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The Tienda was originally introduced to Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo in Patch 2.0.0 and can be used to purchase various things, as well as redeem special Codes.

Overview[ | ]

The Tienda can be used to purchase the following things:

  • DLC Characters
  • Auric Cell Packs
  • Teachable Perks from the Shrine of Secrets IconHelp shrineOfSecrets
  • Cosmetic Pieces and Outfits

It can also be used to redeem special Codes.

Store Sections[ | ]

The Tienda features 4 Sections:

Featured[ | ]

Store Featured page example

The Featured Section is the default Section of the Tienda.
It lists featured DLC Characters, featured Outfits from new Collections or temporarily discounted Outfits, the most recent Chapter DLC, and also features the Redeem Code feature.

Colección Vacaciones de Verano

Characters[ | ]

The Characters Section lists all Characters currently featured in Dead by Daylight.
Each Character portrait displays a number in the following format: N/N
The second number indicates how many individual Cosmetic Pieces are available for that Character (though it also includes Rift Cosmetics not yet purchasable);
the first number indicates how many individual Cosmetic Pieces have been purchased or unlocked for that Character.

Clicking on the Character portraits will open an Overview of all purchasable and owned Cosmetic Pieces.
It is here that one can purchase new Cosmetic Pieces using either Auric Cells IconHelp auricCells or Iridescent Shards IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed.

The Characters Section also allows to purchase not yet owned Characters IconHelpLoading players.

Auric Cell Packs[ | ]

Main Article: Auric Cells

The Auric Cell Packs Section lists 6 Auric Cell Packs that can be purchased for money.

Shrine of Secrets[ | ]

Main Article: Shrine of Secrets

The Shrine of Secrets Section features the Shrine of Secrets IconHelp shrineOfSecrets, which is used to purchase up to 4 featured Teachable Perks per week, or exchange Iridescent Shards IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed for Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints when purchasing an already owned Teachable Perk IconHelp teachables

Available Cosmetics[ | ]

The following sub-Articles list all currently available Cosmetic Pieces in the Tienda:

Survivor Store Cosmetics[ | ]

  • In-Game Store/Survivor Store Cosmetics

Killer Store Cosmetics[ | ]

  • In-Game Store/Killer Store Cosmetics

History[ | ]

Original "Featured" Menu
Old featured
Past Featured Banners