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If you have any question about templates (how do they work) leave a comment on my user page

--Jouki (talk) 03:10, 11 December 2016 (UTC)
Or you can just try leave a comment in discussion of the page but I'm not sure when I answer you

Esta página contiene todos los valores de todas las habilidades. Si cambian debido a cambios en el balance, esta página es la única que debe ser ajustada, lo que no incluye, por supuesto, las notas de cambios publicadas en la página individual de Habilidades. Los valores de las páginas que usan esta plantilla se ajustarán automáticamente con los cambios que se guardan aquí.
Algunos ejemplos:

{{pl|level = 1 - 3|agitation}}
{{pl|level = 1 - 3|{{lc:{{PAGENAME}}}}}
{{pl|level = 1 - 3}}
{{pl|v = 1 - 5|{{lc:{{PAGENAME}}}}}}
{{pl|v = 1 - 5|agitation}}
{{pl|v = 1 - 5}}

'v' stands for value. It means which string of values you want to display. Basically if you have first trio of some percentage values it will display the first 3 values from switch table of perk_lookups (above).

Description of switch/lookup table

 '{{perk_lookup}}' - is a template which provides right interpretation of values.

'level' - If you input the parameter level (in range 1 - 3) the template will return every value of this level of perk. Which basically means if there are 3 different modificators of perk (movement speed, repair speed and some radius in meters) these values will be returned for PERK LEVEL 1 or 2 or 3

'v' - (value) is the similar parameter as 'level' but for individual value and all perk levels which means if the first modificator is for example movement speed [%] the returned string will be xx/yy/zz % (example: 130/160/190 %)

Level and v parameters are very similar to [x,y] ([v,level]) coords in matrix:

level = ⇩
v = ⇨ 130 160 190 [%]
        5  10  15 [%]
       16  32  64 [meters]

'bl' - base-level which means the rarity of the first level of perk.
IF bl = 1, perk level 2 will be uncommon and level 3 rare
IF bl = 3, perk level 2 will be very rare and level 3 ultra rare

'u1' - 'u5' - unit1 - unit5 you can set individual unit for any values (not for every single one, only for the trinity value)

dev bugs

1. The only problem is, right now the whole system shows undefined parameters: