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En Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo, hay dos roles diferenciados para jugar y múltiples personajes en cada rol para elegir.

Cada Asesino IconHelpLoading killer tiene sus propios puntos fuertes, debilidades y poderes únicos, mientras que en un principio los Supervivientes IconHelpLoading survivor sólo se diferencian en su aspecto. Sin embargo, cada asesino y superviviente tiene 3 Habilidades IconHelp perks únicas para desbloquear en su Red de Sangre IconHelp bloodweb que pueden incluso ser enseñadas a otros personajes.

Cada personaje viene con su propio estilo de juego, trayectoria de progresión, Load-out IconHelp loadout y opciones de personalización que se ajustan a tus gustos. ¡Siéntete libre de experimentar!

Listado de los Personajes Jugables[ | ]

Supervivientes[ | ]

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Artículo principal: Supervivientes

Asesinos[ | ]

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Artículo principal: Asesinos
Evan MacMillan - El Trampero
K01 charPreview portrait
Philip Ojomo - El Espectro
K02 charPreview portrait
Max Thompson Jr. - El Pueblerino
K03 charPreview portrait
Sally Smithson - La Enfermera
K04 charPreview portrait
Michael Myers - La Forma
K05 charPreview portrait
Lisa Sherwood - La Bruja
K06 charPreview portrait
Herman Carter - El Doctor
K07 charPreview portrait
Anna - La Cazadora
K08 charPreview portrait
Bubba Sawyer - El Caníbal
K09 charPreview portrait
Freddy Krueger - La Pesadilla
K10 charPreview portrait
Amanda Young - La Cerda
K11 charPreview portrait
Jeffrey Hawk - El Payaso
K12 charPreview portrait
Rin Yamaoka - El Espíritu
K13 charPreview portrait
Adiris - La Plaga
K15 charPreview portrait
Danny Johnson - The Ghost Face
K16 charPreview portrait
El Demogorgon - El Demogorgon
K17 charPreview portrait
Kazan Yamaoka - El Oni
K18 charPreview portrait
Caleb Quinn - El Arponero
K19 charPreview portrait
Pyramid Head - El Verdugo
WK EX charPreview portrait
Talbot Grimes - El Deterioro
YK BL charPreview portrait
Ji-Woon Hak - El Traicionero
K23 charPreview portrait
Nemesis T-Type - La Némesis
K24 charPreview portrait
Elliot Spencer - El Cenobita
K25 charPreview portrait
Carmina Mora - La Artista
K26 charPreview portrait
Sadako Yamamura - La Onryō
K27 charPreview portrait
La Draga - La Draga
K28 charPreview portrait
Albert Wesker - La Mente Maestra
K29 charPreview portrait
Tarhos Kovács - El Caballero
K30 charPreview portrait
Adriana Imai - La Comerciante de Calaveras
K31 charPreview portrait
HUX-A7-13 - La Singularidad
K32 charPreview portrait
El Xenomorfo - El Xenomorfo
K33 charPreview portrait
Charles Lee Ray - El Chico Bueno
K34 charPreview portrait
Lo Desconocido - Lo Desconocido
K35 charPreview portrait
Vecna - El Liche
K36 TheLich Portrait

Listado de los Personajes No Vistos[ | ]

Los siguientes personajes son mencionados en el Lore, pero no han sido vistos nunca dentro del juego. La lista muestra también los personajes con los que están relacionados:

Relacionado con Evan MacMillan - El Trampero[ | ]

  • Archie MacMillan - Evan's father

Relacionado con Philip Ojomo - El Espectro[ | ]

  • A. Azarov - Philip's former employer and "donor" of his Weapon, Azarov's Skull.

Relacionado con Max Thompson Jr. - El Pueblerino[ | ]

  • Evelyn Thompson - Max Junior's mother
  • Max Thompson Sr. - Max Junior's father and namesake.

