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Gameplay Styles (Survivors)[]

There are many survivor gameplay styles and only some will be covered.

-Furtivo (Immersed) The immersed style consists of not getting chased by the Killer and focusing on Objectives. Some useful Perks for this play style are as follow:

  • Urban Evasion Unknown QuestionMark
  • Spine Chill Unknown QuestionMark

-Distração (Juker) The juker style consists of distracting the Killer the whole match for other Survivors to repair Generators. Players who like to play that way commonly use jukes, techniques used to escape the Killer or make him miss a hit. Some useful Perks for this play style are as follow:

  • Dead Hard Unknown QuestionMark
  • Decisive Strike Unknown QuestionMark
  • Self Care Unknown QuestionMark
  • Iron Will Unknown QuestionMark
  • Balanced Landing Unknown QuestionMark

-Altruísta (Altruistic) The altruistic style consists of being altruistic, in other words stopping what you're doing to help other Survivors in need. Some useful Perks for this play style are as follow:

  • Empathy Unknown QuestionMark
  • We'll Make it Unknown QuestionMark
  • Botany Knowledge Unknown QuestionMark
  • Borrowed Time Unknown QuestionMark

-Caçador de Itens (Item Hunter/Looter) The looter style consists of opening as much chests as you can in order to get items. Some useful Perks for this play style are as follow:

  • Ace in the Hole Unknown QuestionMark
  • Plunderer's Instinct Unknown QuestionMark
  • Pharmacy Unknown QuestionMark

-Farmando Pontos (Farming) The farming style consists of gaining as much BPs as you can. Some useful Perks for this play style are as follow:

  • We're gonna live forever Unknown QuestionMark
  • Saboteur Unknown QuestionMark

Some useful Offerings are:

  • Escape! Cake Unknown QuestionMark

Killer Gameplay[]

Each Killer has different atributes (movement speed, lunge range, power etc.) and that's why they have to be played differently. Some tips for each Killer are present on their own pages. Therefore, there are some Perks that are useful no matter what Killer you're playing with:

  • Barbecue and Chili Unknown QuestionMark
  • A Nurse's Calling Unknown QuestionMark
  • Hex: Ruin Unknown QuestionMark

Winning a Trial (Sobrevivente)[]

-Explaining Emblems and how much Gens to repair or Survivors to rescue Winning a trial is considered gaining a pip towards your Rank. Para fazer isso, você precisa ter no mínimo 8 pontos de emblema. Para facilitar, veja o resumo dos 4 Emblemas:

  • Iluminado Ficheiro:EmblemIcon lightbringer silver 2.png: Repair Generators (Você precisa reparar 2,5 Geradores para ganhar o Emblema Iridescente)
  • Invencível EmblemIcon unbroken silver: Sobreviver (Você precisa escapar sem ser derrubado para ganhar o Emblema Iridescente)
  • Benevolente EmblemIcon benevolent silver: Ajudar os outros Sobreviventes (Você precisa desenganchar Sobrevivente 3 vezes para ganhar o Emblema Iridescente)
  • Evasivo EmblemIcon evader silver: Escapar do Assassino (Você precisa ficar perto do Assassino e ser perseguido por ele por um longo tempo e escapar para ganhar o Emblema Iridescente)

NOTE: See the Emblemas page for better information.

Ganhando uma Partida (Assassino)[]

-Explaining Emblems Assim como com os Sobreviventes, como Assassino o objetivo é ganhar um pip. Mas antes, isso era completamente baseado em quantos Sobreviventes você enganchou e sacrificou. Porém, agora é possível ganhar um pip mesmo não matando nenhum Sobrevivente. Os 4 Emblemas de Assassino são:

  • Guardião do Portão EmblemIcon gatekeeper silver: Defender os Geradores (Quanto mais tempo os Sobreviventes levam para fazer Geradores, melhor é a qualidade desse Emblema)
  • Devoto EmblemIcon devout silver: Sacrificar Sobreviventes (Sacrificar todos os Sobreviventes te garante esse Emblema Iridescente)
  • Malicioso EmblemIcon malicious silver: Atacar e Enganchar Sobreviventes (Quanto mais ataques você der e mais Sobreviventes você enganchar, melhor é a qualidade desse Emblema)
  • Caçador (Emblema) EmblemIcon chaser silver: Perseguir Sobreviventes (Quantos mais vezes você perseguir Sobreviventes e mais rápido você ganhar perseguições, melhor é a qualidade desse Emblema)

-In order to win a trial, it's recommended to focus on the Emblems.


Quality Points
None (nenhum Emblema recebido) 0
Bronze 1
Silver 2
Gold 3
Iridescent 4
  • Pontos necessários para ganhar um pip: 8-13
  • Pontos necessários para ganhar dois pips: 14-16

Survivor Strategies[]

  • Always look behind mid-chase to know where the Killer is and his distance besides you.
  • Don't throw every Pallet down. They can be looped (correr ao redor dela até quando o Assassino estiver perto, e quando isso acontecer você derruba a barricada).
    • Whilst doing this also look towards the Killer at all times.
  • Don't panic if you hear the heartbeat. That doesn't mean the killer saw you.
  • Don't sprint everywhere. Sprinting leaves scratch marks that can only be seen by the Killer.

Killer Strategies[]

  • If you are chasing a Survivor for more than 20 seconds without landing a hit, don't break Pallets cuz you'll have Bloodlust Unknown QuestionMark, which makes you faster if you are chasing a Survivor for a certain period of time without landing a hit, and it's reseted if you do so.
  • Use your lunge attack (hold M1), por exemplo, quando um Sobrevivente for pular uma Janela e você estiver relativamente perto dele.
  • Try to hide your Red Stain. Hiding your Red Stain is an excellent way to confuse survivors as they orient themselves by your Red Stain.
    • A way you can do this is by walking backwards (moonwalking).