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Volume 11 - Devozione is the Tome that accompanies the Eleventh Rift in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo and released on 28 April 2022.

Overview[ | ]

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The Characters chosen for this Tome are David King SurvivorDavid and Charlotte & Victor Deshayes (The Twins Unknown QuestionMark).

Memories & Logs[ | ]

Charlotte & Victor Deshayes: Side By Side Forever[ | ]

Memory 6903[ | ]

A gust of wind tussles the leaves in the forest. Charlotte is heading west, as far from the temple as possible. If she gathers some supplies, perhaps she could reach the coast. Her mother once told her about a dream she had of sailing west across the ocean... to another world. Perhaps... Charlotte could leave this hateful place behind and find a new home.

A branch cracks behind her. She turns around, instinctively holding Victor closer to her chest. Is someone following them?

She hurries onward, reaching a stony bridge leading to a village on a mossy hill. It is risky to stop at the village, but she needs supplies.

Charlotte places Victor in the scarf wrapped around her torso. He is too weak to move. Too weak to speak. What the Black Cloaks did to him in the temple... changed him. To build his strength back, she needs to get some food and medicine.

Walking down the village's narrow streets, she reaches the market. Her mother taught her how to get what she needed from a vendor's stall. Distract them and only take what you can carry. Leave before you're noticed. Better to be safe than... captured.

She spots a vendor selling herbs and ointments. Medicine is a priority. Charlotte pulls her hood over her face and approaches the stall slowly. Then she waits for an opportunity. When the vendor turns to address another customer, she extends her arm and snatches a few vials.

Then she spots a pile of fruit at the back of the stall. Risky... but the sweet smell of ripe apples is enchanting. She glances at the vendor, who is arguing over prices. She crouches and slowly sneaks past him.

When she reaches for the basket of fruit, she sees what lies under it: cured cheese. She grabs a large piece and shoves it in her bag with a few apples. Then she crouches under the stall and exits the opposite way she came in, leaving the vendor behind.

Walking hurriedly, she heads down the street, where beggars are kindling rubbish. Despite the stank, the warmth of the flames feels good.

Suddenly, a heavy hand falls on her shoulder. A towering man with a bow in his hand is staring down at her.

He smiles menacingly. "Hunters were talking about you. You're going to make me a rich man."

Charlotte kicks the burning pile of garbage and embers spill on the ground, igniting a puddle of wine. Panic spreads faster than flames as several villagers push the beggars who are trying to stamp out the fire.

Amid the commotion, Charlotte darts off. But the menacing villager snatches her bag, bringing her to a full stop. Panicking, she tears the strap of her bag, and lets its contents spill onto the ground.

Then she runs at full speed until she reaches the stony bridge. Looking over her shoulder, she sees black smoke billowing from the village. Her stomach churns.

She once saw a face licked by flames before, cheeks charred like crisp leaves.

She bites her tongue, trying to repress the memory. She cannot slow down. The villagers could be on her chase.

She heads into the woods, running until she could no longer smell smoke in the air.

Memory 6904[ | ]

Charlotte reaches a muddy patch in the woods. Going further this way would leave a trail. Right now, she could not risk it. One of the villagers could be tracking them.

The river is the safer route since it would leave no trail behind. She steps into the icy water, her oversized boots splashing around. In seconds, her clothes are drenched. When the wind howls, her freezing flesh is set ablaze.

After several hours of trekking in ice-cold water, she reaches the bottom of a colossal waterfall. The end of the road.

A plateau lies above, midway between the river and the top of the waterfall. It would make for a difficult climb, but it is possible. If she reaches this plateau, the view would allow her to spot any villager on her trail. She could sleep soundly for the first time in weeks.

Looking down at Victor wrapped in her scarf, she sees how pale he looks. They both need their rest.

Charlotte examines the rock wall surrounding the waterfall, looking for holds and grips in the boulder's shapes. Then she tightens her scarf around Victor to keep him in place.

She reaches the cliff and grabs the rock wall. One foot up. Then another. Her arms tire first. She lands her right foot on a protuberant boulder and shifts her weight to relax her muscles. But her heel slides out of her oversized boot. Ignoring her aching arms, she holds onto the cliff, pushing her foot hard against the boulder to force the boot back on. But the boulder shifts under the pressure and comes loose.

Suddenly, there is nothing but air under her right foot. The boulder tumbles down the cliff along with her boot, plunging into the river.

Charlotte's arms are shaking, and she cannot move. Her fingers are slipping away, one by one. Soon, she will tumble down just like that boulder, and plummet to her death.

Her breathing becomes ragged. Is this the end?

She promised Victor she would save him. That one day they would be free. Is this the best she could do? A brutal plunge to their death?

No, she promised him. She would save him.

Like she saved maman?

Charlotte closes her prickling eyes.

Her last finger is slipping.

Memory 6905[ | ]

Charlotte feels something cold against her shoulder. She opens her eyes and sees Victor's hand there. That is their signal. He would tap her shoulder when he needed something. She would hold his hand when she needed his attention. But he is too weak to move. Did he change position when the boulder slipped from under her? Unless... he is afraid, like her. Maybe he is begging her to save him.

Charlotte inhales deeply, ignoring her burning arms. She looks up and sees another large boulder to her right, a bit higher. If she lunges, she could reach it. But one false move and she'd land in the river, her head smashed on rocks.

Her heart is beating wildly, but she is no longer paralysed. Victor needs her. And she would do anything to save him.

Digging her nails into the rock wall, Charlotte pulls with all her might and jumps. As she lunges into the air, her heart drops. Then her right foot lands on the higher boulder, which instantly shifts from under her. Terrified, she realises that she is falling — slowly. Frantically grasping at the wall, she sways her arms, ignoring the sharp rocks tearing and burning her flesh. She closes her eyes as she slides down... but her right arm finds a grip, bringing her fall to a stop.

As she holds on, her right foot lands on something solid, and she carefully shifts her weight on it. Her ears are ringing wildly, and her whole body is pressed against the jagged edge of the cliff.

She looks over her shoulder at Victor. He is cocooned in her scarf, safely.

Gritting her teeth, Charlotte looks up. The edge of the plateau is about a Toise high. She can do this.

Charlotte finds a grip for her left arm. Then she pulls. One foot up. Then another.

On and on for what seems like an eternity.

All the way up, until she heaves herself over the edge of the plateau, safe.