Relacionado con Sally Smithson - La Enfermera[ | ]

  • Andrew Smithson - Sally's late husband
  • The "Bad Man" - a patient at Crotus Prenn
  • The "Catatonic Boy" - a patient at Crotus Prenn
  • Father Campbell - the Priest at Crotus Prenn
  • Harvey Kavanagh - the Orderly at Crotus Prenn
  • Mary Jenner - The "Anxious Girl" - Sally's favourite patient at Crotus Prenn
  • Nurse Moris - a fellow Nurse
  • Patrick Spencer - the Warden at Crotus Prenn and namesake of her Power, Spencer's Last Breath.
  • Philip Elliott - a soon-to-have-been patient at Crotus Prenn

Relacionado con Michael Myers - The Shape[ | ]

  • Dr. Sam Loomis - Michael's psychiatrist
  • Cynthia Myers - Michael's younger sister, also known as Laurie Strode
  • Judith M. Myers - Michael's older sister

Relacionado con Herman Carter - The Doctor[ | ]

  • Otto Stamper - Herman's mentor at Léry's Memorial Institute

Relacionado con Anna - The Huntress[ | ]

  • Anna's Mother

Relacionado con Junior Sawyer - The Cannibal[ | ]

  • Drayton Sawyer - Junior's brother
  • Franklin Hardesty - Sally Hardesty's disabled brother and 4th victim to Junior
  • Nubbins Sawyer - Junior's brother
  • Sally Hardesty - Junior's antagonist in the original timeline

Affiliated to Freddy Krueger - The Nightmare[ | ]

  • Nancy Holbrook - Freddy's antagonist and Quentin's girlfriend

Affiliated to Amanda Young - The Pig[ | ]

  • Cecil Adams - Amanda's boyfriend
  • Gideon John Kramer - John and Jill's unborn late son
  • Jill Tuck - John's wife
  • John Kramer - Amanda's mentor

General Lore[ | ]

Characters in Yellow are Moderators on the Steam Forums or Staff at Behaviour.

List of Unused Characters[ | ]

Killers[ | ]

  • The Smasher
  • The Teacher

Survivors[ | ]

  • Kate Denson
  • Jake Park: Alpha Version (Original Trailer)
  • Claudette Morel: Alpha Version (Original Trailer)

List of Speculated Characters[ | ]

Killers[ | ]

  • The Actor
  • The Jigsaw

Survivors[ | ]

  • Sidney Prescott

Trivia[ | ]

  • Patch 1.5.0 added a new feature called "Character Info", which can be brought up with F1 (PC), giving an overview over a Character.
  • Every playable Character has their own unique Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.
  • As each Character's load-out is saved separately, Items IconHelp items cannot be transferred to other characters (with an exception to Teachable Perks).
    • However, Items and Add-ons IconHelp addons can be transferred between players in-game by having another player picking up an Item that another player has dropped.

