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The Pilar de Corona is a Prop that only spawns for the duration of Dead by Daylight's Anniversaries.
It was originally introduced with the Fourth Year Anniversary.

Overview[ | ]

Fourth and Fifth Year Anniversary[ | ]

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During the Anniversary Event, each Trial will spawn 1 Pilar de Corona in a random location on the Map.
The Pilar de Corona randomly changes its location every 90-120 seconds if left alone.

Hovering above the Pilar de Corona and emitting an audio cue is an Entity Crown.
Interacting with the Pilar de Corona either as the Killer or as a Survivor dissolves the Crown into the Character, giving them a special visual effect that emanates from their torso for the remainder of the Trial.
Acquiring the Crown causes the Pilar de Corona to respawn in a new location with a new Crown atop it.

Escaping with the Crown as Survivor or finishing the Trial as Killer will unlock the Crown as a Cosmetic piece for that Character, given it is an original Character.
Licensed Characters may also interact with the Pilar de Corona, as this still grants bonus Bloodpoints, but they will not unlock any special Cosmetic piece.

Sixth Year Anniversary[ | ]

The Sixth Year Anniversary saw the return of the Crown Pillar mechanic, but now spawning an Invitation Scroll instead of the Crown.

Collecting an Invitation Scroll would unlock one of several special Masks associated with the Twisted Masquerade main Event of this Anniversary.
The mechanics and the behaviour of the Pillar are otherwise identical to the previous years with the exception of awarding the special cosmetics on gate opening while off hook, rather than escape.

Cosmetics[ | ]

Crowns[ | ]

Masks[ | ]

Video[ | ]

The Demogorgon interacting with a 6th Anniversary Pillar

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