Memory 6906[ | ]

Charlotte collapses on the plateau. For a moment during the climb, she thought it was over. The fear of death is nothing to be ashamed of. But something else happened. For a second, she felt a fleeting relief when contemplating death. And that worries her more than the witch hunters. More than the Black Cloaks. Because it means that she betrayed Victor. For a moment, she abandoned him. How could she be so cowardly and... selfish?

Charlotte presses her hand over his cheek. Ice-cold. Isn't he already gone? No. She couldn't accept that. Losing him would be like laying down in a grave and waiting for soil to smother her. He is her. And she is him. They are one.

She caresses his pale cheek. "I promise you that one day I will take you far away from here. And we will be safe, forever."

A dark fog coils at her feet as her eyelids become heavy... Then her eyes close.

Memory 6907[ | ]

Charlotte opens her eyes. She sits up slowly... she must have fainted? Instead of looking at the view, she looks down at Victor, who seems asleep. Is he...? No. Charlotte could see some colour on his cheeks. He will get better.

Getting back on her feet, she examines her surroundings. A forest of evergreen trees stands ahead. And behind her... she gasps at the view. Tall pines spread west to the shoreline, where dark waves roll against a long bobbling wharf. A harbour of ships heading west.

To admire the ocean view, Charlotte sits on a bed of soft branches. The sun is setting, spilling blood into the sky. She loosens her scarf, unveiling Victor's face so he can see the boats. She reaches for his hand and grabs it. Ice-cold and limp.

Charlotte stifles a sob. Everything is fine. Victor is just weakened by their journey. He is still here, with her. Tonight, they will rest, and he will get better.

Below, large ships are sailing toward the misty horizon, heading further west. They remind her of her mother's dream. When the Black Cloaks were doing their worse to her, she held onto her mother's words. Charlotte never honestly believed in her mother's dream of sailing west. It was just a beautiful escape. But now it is time to believe. A new dream for a new life.

Charlotte takes off her hat and wraps it around Victor's hands. "Do you know what lies beyond the horizon? Maman told me once. She dreamt of that place, just before she fell sick. She said that there is another world across the ocean. A place with clean rivers and sweet syrup dripping from the trees. A whole other world for us to be free. Do you see that big ship below?"

No answer. Maybe Victor is afraid of dreaming aloud. Some dreams are too delicate to be spoken. But not hers.

Charlotte brushes off a drop of rain from Victor's pale brow. "Everything will be alright, Victor. Just imagine the voyage with me. One day we will sail far away from here. We would sleep in a bed made of ropes, suspended in the air. Each rolling wave would swing our bed from side to side, lulling us to sleep. After a few weeks, we'd reach land. Then, we would find a little house by a creek. In the morning, we would work in a field of golden crops. Each day we'd drink the sun and eat the moon. And no storm would hit us. No men would burn us. No monsters would hurt us. We would live together, free. Our lives would be so normal, you would miss our adventures. Maybe one day, you'll even miss this view... I promise you. One day we will be free. We'll find a place where we belong. All three of us.

Her voice breaks. No, they could never be all three again. Their mother is gone. Charlotte looks down at Victor. He is so weak that she could barely see his chest rise.

No, he is just sick. He needs to rest. She cannot pay her doubts any attention. If she does, she would be the next one to die. And then all three of them would be lost.

Charlotte closes her eyes. She can almost feel the lush leaves brushing against her legs as she runs through an open field. Victor is laughing in her arms. They are far away from here...

Memory 6908[ | ]

Cold winds howl against the cliff like hungry beasts. A songbird wakes Charlotte. She opens her eyes, feeling every inch of her body protesting in pain. Her throat feels coated in sand. Her temples throb. She feels sick.

She looks down at Victor who got paler overnight. Her fingers curl into a fist. How is she supposed to take care of her brother when her own mother failed? Charlotte feels so lost without her.

Looking up, she spots the singing bird: a little sparrow. Images flash through her mind: soft feathers, sharp claws, and a delicate neck in her hands. Blood dripping from her brow as Black Cloaks beat her, until she wrapped her hands around the sparrow's neck and twisted. They forced her to do monstrous things. But she is no monster.

Yet she was treated as one. And why? Because Victor is part of her, and she is part of him. They are one, united by blood and bone. They cry double the tears when hurt. They laugh twice over when glad. And even in their darkest moments, they are never alone.

Side by side, forever. Who else could say the same? And yet, they pay a heavy price for this gift.

They are of one blood and bone. If one perishes, what remains?

Memory 6909[ | ]

The night sky is clear and speckled with stars. Charlotte feels too sick to move. Victor must feel worse. Or does he...?

A low feral growl echoes from the woods. Charlotte can barely see ahead, but the hair on her neck rise — something in the dark watches her.

She grabs Victor's hand. Stay calm.

Holding a large branch in her trembling hands, she walks toward the noise. Wolves are known to hunt far from villages. The further she travels, the higher the risks of running into one.

While scanning the darkness, she spots a crimson trail on the glittering snow. Further ahead, a large wolf is lying in the snow, its grey fur marred with blood. An arrow is planted in its neck. Hunters must have left it to die.

The wolf growls as its dark eyes land on her, but seems too weak to move. Then she hears a high-pitched cry. A little white cub hides under the wolf's leg. A dying wolf and its wailing baby, striving to survive.

Charlotte knows what she must do. And she hates herself for it.

She leans over and grabs the tiny pup into her hands. The pup snaps at her fingers, but its teeth are too tiny to cause any real pain. Howling, the wolf struggles to get back on its feet, but its legs buckle under its weight and crash into the snow.

Charlotte ignores the dying wolf's whimpers and digs a hole in the snow, too deep for the pup to climb out of. When Charlotte's own mother screamed in agony, she wished someone would have ended her suffering.

Charlotte approaches the pup's mother with trembling hands. The wolf growls as she grabs the arrow. In one swift motion, she pulls it out. The wolf howls in anguish and collapses. The cub cries in response, frantically digging itself out of the snow. Charlotte waves her branch at the pup and screams. "Run! RUN!"

The pup growls weakly... then darts off into the night.

Charlotte's vision blurs as tears mingle with the blood splattered across her face. Is she any better than these hunters? The wolf was too far gone. Such unnecessary pain was cruel. And the hunters would have trapped its pup, if it remained close. A life of captivity with its mother's killers.

No, Charlotte did them both a mercy. She knows what it's like to be captured by such monsters.

