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The Niebla Oscura fogging up the Trial grounds

The Niebla Oscura, also known and referred to as "The Black Fog" or just "The Fog" is a recurring feature in every trial of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.

Overview[ | ]

The Dark Mist featured throughout the Trial Grounds appears to be a lesser variant of the Black Fog surrounding the Realm pockets and is one of The Entity's many manifestations.

For both the Killers IconHelpLoading killer and the Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor, The Fog adds a sense of uncertainty to a Player's location and their surroundings, making it ideal for Survivors to attempt to hide in plain sight and escape the Killer, but also making it ideal for stealth Killers to approach unsuspecting prey. It is a very ambivalent feature of the Game.

Thickness[ | ]

The thickness of the Niebla Oscura can be altered with the Reagent Offerings.

IconFavors clearReagent Clear Reagent
Slightly lessens the Dark Mist.

"The Mist rolls in, traps all in its deep madness. There is no running, no escape, no asylum, except for the clear waters of the pond lost in the forest." — Unknown, Notebook

3.000 PdS
IconFavors faintReagent Faint Reagent
Slightly thickens the Dark Mist.

"Paralysed, I stand in the cold as death lingers."

3.000 PdS
IconFavors hazyReagent Hazy Reagent
Moderately thickens the Dark Mist.

"The Mist is alluring, hypnotising. I love it and fear it at the same time." — Donna's Sketchbook

Poco Común
4.000 PdS
IconFavors murkyReagent Murky Reagent
Considerably thickens the Dark Mist.

"The Mist seems to protect us from the beast, but it is a poison, a cancer, filling us with darkness and insanity." — Unknown, Notebook

Muy Raro(a)
6.000 PdS

Stacking Conditions[ | ]

The Reagent Offerings can be combined freely as they all stack amongst themselves. Possible combinations and their resulting mist thicknesses are as follows:

Combination Thickness
Clear Reagent + Faint Reagent Slightly less thickness
Clear Reagent + Hazy Reagent Default thickness
Clear Reagent + Murky Reagent Faint Reagent
Faint Reagent + Hazy Reagent Murky Reagent

Vials[ | ]

For each of the Reagent Offerings, there exists an unused Vial equivalent of the same name. It is unknown if the Vials have the same or different effects as their corresponding Reagent or if the icons are intended to replace the Reagent ones at some point:

Gallery[ | ]

Clear Reagent IconFavors clearReagent
Default Thickness
Faint Reagent IconFavors faintReagent
Hazy Reagent IconFavors hazyReagent
Murky Reagent IconFavors murkyReagent

Trivia[ | ]

  • See the Lore surrounding The Entity IconHelp entity to learn more about the "The Fog".