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Taquillas are one of Plantilla:PropNom Props featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

Overview[ | ]

Taquillas are tall, red cabinets located throughout the Trial Grounds. Survivors can enter them in order to hide from the Killer and the Killer's Aura-reading abilities.

The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress and Trickster IconHelpLoading trickster use Taquillas to refill their stock of secondary weapons.
The Dredge IconHelpLoading dredge can teleport into Lockers while its ability is active.

Hiding[ | ]

Survivors can enter any empty Locker and hide inside it.

If a Locker already has someone hiding inside it, the Survivor attempting to enter will slightly open the door and look surprised, while the hiding Survivor will make a gesture indicating that they should go find their own Locker.

If a Killer finds a Survivor inside a Locker, they will open the doors violently, threaten the frightened Survivor by smashing their Weapon into the wooden back of the Locker, and grab the Survivor by their scruff, hoisting them onto their shoulder immediately.

Zombies[ | ]

When being chased by one of the Zombies spawned by The Nemesis T-Type Archivo:The Nemesis Nemesis.png, jumping into a Locker will cause them to lose line-of-sight immediately.

Crow Swarms[ | ]

When swarmed by Birds of Torment spawned by The Artist IconHelpLoading artist, entering a Locker will immediately repel the Swarm.

Aura-reading[ | ]

Lockers act as Faraday cages for Aura-reading, blocking any and all Aura-reading in regards to the Survivor hiding inside one.

In effect, this means that a Survivor is shielded from Aura-reading abilities that the Killer or other Survivors may have as long as they are hiding inside the Locker, but are also unable to use any of their own abilities, since the Locker afflicts them with the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision Status Effect when inside.

It should be noted that the effect does not apply during the entering and exiting phase of the Locker.
Survivors wishing to hide from Barbecue & Chilli IconPerks barbecueAndChilli for example, must be inside the Locker the moment the Killer is hooking the other Survivor or they may be briefly seen by the Killer, who may correctly guess due to the unique animation that the Survivor is hiding inside a Locker, making it an easy target to track.

Lockers also do not suppress Killer Instinct. Survivors cannot use Lockers to evade Feral Frenzy or Birds of Torment, which can provide an easy target for the Killer.

Noise[ | ]

Taquillas can be entered in two ways: regularly and rushed, depending on whether the sprint button is pressed or not.

Rushing to enter a Locker will be much faster, but also create a Loud Noise notification for the Killer, informing them of the action.
Entering a Locker regularly, will be much slower, but also quieter and not create any notifications for the Killer.
However, it is nevertheless not a silent process and an attentive Killer who's nearby can hear and correctly identify the creaking sound of the doors opening and closing.
The same is true is for exiting a Locker.

Taquillas have a muffling effect on Survivors' breathing and Groans of Pain.
However, they are not muffled to the point of being silent and like with the opening and closing sound of the doors, a Killer may notice the soft whimpers of an injured Survivor hiding inside a nearby Locker.
Furthermore, while Taquillas will stop Pools of Blood forming at their base, injured Survivors will leave some blood upon entering the Locker and the fading time for it can allow an attentive Killer to notice it and identifying the Locker in which the injured Survivor is hiding.

Stillness Crows[ | ]

Taquillas do not prevent Stillness Crows Unknown QuestionMark from spawning when hiding for a long time. Uniquely, and prior to Stillness Crows appearing, some Crows will begin to land atop a Locker's roof when hiding for some time, something an attentive Killer may notice.

Locker Stuns[ | ]

Survivors rush-exiting a Locker while using Head On IconPerks headOn may stun a nearby Killer if they are in range.

Locking Lockers[ | ]

When playing against The Dredge IconHelpLoading dredge, Lockers spawn with locks on them that Survivors can choose to interact with.
Locking a Locker will not prevent The Dredge from exiting it, but increase the time it takes it to do so, slowing it down.
Each Locker may only be locked once per Trial.
Lockable Lockers will highlight the lock in yellow when nearby.

Unlockables[ | ]

Survivor Perks[ | ]

Ha caducado el tiempo asignado para ejecutar secuencias de comandos (scripts).

Killer Perks[ | ]

Ha caducado el tiempo asignado para ejecutar secuencias de comandos (scripts).

Change Log[ | ]

Patch 1.6.1[ | ]

  • Adjusted the Locker Search animation to play when The Huntress has maximum ammunition, instead of her grabbing a Hatchet
    • This reduced the Search time from Ha caducado el tiempo asignado para ejecutar secuencias de comandos (scripts). to Ha caducado el tiempo asignado para ejecutar secuencias de comandos (scripts)..

Patch 1.8.3[ | ]

  • Interacting with a Locker while cloaked should force The Wraith out of cloak if he finds a Survivor.
    • If he doesn't find anyone, he will stay cloaked.

Patch 2.4.0[ | ]

  • Hiding inside a Locker now blocks any Aura-reading ability a Killer might have.
  • When a Survivor is inside a Locker whenever the Bleed-out timer runs out, they will automatically exit the Locker.

Patch 2.6.0[ | ]

  • Hiding inside a Locker now applies the Blindness Status Effect, blocking any Aura-reading ability the hiding Survivor might have.
  • Reduced the distance at which a Survivor's breathing and grunting can be heard while they are hiding in Lockers.

Patch 4.2.0[ | ]

  • Updated the Locker model as part of the The Realm Beyond - Part One update.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Taquillas were also known as "Closets".
  • Taquillas prevent The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor's Shock Therapy and Static Blast from increasing a Survivor's level of Madness.
    • If the Survivor is in Tier III Madness, the Survivor will not scream when inside the Locker. They will still hallucinate, however.
    • They will also not scream from Infectious Fright IconPerks infectiousFright.
  • Taquillas are where The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress replenishes her Hunting Hatchets, and where The Trickster IconHelpLoading trickster replenishes his Blades.
    • When The Huntress is the Killer, there will always be a rack of three Hatchets at the back of every Locker. She will always take the one in the centre.
    • When The Trickster is the Killer, there will always be a rack of several Blades at the back of every Locker. The Trickster will grab them all.
    • When the Killer is not The Huntress or The Trickster, it is random which appears.
  • If The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith is cloaked while opening a Locker and finds a Survivor, he will uncloak over time while the animation is playing.
  • If Victor from The Twins Unknown QuestionMark finds a Survivor in a Locker, he will trap them inside for a short time, allowing Charlotte to pull them out if they do not escape in time.
  • If The Nemesis T-Type Archivo:The Nemesis Nemesis.png finds Jill Valentine Unknown QuestionMark, Chris Redfield, or Rebecca Chambers Unknown QuestionMark in a Locker, he will briefly yell "S.T.A.R.S."

Gallery[ | ]