Memory 6910[ | ]

Charlotte's tears would not stop. Her remorse for killing the wolf triggered a growing tightness in her chest. Two years ago, she would never have been able to kill another being. And yet, is it humane to watch an innocent being suffer cruelly to death? She would have preferred walking away. But she knows better.

Her mother's suffering taught her better. When her mother was captured by witch hunters, Charlotte convinced herself that there was nothing she could do. But it was not entirely true.

The hunters slept in a wooden shed behind the church, near the woods. The shed was so old and dry, a spark could have sent it blazing. And yet she did nothing but wait for the trial. Then she had to watch her own mother burn to death.

There had been other missed opportunities to prevent the suffering of innocents. Every time, her mother's voice held her back: let no one pull you so low as to hate them. In the end, you will hate yourself most for it. But maman is gone now. Charlotte watched the flames melt her face as she cried out in agony.

Now Victor is all she has left. She looks down at him. His cheeks have a bluish hue. Maybe he is past the point of no return.

Isn't she?

No, he will get better. They are one, united by blood and bone.

He would never leave her behind.

Memory 6911[ | ]

A loud noise wakes Charlotte at dawn. A pile of ashes lies at her feet, the fire long gone.

Something cracks behind her.

A tall man emerges from the tree line. She remembers him — the villager who tore out her bag at the market. He raises his arm, revealing his bow.

Charlotte's heart drops as she sees him draw. Stumbling to her feet, she darts off into the woods. As arrows land besides her, she keeps her eyes fixed on the ground to avoid protuberant roots.

Panicking, she rushes her step and her left foot lands on a stump, twisting her ankle awkwardly. She tumbles down to the ground. An arrow lands next to her face, slicing her cheek.

Charlotte stifles a scream as she gets back on her feet. Her ankle is throbbing painfully. Then something sharp stabs her leg, and everything slows down. Falling to her knees, she looks down and sees an arrow planted in her calf. A jolt of electricity courses through her. She screams in agony.

Panting, she looks down at Victor. His eyes are blank, as if ready for death.

She promised him...

Memory 6912[ | ]

Charlotte grits her teeth and takes a step forward, dragging her injured leg. The pain is torturous, but she ignores it. Victor needs her.

Looking up, she sees a large oak tree perched over a small hill. She could hide there. Every step uphill is an agonising cycle of tearing and burning. She bites her tongue to stifle her cries, tasting blood.

Once at the top, she hides behind the oak tree to catch her breath. But her vision blurs and she collapses into a pile of dead leaves. The tip of the arrow dug underneath her skin, tearing up her tissues. She presses her palm against her burning wound. So much blood.

Her ears are ringing. Nowhere to run. No escape. Sailing to the new world is an impossible dream.

A branch cracks behind her.

Charlotte caresses Victor's cheek. They are one, united by blood and bone. He is her and she is him. If one perishes, what remains?

Groaning in pain, she sits up, slowly. Nothing will tear them apart. Not even death.

They are side by side. Forever."

Video[ | ]

This video is unlocked after completing all Master Challenges associated with this Memory/Log entry

David King: The Importance of Being King[ | ]

Memory 384[ | ]

The old pub erupts in drunken screams and laughter as patrons drink ale, play darts and watch football on the flat-screen television above the bar. David sits alone on a hard wooden stool at the bar. He can already see Jasmine in his mind's eye. Blond hair, blue eyes, short skirt, walking out of her apartment with wafts of wild vanilla and a few fun quips like all those black and white films his mother used to watch alone in the kitchen. She's everything like the movies. Everything his father admires in a woman and more, and she's certainly a perfect date for the Ol'Man's retirement party in the coming days. Sure to turn heads and make him proud.

David gulps his evening ale, winces at the bitterness, and thumps the pint against the metal countertop, still feeling the tightness around his neck and shoulders. He figures he needs a little more social lubricant to make this first date go off without a hitch. The last thing he wants is to screw things up before the party.

David scans the bar and gestures to his old friend Rik. He slides his empty glass, nods for a refill and suddenly feels a sharp pain at his left side.

Rik returns with a foamy golden pint dripping on the sides as David snatches it from him, takes a sip and winces. Tastes bitter, and he knows it ain't supposed to be this bitter.

He waves Rik over and leans forward. "This shit is killing my insides. And it tastes like someone farted in a bathtub of donkey piss. You pulling this shit out of an engine, or is it real?"

"It's real, Dave. As real as it gets."

"Tastes like poison."

"Well... why don't you stop punishing yourself."

David's left side pulls, again. He struggles to remember if the appendix is on the left side or the right side. He isn't sure. Doesn't matter. Everything hurts in his stomach and chest, and he figures he's better off with a ruptured appendix, anyway.

"Some poisons are good for you."

Rik shakes his head in disagreement. "I'd take it easy anyway, unless you want to be a total shit with what's her name."


A drunk fan approaches David. "Look here! As I live and breathe, David-fuckin'-King! Why not come have a seat with us?"

Ignoring him, David looks up at the football match. "Just want to be alone right now — another time."

"Come on! Won't you take a few seconds for a fan?"

David locks eyes with Rik, but doesn't look at the drunk brute at his side. "I appreciate the invitation but I'm kinda going through a rough patch. It's why I'm alone... so please..."

The drunken fan jabs him in the shoulder.

"I gotta ask. What did that referee call you that upset you so much?"

"You have shit in your ears? Get away!"

The fan jabs David, again. David catches the finger, snaps it against the joint, and takes another sip of donkey piss as the agonised fan falls to his knees, screaming bloody murder.

Rik quickly gestures to a giant of a man who escorts the drunken fan and his entourage out the door before all hell breaks loose. Then he shakes his head at David. "One day you're gonna to pick a fight with the wrong guy."

"I told him I wanted to be alone."

"There was probably a better way to tell him... unless that was about something else."

"I broke his finger. Nothing more to make of it."

Rik's eyebrows furrow. "Come to think of it, you never did tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"What happened with the ref?"

David shrugs and shakes his head. "He said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I lost my shit. Doesn't matter."

"Yeah, I can see how much it doesn't matter."

David sighs at the sarcasm, and he feels Rik's eyes on him as he takes a swig, then swallows it all down. "Like I said... doesn't matter."

"Ahh... Secrets. What depths lie beneath the surface, Mr. King. What depths, indeed. I've known you sixteen years now and you're still a closed book. You'll tell me eventually."

Rik grabs his empty glass and walks away.

