Dead by Daylight Wiki


  • Added the “Thrill of the Hunt” Killer Perk
  • Content - Added a new location (Backwater Swamp)
  • Content - Added a new map for Backwater Swamp (The Pale Rose)
  • Content - Added a new offering that allows to play as The Hag (appears on bloodwebs if you do not own the associated DLC)


  • Fixed an issue causing Perk Tooltips to not display on the Tally Screen
  • Fixed an issue causing survivors to get stuck in the unhook position when interrupted during the unhook interaction
  • Fixed an issue causing Teachable Perks to not appear in Prestige bloodwebs (event when they weren’t bought in normal bloodwebs)
  • Fixed an issue causing the blood web popups to appear underneath the sidebar buttons
  • Fixed an issue causing the Exit Entity blocker to not appear from the point of view of the Killer & Spectator
  • Fixed an issue causing the Report Button to refresh improperly when navigating between Spectate mode and the Tally Screen
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to click the right-hand side button of setting sliders
  • Fixed an issue causing all Achievements to not register properly