The Pig was the first Killer to have a secondary interaction with downed Survivors other than the Memento Mori IconHelp mementoMori.png.
  • The Pig was the second Killer, and currently remains the only one, to have a secondary Attack mode with her Ambush Dash.
  • The Pig was the fourth female Killer and remains the only female licensed Killer.
  • The Pig was the fifth Killer to wear a Mask.
  • The Pig was the seventh licensed Character and the fourth licensed Killer to be added to Dead by Daylight.
  • Due to residual code from The Huntress that was used as a basis for The Pig, her carrying speed multiplier was never adjusted to her being a standard Killer in terms of Movement speed, allowing her to carry slightly faster than any other Killer.
  • The Pig is one of just two Killers with an alternative way of killing Survivors by using her Reverse Bear Traps.


For more go to the Pig's Gallery

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