Memory 385[ | ]

David feels his lips and tongue growing heavier and heavier with every pint. He continues to brag about his new white shirt, his new cologne, and his new friend, Jasmine. He tells Rik about how he met her at a fountain where a famous photographer was taking her picture and everyone stopped to spectate and take in her beauty. He searches Rik's face for signs of approval but gets the sense that he's just nodding to be nice.

"You should have seen her. Every guy was staring at her. She was in this bikini and the summer sun was blazing down on her. Every guy was staring at her... and she was staring at me..."

"You said that part a few times now."

"Did I?"

"Yeah. Starting to sound more like convincing than bragging."

David frowns and stares into space for a long moment. Then he puts his hands into his pocket and feels the hard tape holding an old note together. "I ain't trying to convince you of anything."

"I didn't say you were trying to convince me."

"Who then?"

"That's the question, isn't it?"

"I don't understand. What's the question? Stop talking like that."

"Dave... why don't you stop talking like that. You come in my pub talking about supermodels and exploits you could sell to a smutty magazine, and you're good at it, too. And if I didn't know you, I'd buy it."

David winces and turns away.

"So here you are talking about how happy you are while you're frowning and breaking fingers and ready to take down the first one who talks to you wrong. And you're probably the only one getting in your own god-damn way."

"You don’t jab people in the arm. You just don't do that."

"You can believe you're happy if you want to, but from where I'm standing, you're the most miserable bastard in Manchester, and I care too much about you to let you think you've got me fooled."

"There you go trying to psychoanalyse me again. Probably going to link me to some obscure historical idiot nobody remembers that you read about in one of your dumb books."

Rik shakes his head. "There you go making light of something serious when a friend just wants to know if you're okay."

"There you go being melodramatic when a friend just wants a drink."

"Dave... I'm sure she's a nice girl, but you know what I say. Screw her. Don't go. Stand her up and do what you really want to do."

"Stop talking outta your ass."

Rik leans closer to him. "I'm serious, Dave. As serious as the note you keep in your pocket. You know... the one you read every now and then when you think no one's watching."

David leans away from him. "Mind your fuckin' business!"

"Touch a nerve, did I?"

David drains the pint, wipes his mouth, and staggers off the stool. "I'm fine!"

And he pushes his way through drunken patrons and the thick wooden entrance doors, losing his balance and stumbling into the cool, indifferent summer night.

Memory 386[ | ]

David senses someone following him as he hobbles past the alley beside the pub. He turns to see the disgruntled fan and his entourage of idiots. They yell and joke and bark curses at him. It's all a jumble of words to him. But he gets the tone and the general intention.

The fan approaches him with a crooked finger. "You should be thankful people remember you at all — you pathetic excuse of a human. The only reason they remember you is because you pissed your career away in a single flush."

David feels the blood boil up his neck and doesn't even realise he's unleashing a flurry of punches until it's too late. He stops to wipe the blood off his fist as an idiot tackles him into the dark alley. Another idiot charges him with a scream and smashes him into a brick wall.

David kicks off the wall and pushes them both into a dumpster. He whirls to punch another idiot who instantly hits the ground with a thud. Several others attack him. He stands his ground and dishes out pain and soaks up punishment until they collapse.

David looms over them, impressed by his strength, when suddenly someone kicks him in the back. He topples over as he feels an arm wrap around his neck, choking him like a boa constrictor. Through blurry vision he watches the idiots take turns punching and kicking him in the gut and face.

The boa releases David, and he collapses in the gutter with two tennis balls for eyes, a bleeding nose and a tooth he feels slipping down his throat. He crawls out of the alley and onto the sidewalk where people walk by him without taking much notice.

Then he turns on his back and stares at the stars glimmering beyond a broken streetlight, grateful he didn't puke. Then again he was never one to puke. Not when he drinks. Not before a game. Not even before a family gathering.

Memory 387[ | ]

David barely sees the legs of pedestrians walking around him. He hears them whispering, talking, laughing, and growing silent as they approach him. Once or twice he heard whispers about seeing if he needed help, but the whispers soon faded, and in the end, no one helped him. He didn't want help, anyway. He stares at the blurring and fading stars and wonders what his life would have been like if he had just been like his parents. Then it dawns on him. He doesn't even know what that means. He doesn't know who they are. He knows aspects of them, the status, the façade, the bullshit, but not the real them, not the secrets and affairs and addictions.

As David stares at the darkness above, he hears a woman tell her husband they should really do something about the poor, beaten man bleeding on the sidewalk. He sees their blurry shadows looming over him as they stare at him with concern. He hears a few more whispers, and then they move on with their hurried lives.

Through the mist in his mind he remembers a story of how someone died of a heart attack at a stadium because not one person stopped to see if the crumpled man on the ground clutching his phone for dear life was okay. One phone call would have saved his life.

Rik told him that story a while back. He can't remember when or why but he had many useless stories he collected from friends and clients that he repurposed for small talk.

David closes his eyes for a moment. He breathes deeply and takes in the floral notes of his cologne like soft petals drifting on the night breeze. He's glad his nose still works and that he's not having a heart attack even though he feels as though someone kicked his heart out of his chest.

Memory 388[ | ]

David feels someone lying down beside him.

"Someone told me you were out here enjoying the breeze."

He recognises Rik's voice but doesn't respond.

"Nice night. I have never seen a night quite like this one before."

David sighs. "Go away... please..."

Rik ignores him. "Kind of hard on the back but looking at the stars seems to balance things out."


"Look at those clouds. There's a storm coming. Better enjoy it while we can."

David turns to Rik and looks at him through puffy slits, but doesn't say anything.

"You know coconuts kill more people than sharks. I looked it up because someone told me this story about a couple who had been together for years. The woman always wanted her husband to go into the water while on vacation but he was terrified. He didn't want to be eaten by a shark..."

"They go to the same place for twenty years and he never goes in the water. Then for her sixtieth birthday he decides he's going in. She's happy, and he's pumped. But as he walks to the beach... a coconut falls on his head. Dies right there on the spot."

"You'd think that would have been what she remembered. She had been a customer for years and she never once talked about the coconut. Someone else told me about it. She told me about all the other things... but not that... And she used to make me jealous cause I think people who know who they love are the luckiest people in the world — mightier than the mightiest in a wasteland of broken hearts."

David clears his throat. "Is that story supposed to cheer me up?"

"I'm not trying to cheer you up. I'm telling you that I'm jealous of you, Dave. And I'm not talking about Jasmine or the others."

"There you go assuming things you don't really understand."

"I understand you. I understand love. And I know enough to know it's not something you squander even if in the end there's a cosmic coconut waiting for all of us."