LOS SUPERVIVIENTES IconHelpLoading survivor
DF charSelect portrait Dwight Fairfield NK charSelect portrait Nea Karlsson FM charSelect portrait Feng Min GS charSelect portrait Kate Denson AW charSelect portrait Ash Williams
MT charSelect portrait Meg Thomas LS charSelect portrait Laurie Strode DK charSelect portrait David King HS charSelect portrait Adam Francis QF charSelect portrait Nancy Wheeler
CM charSelect portrait Claudette Morel AV charSelect portrait Ace Visconti ES charSelect portrait Quentin Smith KS charSelect portrait Jeff Johansen QM charSelect portrait Steve Harrington
JP charSelect portrait Jake Park BO charSelect portrait Bill Overbeck FS charSelect portrait David Tapp MS charSelect portrait Jane Romero SS charSelect portrait Yui Kimura
US charSelect portrait Zarina Kassir S26 charSelect portrait Jill Valentine S31 charSelect portrait Haddie Kaur S36 charSelect portrait Renato Lyra S41 charSelect portrait Sable Ward
WS charSelect portrait Cheryl Mason S27 charSelect portrait Leon Scott Kennedy S32 charSelect portrait Ada Wong S37 charSelect portrait Gabriel Soma S42 charSelect portrait Aestri Yazar & Baermar Uraz
S23 charSelect portrait Felix Richter S28 charSelect portrait Mikaela Reid S33 charSelect portrait Rebecca Chambers S38 charSelect portrait Nicolas Cage
S24 charSelect portrait Élodie Rakoto S29 charSelect portrait Jonah Vasquez S34 charSelect portrait Vittorio Toscano S39 charSelect portrait Ellen Ripley
S25 charSelect portrait Yun-Jin Lee S30 charSelect portrait Yoichi Asakawa S35 charSelect portrait Thalita Lyra S40 charSelect portrait Alan Wake
LOS ASESINOS IconHelpLoading killer
TR charSelect portrait El Trampero IconHelpLoading trapper - Evan MacMillan NR charSelect portrait La Enfermera IconHelpLoading nurse - Sally Smithson DO charSelect portrait El Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor - Herman Carter EK charSelect portrait La Pesadilla IconHelpLoading nightmare - Freddy Krueger HK charSelect portrait El Espíritu IconHelpLoading spirit - Rin Yamaoka
WR charSelect portrait El Espectro IconHelpLoading wraith - Philip Ojomo SH charSelect portrait La Forma IconHelpLoading shape - Michael Myers BE charSelect portrait La Cazadora IconHelpLoading huntress - Anna FK charSelect portrait La Cerda IconHelpLoading pig - Amanda Young KK charSelect portrait La Legión IconHelpLoading legion - Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey
HB charSelect portrait El Pueblerino IconHelpLoading hillbilly - Max Thompson Jr. HA charSelect portrait La Bruja IconHelpLoading hag - Lisa Sherwood CA charSelect portrait El Caníbal IconHelpLoading cannibal - Bubba "Junior" Sawyer GK charSelect portrait El Payaso IconHelpLoading clown - Kenneth "Jeffrey Hawk" Chase MK charSelect portrait La Plaga IconHelpLoading plague - Adiris
OK charSelect portrait Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost - Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson UK charSelect portrait El Arponero IconHelpLoading deathslinger - Caleb Quinn K22 charSelect portrait Los Gemelos IconHelpLoading twins - Charlotte & Victor Deshayes K25 charSelect portrait El Cenobita IconHelpLoading cenobite - Elliot Spencer K28 charSelect portrait La Draga IconHelpLoading dredge - La Draga
QK charSelect portrait El Demogorgon IconHelpLoading demogorgon WK charSelect portrait El Verdugo IconHelpLoading wales - Pyramid Head K23 charSelect portrait El Embaucador IconHelpLoading trickster - Ji-Woon Hak K26 charSelect portrait La Artista IconHelpLoading artist - Carmina Mora K29 charSelect portrait La Mente Maestra IconHelpLoading mastermind - Albert Wesker
SK charSelect portrait El Oni IconHelpLoading oni - Kazan Yamaoka K21 charSelect portrait El Deterioro IconHelpLoading blight - Talbot Grimes K24 charSelect portrait La Némesis IconHelpLoading nemesis - Nemesis T-Type K27 charSelect portrait La Onryō IconHelpLoading onryo - Sadako Yamamura K30 charSelect portrait El Caballero IconHelpLoading knight - Tarhos Kovács
K31 charSelect portrait La Comerciante de Calaveras IconHelpLoading skullMerchant - Adriana Imai K34 charSelect portrait El Chico Bueno IconHelpLoading goodGuy - Charles Lee Ray
K32 charSelect portrait La Singularidad IconHelpLoading singularity - HUX-A7-13 K35 charSelect portrait Lo Desconocido IconHelpLoading unknown - Lo Desconocido
K33 charSelect portrait El Xenomorfo IconHelpLoading xenomorph - El Xenomorfo K36 TheLich Portrait El Liche IconHelpLoading lich - Vecna
Benedict Baker El Ente El Observador Vigo y muchos más...
The Smasher The Teacher