Dead by Daylight Wiki


  • Rebalanced all flashlight values that related to the blinding of killers (“flashlight beam effects against the killer”)


  • Fixed an issue causing killer stun durations to not be properly applied (causing Hag’s stun to be shorter than desired, and others to be longer than desired)
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Hex: Third Seal” perk’s tokens to still be awarded after the associated totem has been cleansed
  • Fixed an issue causing the progression of the cleanse totem interaction to not reset properly if already at 99% and then get hit by a killer
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to destroy Hag’s Trap with a Flashlight if the Hag was too far away or not looking in the direction of the trap
  • Fixed some issues that could cause loading into a game to last indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue causing Killers to vault slower in one of the two directions