David closes his eyes.

Rik laughs softly. "Her story would have made a pretty good movie. Except for the coconut ending. That would probably have to change."

David sighs heavily, and through a growing thickness in his throat, he whispers for Rik to leave him alone. To just leave him alone.

Memory 389[ | ]

David opens his swollen eyes to find Rik staring at him.

"I had this regular who stopped coming to the pub a few years back. Found out she was in jail. Imagine that, jail. Murder. Matter of the heart. She discovered her husband was in love with another woman, so she lured him to their country home, drugged him with sleeping pills, boarded up the doors and windows and set it on fire while he slept."

"He woke up and tried to smash his way through the boards. But she was waiting for him with a hammer. As he tried to climb through the busted and burning wood —"

"Whack! Whack! Whack!"

"She smashed his arms, hands, shoulder with the hammer until he could scarcely move. All that remained was a terrible mess of a man trying to squeeze through busted boards with thick black smoke pouring past him like molasses. She stands there watching him dripping, burning, breathing, screaming, begging... and doesn't move until the police arrive."

David turns away from Rik but doesn't say anything.

"Her husband cheated on her before, and it didn't bother her, but this time, well, this time he was in love. That would make a good movie, too. Only she wouldn't kill him in the end, and he'd probably realise he was just going through a mid-life crisis. I never met someone I'd kill or die for, and I sometimes wonder what that would feel like... if I could do something like that..."

David feels Rik's eyes on him.

"I think my longest relationship was one year. I was told my ego gets in the way and that I don't like compromise. And that's true. But what's also true is I haven't met anyone who made me want to compromise."

David takes in the sounds of pedestrians walking past them.

"You know one client once told me that wolves either move in packs or alone or in a couple. Did you know that couples form such a strong bond... that when one dies... the other dies seconds after... As though wolves can just shut off life's switch whenever they want. One soul following the other into the next world if you believe in that kind of thing."

David turns to face Rik. "Please... I don't want to talk."

"One more story, then I'll leave you. It's a true story that happened a hundred years ago in a time when this kind of story wouldn't have even be told. I don't remember how they met but when Richard and Will first laid eyes on one another they fell in love, and they kept their love a secret because back then... you could be hung for... well... for not loving like the rest."

David feels a sudden warmth rising up his neck.

"They had secret lives, but eventually they were caught. And while so many lied and trembled before the executioner, they refused to lie about what they had... what they had found in each other. With the noose around their necks they were given another chance to repent... but they didn't... instead of fear... there was only love... and Will grabs Richard's hand and kisses it as the executioner pulls the cart from beneath their feet."

David's puffy eyes drip with tears as he sees the two lovers dangling from the gallows. He wants to say something but feels an invisible noose tightening around his neck, choking him, preventing him from unburdening his heart.

"That would make a great movie."

David's lips tremble. He wants to say so much, but the words just won't come out, and he feels like he's sinking deep into a world of mud. Then his face tightens and his whole body quivers as he tries to suppress the pain. Losing the battle, he erupts with gasps and broken words as he desperately tries to breathe.

And Rik grabs his arm, supporting him, holding him, preventing him from sinking deeper and deeper into the wasteland where so many have been lost and forgotten.

Memory 390[ | ]

"What was it about him?"

The question stumps David. He takes a moment to gather himself. "I couldn't say one thing... it was a bunch of little things that just made me feel good when I was around him. Everyone else makes me feel like I gotta be something I'm not. But not him."

"I never did believe the press release."

"My parents can't stand each other. They should have divorced years ago... but they keep up the show and have their secret lives... so I guess that's normal."

"It works for some people."

"I miss him. I miss us. I remember meeting him like it was yesterday. Just being with him was enough to know, and I knew right away that he was special and that he would somehow be an important part of my life. We met at music camp. I was seven and didn't want to go. Ironically, my mother forced me and I guess in a way she's the reason we met. I couldn't play any instrument..."

"But Tristan... Tristan was something else... I liked listening to him play the piano... At first my mother was happy... I had a music friend... maybe I would end up a violinist..."

"I guess she figured things out faster than I did because next thing I know she forbids him from coming over. She gave some excuse about his family being of improper standing."

"Then the talks began. The responsibility of being a King. She tells me about the image of our family and the strength of our name and how I had pretty big shoes to fill... sacrifices for the family and all that bullshit. But she never said exactly what she meant. She always danced around what she really wanted to say."

David laughs. "Tristan ended up going to the same secondary school as me. Funny how life works out. He used to write me notes... quotes... poetry... proverbs... smart-aleck comments he knew would make me laugh."

"We got back together in secret and were together for years until he began asking me to be introduced to my parents. Couldn't do it. I broke up with him. He broke up with me. Crazy fuckin' cycle."

"Last year... he wanted a real commitment... he was talking about a family and kids... I nearly brought myself to doing it... but I didn't... I broke it off... and broke his heart."

"He didn't take it so well. Got pissed, and actually came to my birthday party at the pub... he just shows up... and he gives me a kind of Great Gatsby toast... and he hesitates... and I know what he wants to do... I know what he wants to say... but in the end he doesn't..."

"Instead he says what good ol' pal I've been to him... and he makes a smart-aleck joke about how I'm a ladies man who will definitely never settle down... and with tears in his eyes... he finishes his toast with... 'To the importance of being King. Smart ass!' And everyone toasts to it... even the Ol'Man."

"King laughs, then stops suddenly. Tristan staggers out with his pint and leaves an old note on the table. Something he had given me in an English class while the teacher was massacring one of his favourite writers with ridiculous interpretations."

"He called me a few days ago... invited me to a party at the Gold Lantern Café. A going away party... tonight... He's leaving for New York. Some piano gig. He's leaving with some guy he just met. They hardly know each other a month, and he's following him to New York. How ridiculous is that?"

Rik says nothing as they stare at the fading stars for a moment. Silent tears slip out of two narrow slits for eyes. David clears his throat and wipes the tears away with his arm.

"You ever feel like just stopping?"

Rik turns to David. "I imagine you'd have to start before you could actually stop. Way I see it... you've always been this lion, taking down the bully, the asshole, the abuser. Ever since I've known you, I've admired you for that. You're great at clobbering the shit outta anything that gets in your way except maybe yourself. I figure you could try building things, growing things, nurturing things... things like you."

