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Destroços da Nostromo
IconMap Uba Wormholelevel01
WIP/File Name WormholeLevel01
Associated Realm Floresta de Dvarka
Tile Area (sqT, 8x8 m2) 152
Map Area (m2) 9728
Release Patch Patch 7.2.0
Intro Theme
Map Layout

Destroços da Nostromo or "WormholeLevel01" is one of 2 Maps in the Floresta de Dvarka RealmUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMarkUnknown QuestionMark.


A brutal, industrial interstellar cargo ship, where human life takes a backseat to cruel efficiency. Death lurks around every corner of its labyrinthine decks. From the well of Ripley's memories, a grim and hopeless realm manifests into a terrifying nightmare.