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Módulos são páginas especiais contendo dados, funções ou scripts que ajudam a manter o wiki fácil de manter. Todos os dados variáveis ​​são armazenados em Datatable. As funções são divididas em módulos separados para manter a clareza básica entre as funcionalidades dos scripts. Existem vários módulos utilitários que armazenam módulos que não possuem uma categoria distinta ou a função executa uma tarefa que é comum em vários módulos/categorias.

Lista de Módulos[]

Módulos Funcionais[]
Utilitários / Ferramentas[]
  • Extensions - Extension functions for existing prototypes
  • Languages - Language functions. Mainly used for resolving for pages in other unofficial wiki language
  • MathOps - Mathematical operations
  • Module:PerkImage - Function retrieving Perk Image
  • Strings - List of article/table relevant string snippets
  • Utils - Any sort of tool function (such as sorting, converting, searching or counting table elements)

Splitting the Archive is a premise to not load other necessary history logs

  • Datatable/Archive - Arbitrator module for the other Archive sub-modules
  • Datatable/Archive/Addons - Archive for Add-onUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMark descriptions
  • Datatable/Archive/Items - Archive for ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items descriptions
  • Datatable/Archive/Offerings - Archive for OfferingUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMark descriptions
  • Datatable/Archive/Perks - Archive for PerkUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMark descriptions

Not used / Other[]


The extension is not used currently.
Cargo is used for storing big data. Cargo works similarly to SQL, although there are certain differences. Stored data has two phases - Definition which can be found in Values sub-pages and the second phase is data stored in an actual table. This is done by adding data into the Values sub-page and then accessing the definition of the table and hitting the "Recreate Data" button. In other words the Values subpage only stores "what is supposed to be in the table" but do not actually stores it until data are not recreated.
The other perspective how to understand it is that wiki works with the cached table (that is updated by Recreate Data button) and to add new data to the table you need to add the appropriate record into Values sub-page (and then update the table).

Below can be found a list of pages/templates related to Cargo.

  • Cargo/Icons - Template defining the Icons table columns.
  • Cargo/Icons/Values - Template storing data used for recreation of table.