Rik squeezes his arm. You're a lion, Dave, and as much as you're going to hate me saying this... you're a circus lion tethered and dressed up like a clown. You need to tear the rope and costume with your own claws and teeth if you ever truly want to know what it's like to be you.

"You want to stop something... stop jumping through hoops... stop being the clown and just be the god damn lion you were born to be. You're about to regret something for the rest of your life and you know it."

David stares into space.

Rik squeezes his arm, again. "Way I see it... you owe someone a toast."

"You're an idiot if you think I'm just gonna walk over there and crash his party."

"You're an idiot if you don't run."

Memory 391[ | ]

David charges down the street and pushes his way inside the café. Scanning the room, he doesn't see Tristan or his party. He yells at a waitress from across the room, and to his horror, she tells him Tristan already left for the airport. Her words stun him like a slap in the face. He's too late, and his whole world is spinning out of control. He takes a moment to gather himself, then he decides and rushes out into the street, screaming wildly for a taxi. A taxi pulls to the curb. The driver looks at David, hesitates, then starts the meter and steps on the gas.

Next thing David realises he's bolting down the highway rehearsing what he's going to say to Tristan. He struggles with ideas and words and feels nothing he comes up with is good enough. The taxi pulls up to the sliding, glass doors of the airport, and David vaults out.

The driver yells at him. He returns to pay him and then rushes through the automated doors into a bustling open area. He quickly regards a monitor displaying flight departures. Sees one flight leaving for New York. Rushes trough the terminal. But —

Security stops him in his tracks! "Can't pass without a boarding pass." David stares at him, trying to catch his breath as he processes everything at once. He tries to explain his situation, but the brute won't budge, not even an inch.

David turns back and rushes to the check-in counter. He buys a business class ticket on the plane to New York. Then he runs back and passes through security.

He runs faster and faster and he's nearly there. He's going to do this. He's really going to do this! Suddenly, he smashes into an older man carting luggage who looks like his father with his salt and pepper hair and chiselled jaw. He tumbles over the ground as fear hits him like a fist, knocking the breath out of him for a moment.

Just a moment.

In the chaos, he notices Tristan's note on the ground. He grabs it. Holds it. Remembers. The man yells at David to be careful, but that's the last thing David wants to do right now as he puts the note back into his pocket and clambers over a pile of luggage and charges away.

Within moments, he sees the gate. Sees Tristan —

Laughing with his partner.


He freezes in his tracks. Guilt smashes down on him like a brick wall, pushing and squeezing his insides into something awful. At once everything begins to spin as he realises —

He's going to be sick!

David turns on his heels, rushes to the bathroom with a hand over his mouth, and blasts through a stall to purge his stomach. Then he hobbles out and washes gunk off his face and feels like the most selfish person in the world. His busted and swollen face sags with the sudden realisation that if he loves Tristan... if he truly loves Tristan... he will let him go.

Rik got into his head, and he's drunk. That's all this is about. All he needs to do right now is be happy for Tristan. To be happy for him and go home and sleep this crazy night off.

Memory 392[ | ]

David walks away from Gate 72 with his head in a whirlwind. He knows he isn't thinking straight and that it's selfish to pull Tristan back into his mess. He made his bed, and now he has to fuckin' lie in it.

David approaches the security gate, and his heart clenches like a vice. It's impossible to move. Something bigger than his doubt, his guilt and his fear won't allow him to take another step.

His hand plunges into his pocket, and he turns the note over and over. Then, in a blazing flash, details of their struggle come back to him.

How could he let him go? The one whose voice was the only peace he had ever known, whose laugh was the only joy he had ever experienced, whose every breath filled him with life and whose every word challenged him to be a better man.

How could he leave without even trying? Without showing him that he was — in the end — willing to do whatever it took for what they had.

David realises that if he doesn't seize this moment he'll never know, and the regret alone would destroy him. Tristan doesn't just make him whole, he makes him real, and no one has ever had that effect on him. Suddenly —

He comes alive.

And turns.

And fuckin' runs!

"I don't know what I'll say... but I'll say something... anything... I'll say whatever comes to mind... maybe... maybe those three words from his favourite movie..."

Energy charges through David like a bolt of lightning, making him faster, stronger, and somewhat confident even though he has no idea what he's going to say or do. He just runs, and his run becomes a stumbling sprint as he sees Tristan with his partner —

About to board!

His mouth opens in a silent scream as he stumbles and falls on his face.

"David... Is that you?"

Tristan grabs David's hand and helps him to his feet.

David straightens himself, and tries to look presentable despite the busted face and the mingled odour of ale, gunk and cologne. He smells like someone puked on a bed of flowers, and he knows it.

But he forgets how he looks and smells as he tries to stop his hands from shaking. He takes a deep breath, exhales, and calms himself. Then he reaches out and holds Tristan's hands firmly. Words thicken like cement in his throat and nothing clever or poetic comes to mind. He tries to remember the line from the movie without success.

Tristan's partner steps forward, but Tristan gestures for him to be patient as he pulls David aside.

"What's wrong, David? What the hell happened to you?"

David wants to tell Tristan he means the world to him. He wants to say, I love you. But instead, he says —

"No more bullshit."

Tristan mimes the words slowly, trying to understand.

David says them in a whisper, again and again, as he desperately waits for Tristan to say something, anything. Tristan says nothing, but his eyes mist, and he suddenly looks happy and sad and very confused at the same time.

Memory 393[ | ]

In the rainy darkness of night, David staggers down a street he doesn't recognise, drenched, cold, singing some half-remembered folk song. The last thing he expected was a fairy tale ending, and, of course, he understands Tristan needs time to think things through. How much time? Hopefully, not much. Just enough for him to step off the plane and call him to say...

"As you wish..."


Now he remembers!

At exactly the wrong moment.

David smirks. Doesn't matter. He's never felt so good, so free, so euphoric in his life. He lets the feeling flow past him like a gentle breeze and gets the sense that he's been born again, or born for the first time, and that before this night he had merely existed as a cardboard cut-out with little self-awareness except for the fear that had come to rule his life.

His hope is that when Tristan's plane lands he will receive a phone call asking him to be on the next plane out. If, that is, he ever finds his wallet. No matter. If he can walk home from the airport, he can swim across the pond. He laughs to himself and figures his wallet will turn up somewhere. It always does.

But what if he calls to say it's over.'

The thought catches him by surprise.

That's probably what will happen. Truth is, love doesn't triumph and our fears get the best of us, always. That's why fairy tales are written. To escape the endless disappointments and heartaches of real life. Regardless of what you think, your love isn't strong enough, and when he calls it's only to tell you it's over. For good. Because he won't let you break his heart, again.

