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Suero Pútrido (PS) es una de las 4 monedas del juego en Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png

Visión General[]

Suero Pútrido is an alternative Currency for the in-game Store. When it is available, it can be used to purchase Cosmetic pieces from the Hallowed Blight or Hallowed Catalyst Collections.


Suero Pútrido can only be obtained during the Blight Events, with any left-over Serum eventually perishing.

The Hallowed Blight[]

  • Survivors could obtain Putrid Nectar by harvesting Visceral Cankers.
  • Killers could obtain Putrid Nectar by hooking Survivors onto Cankerous Hooks.

The Withering Blight[]

  • Putrid Serum is obtained from The Rift. It can be obtained on the 70 Tiers of the Free Track.


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