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Release Date 01 de Dezembro de 2020 (Terça-feira)
Retired 08 de Janeiro de 2024 (Segunda-feira)
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CHAPTER XVIII: A Binding of Kin is the eighteenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

This DLC features:


A Binding of Kin is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a unique Killer but 2 characters: The Twins (Charlotte & Victor), and a Survivor, Élodie Rakoto. Purchasing the add-on will unlock its new Killers, new Survivor, and an exclusive item for the Survivor: Élodie’s Sunset Crop.

Killer: The Twins[]

Main Article: Victor & Charlotte Deshayes

Killer's Info[]

K22 charSelect portrait

The Twins

A pair of conjoined twins from 17th century France, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like none other. Born into a life of persecution, they fled to the countryside with their mother, Madeleine, accused by witch hunters of birthing demons. When the trio was finally caught, the children were forced to watch their mother burn before being sold to a mysterious group clad in black cloaks. Prisoners to the cult, they took part in unusual experiments, their animosity towards humanity growing each day. The pair eventually fled, in the process burning the cult’s temple to the ground. Though Charlotte ran to the safety of a nearby forest, her brother—still affixed to her body—died in the escape.

For years to come, Charlotte skulked through the alleys and sewers of France, stealing and finding shelter where she could, avoiding the black cloaks at all cost. She made sure to tend to the corpse of her rotting brother, seeing him as her only remaining family. During a frigid winter, Charlotte, weakened and starving, realized her time was coming to an end. As she gave into the comfort of death, a vicious shriek pierced her ears. Impossibly, Victor spasmed and flailed from her chest, spilling to the ground in a bloody puddle. Before she could react, the boy skittered into a dense, unnatural fog that grew around the two. Stunned, yet horrified at the thought of losing Victor, she charged into the fog, determined to reunite with her only kin.

Killer Power - Twins: Blood Bond Predefinição:Blood Bond

Twin's Perks[]

IconPerks hoarder
IconPerks oppression
IconPerks coupDeGrâce
Coup de Grâce À medida que o fim se aproxima, você parte para a matança.

Cada vez que um Gerador IconHelpLoading generators  é completo, Coup de Grâce cresce em poder e você ganha 1 Moeda.

  • Consuma 1 Moeda para aumentar a distância do seu próximo Ataque Longo de 40/50/60 %.

Survivor: Élodie Rakoto[]

Main Article: Élodie Rakoto

Survivor's Info[]

S24 charSelect portrait

Cunning, smart, and defiant Élodie Rakoto was born into a lush Parisian household, miles away from her parents' birthplace, Madagascar. She was only fourteen when she lost her parents during a trip to Dyer island. No rational explanation was found to account for her parents' disappearance. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Élodie descended into depression before she turned to the occult for answers.

Fourteen years later, Élodie was still searching for her missing parents. She’d compiled legends, gathered relics, and examined records from ancient civilizations who had sought the incomprehensible Thing that had taken her parents. She’d discovered various names for it: The Abyss, The Infinite, The Hole.

Élodie was about to recover a crucial relic when she was apprehended by the Black Vale, a ring of occult fanatics rumored to perform human sacrifices. As she attempted to escape, she was hit by a faintly familiar scent of vanilla-spiked fruits and lychee nuts. Then a thin, tropical rain drizzled down her face. She'd stepped into a dreamlike place she'd envisioned so many times as a child.


The soft canopy soil under her feet suddenly turned ashen and collapsed. She sank into something dense and cold that swallowed her like quicksand. She screamed, before being smothered by... the abyss...the infinite... the hole...

Élodie's Perks[]

IconPerks appraisal
IconPerks deception
IconPerks powerStruggle
Power Struggle


The Twins[]

Head Body Weapon

Élodie Rakoto[]

Head Torso Legs


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