David drowns the thoughts by singing louder and louder. Then he stops suddenly when he sees a park he half recognises. It resembles a park where he and Tristan used to sit on a bench and people-watch all day.

He enters the gates and for a moment he hears Tristan's voice singing with him. He stops. Looks around, but doesn't see anything through thick, slanting sheets of rain.

David continues through slumbering bushes and sagging flowers under a thick canopy dripping and pit-pattering with rain. He walks ahead until he hears a soft whisper.

"No more bullshit."

He turns to face —


He rubs his puffy eyes and stares with disbelief.

Tristan laughs. "Only you could massacre a line like that."

"It can't be... it's... impossible..."

David narrows his gaze on Tristan's silhouette. He must have somehow disembarked the plane. Or maybe he never boarded in the first place. He doesn't really understand what's happening, but he knows better than to overthink his luck.

David runs to embrace Tristan but just as soon as he touches him, he withers away like a dead flower. With a gasp, David drops to his knees, hopelessly trying to catch the falling petals that melt in his hands and drip through his fingers into a gathering fog.

He barely has time to register what's happening when he hears footsteps squelching in the mud and water all around him. He looks up slowly to see every single bully, abuser and shithead he ever took down advancing on him. His gut reaction is to pinch himself, yet nothing happens when he does.

With a deep sigh of resignation, David rises to his feet, lifts his chin and throws himself into the fray. He tackles and swings and kicks until he's the last man standing with slithering tendrils of black fog pulling him down into a world of darkness untouched by the light of love.

Video[ | ]

This video is unlocked after completing all Master Challenges associated with this Memory/Log entry

The Observer: The House of Arkham[ | ]

Year Seven. Day 189. Morning.[ | ]

Through the endless reaches of this dark dimension, we have made an astonishing discovery. A tower like a lighthouse in a thick ocean of fog calling out to us with music. Several of us recognised the melody and rushed through the fog to find the tower abandoned by its past occupants.

Year Seven. Day 189. Afternoon.[ | ]

I still don't have a clear picture of who lived in this tower before other than they enjoyed golf and whiskey and kept extensive journals of people trapped in this dimension.

Year Seven. Day 189. Night.[ | ]

Some are calling our temporary home Château Arkham, others are calling it the Arkham Hotel and the scriptwriter, James Rich, insists on calling it the House of Arkham as it reminds him of a dime comic he once read based on a story by Lovecraft. We cleared the rooms, and I took possession of the study where I found vinyl records and cassettes with stories and journals read by the previous occupant. The Château, my preferred name, has items and technology from other worlds that are quite difficult to understand. There is one contraption in the basement completely on the fritz. It emanates blue energy, and it seems to be manifesting memories from the atmosphere. I've ordered the basement off-limits until we know more.

Year Seven. Day 189. Postscript.[ | ]

A few of us read stories and drank a little whiskey before retiring to bed. Good stuff. Helps take the edge off.

James Rich. Journal of a Moving Picture. Of Dreams and Madness.[ | ]

I have attempted to prepare a quick outline of what this story will be and I'm starting to sense I will need to disregard the formula for the previous pictures I've written and attempt something new. The truth is... I can't make sense of any of it... It's like living in a world of boundless imagination where everything and anything can happen. That is to say, being led to this tower feels as impossible as all the faces and residual memories we've been seeing in the endless fog that seems to imprison and torment us. You can bet your last dollar that if you walk in this fog long enough, you'll bump into Lovecraft in a straitjacket convulsing on the ground, dreaming up all this impossible horror and that all that I am and all that I'll ever be is just a figment of his madness. It's a strange thought. I've mentioned the idea to several others, and they agree this tower does have the feel of a house or hotel you would find in his fictional town of Arkham. Several in the group began calling the tower the ‘Arkham Inn.’ But I still maintain the more fitting name is ‘House of Arkham.’

Video[ | ]

This video is unlocked after completing all Master Challenges associated with this Memory/Log entry

Challenges[ | ]

Level 1[ | ]

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments BloodpointsIcon2 IconHelp archivesCollection
Bring the Light Repair a total of 4 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Outta Sight Hide within 10 metres of the Killer without being caught for a total of 30 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Glyph Graduate Commune with 2 Yellow Glyphs. ChallengeIcon yellowGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 25,000
Diverse Despair Hook 8 different Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 15,000
Another For the Entity Sacrifice 2 Survivors to The Entity. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Scrap Yard Damage 8 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 15,000
Knock Out Down 10 Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 15,000
Spree of Violence Hit 8 different Survivors with your Weapon. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 15,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 50,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared 3 15,000
Craft Time's Over Cleanse 10 Totems. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Noble Gestures Escape after 1 other Survivor escaped the Trial first. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Spring into Action Pounce on 4 Survivors with Victor. Master IconHelpLoading twins 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Cat or Mouse Complete a total of 120 seconds of either of the following actions:
  • Chase Survivors.
  • Be chased by the Killer.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 15,000
Go For Broke Sabotage 6 Hooks. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Glyph Pursuer Commune with 4 Green Glyphs. ChallengeIcon greenGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 25,000
Carrying the Team Safely unhook or take Protection Hits a total of 2 times while having We're Gonna Live Forever Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Life Giver Heal a total of 4 Health States of any Survivor. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Escape Route Lose the Killer in 3 Chases. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 15,000
Callousness or Compassion Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Bronze Malicious or better.
  • Bronze Benevolent or better.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 15,000
That Isn't Yours Start 1 Chase with a Survivor within 15 seconds of them having opened a Chest or picked up an Item while having Hoarder Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Killer's Strike Hit Survivors a total of 10 times with your Weapon. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Gotta Latch 'Em All Pounce on 4 different Survivors with Victor. Master IconHelpLoading twins 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog

Level 2[ | ]

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments BloodpointsIcon2 IconHelp archivesCollection
Outta Sight Hide within 10 metres of the Killer without being caught for a total of 30 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Leap of Faith Vault 10 times while in a Chase. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Dead Clever Lose the Killer in 1 Chase while having only Dead Hard Unknown QuestionMark equipped and no other Perks. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Glyph Communer Commune with a Blue Glyph ChallengeIcon blueGlyph and escape the Trial 1 time. Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 35,000
The Engineer's Guild Repair a total of 4 Generators while cooperating with other Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Back Off! Stun the Killer 2 times. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
A Stunning Display Stun or blind the Killer 6 times. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Cascading Failure Damage 4 different Generators while having Oppression Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Execution Kill 12 Survivors by any means. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 25,000
Generosity Heal a total of 6 Health States of other Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Suffer or Slaughter Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Silver Devout or better.
  • Silver Unbroken or better.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 25,000
Glyph Pursuer Commune with 6 Green Glyphs. ChallengeIcon greenGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 35,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 75,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared 3 25,000
Crushing Dominance Down 6 Survivors. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Gruesome Hook 12 Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 25,000
Unleash the Rage Break 20 Walls, Pallets, or Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 25,000
Blood Debt Safely unhook 4 Survivors, who had unhooked you earlier in the Trial. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 25,000
Machinist Complete 2 Generators. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Hunter's Ambition Start a Chase with 12 different Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 25,000
Down to His Level Pounce and down 2 injured Survivors with Victor. Master IconHelpLoading twins 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
The Final Cut Hit 4 Survivors with a Lunge Attack while having Coup de Grâce Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Exposed Target Hit 4 Survivors with your Weapon while that Survivor is Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 25,000
One Giant Step Pounce on 2 Survivors with Victor from at least 10 metres away. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog

Level 3[ | ]

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments BloodpointsIcon2 IconHelp archivesCollection
The Shield Take 2 Protection Hits. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
High Skill Succeed 10 Great Skill Checks. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
Saviour Safely unhook 4 Survivors. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Escape Artist Escape 4 Trials. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
Nitty-Gritty Hook 7 Survivors while having Mad Grit Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Deadly Pursuit Chase Survivors for a total of 240 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 30,000
Grease Monkey Fully deplete 5 Toolboxes. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
The Engineer's Guild Repair a total of 7 Generators while cooperating with other Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
Reverent Sacrifice 15 Survivors to The Entity. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 30,000
Repair or Raze Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Gold Lightbringer or better.
  • Gold Gatekeeper or better.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 30,000
Glyph Pursuer Commune with 8 Green Glyphs. ChallengeIcon greenGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 50,000
Drop or Chop Complete a total of 15 of either of the following actions:
  • Drop Pallets while being chased by the Killer.
  • Break Pallets.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 30,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 100,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared 3 30,000
Glyph Tracker Commune with 3 Purple Glyphs. ChallengeIcon purpleGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 50,000
Craft Time's Over Cleanse 15 Totems. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
Darkly Obsessed Hook the Obsession 8 times. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 30,000
Beast Mode Hit 15 Survivors while in Feral Frenzy. Master IconHelpLoading legion 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
The Last Place You Look Unlock 8 Chests. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000
No Mither At All Escape 1 Trial while only having No Mither Unknown QuestionMark equipped and no other Perks. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
King of the Shadows Hide within 10 metres of the Killer without being caught for a total of 60 seconds as David King. Master SurvivorDavid 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Combo King Hit 2 different Survivors with your Weapon within 60 seconds a total of 5 times. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 30,000
Scrap Yard Damage 20 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 30,000
One More Time Succeed at 5 consecutive Skill Checks. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 50,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Sore Ankles Fall from a great height while being chased 6 times. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 30,000

Level 4[ | ]

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments BloodpointsIcon2 IconHelp archivesCollection
By Hook or Crook Hook 2 different Survivors within 60 seconds a total of 5 times. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 150,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared 3 45,000
Glyph Seeker Commune with 5 Red Glyphs. ChallengeIcon redGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 60,000
Jeff's Left Escape 1 Trial as Jeff Johansen. Master SurvivorJeff 5 60,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Anger Management Break 25 Pallets. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Beast Mode Hit 20 Survivors while in Feral Frenzy. Master IconHelpLoading legion 5 60,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Carry On Carry Survivors over 300 metres. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Blindsided Blind the Killer 12 times. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000
Deadly Race Be chased by the Killer for a total of 300 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Destroy or Rebuild Complete a total of 20 of either of the following actions:
  • Damage Generators.
  • Succeed Repair Skill Checks.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 45,000
Glyph Pursuer Commune with 12 Green Glyphs. ChallengeIcon greenGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 60,000
Predator or Prey Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Iridescent Chaser.
  • Iridescent Evader.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller 3 45,000
Appeal to Heal Fully deplete 6 Med-Kits. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000
Bring the Light Repair a total of 15 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000
Generosity Heal a total of 12 Health States of other Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000
Bloody Good Hit Survivors 40 times with your Weapon. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Obsessive Kill the Obsession 10 times by any means. Regular ChallengeIcon killer 3 45,000
Glyph Caretaker Commune with 4 White Glyphs. ChallengeIcon whiteGlyph Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph 5 60,000
Strategic Alliance Perform cooperative actions for a total of 360 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000
Taking Responsibility Finish healing 3 Health States of other Survivors while having Aftercare Unknown QuestionMark equipped. Master ChallengeIcon survivor 5 60,000 IconHelp archivesLog
Unleash the Rage Break 50 Walls, Pallets or Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor 3 45,000

Glyphs[ | ]

Main article: Green Glyphs

Tome 11 introduced the Glyph Pursuer Challenge.
Multiple Green Glyphs spawn in locations Totems IconHelpLoading totem can appear in and anyone with the Challenge selected can interact with them.
During the Endgame Collapse IconHelp endGame, their Aura IconHelp auras will be briefly revealed.
The Challenge is available to all Players.

Trivia[ | ]

  • A "Toise" is an old French unit of measurement, equivalent to approximately 2 metres or 6 feet (Memory 6905).
  • David's backstory, "The Importance of Being King", is a direct reference to "The Importance of Being Earnest", a famous comedic play by Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.
    • As this backstory explores David's newly confirmed homosexuality, the reference to Oscar Wilde is very fitting, as he was famous for having been gay and also having been convicted for gross indecency for consensual homosexual acts, which were illegal in Victorian times.
    • Another reference to Oscar Wilde can be seen in the Challenge Completion video, as the blackboard reads the title of another Oscar Wilde novel: "The Happy Prince", which is likely a deliberate choice based on David's last name, as in their youth, kings are princes before they possibly ascend to the throne.
  • The term "Arkham" refers to things long forgotten, that people still return to, often out of boredom.
    • In several Lovecraftian stories, which were favoured by James Rich, Arkham is a fictional city located somewhere in Massachusetts.
    • "Arkham House" is a real-life publishing house that specialises in weird fiction.
  • "Château" is the French word for "Castle".

Trailer[ | ]