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Modules are special pages containing data, functions or scripts that help to keep the wiki easy to maintain. All variables data are stored in Datatable. Functions are divided into separate modules in order to keep base clarity between scripts' functionality. There are several utility Modules storing modules that either don't have a distinct category or the function performs a task that's common across multiple Modules/categories.

List of Modules[ | ]

Data[ | ]
Functional Modules[ | ]
  • Cosmetics - Functions related to Cosmetics
  • DLCs - Functions related to DLCs
  • Killers - Functions related to KillersIconHelpLoading killer
  • Maps - Functions related to Maps and Realms Unknown QuestionMark
  • Offerings - Functions related to OfferingsIconHelp offerings
  • Perks - Functions related to PerksIconHelp perks
  • SoS - Functions related to Shrine of SecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecrets
  • Survivors - Functions related to SurvivorsUnknown QuestionMark
  • Various - Various functions regarding all kind of automation across whole wiki
Utils / Tools[ | ]
  • Extensions - Extension functions for existing prototypes
  • Languages - Language functions. Mainly used for resolving for pages in other unofficial wiki language
  • MathOps - Mathematical operations
  • Module:PerkImage - Function retrieving Perk Image
  • Strings - List of article/table relevant string snippets
  • Utils - Any sort of tool function (such as sorting, converting, searching or counting table elements)
Not used / Other[ | ]

List of Functions[ | ]

There are actually more functions but these are not used externally (from wiki)


{{#Invoke:Perks|resolvePerkCategory|{Category}|{solution - table/charTable}[|K/S]}}
{{#Invoke:Maps|assembleMapPageHeader}} - The invocation that renders whole header (table + brief info) of map
{{#Invoke:Maps|assembleMapsForRealms|The MacMillan Estate}} - This creates list of maps displayed in table, the parameter is Realm Name
{{#Invoke:Maps|getCountOfRealms}} - Get count of Realms
{{#Invoke:Maps|getCountOfRealmMapsByName}} - Get count of maps by Realm Name
{{#Invoke:Killers|getCountOfKillers}} - Get count of Killers
{{#Invoke:Survivors|getCountOfSurvivors}} - Get count of Survivors
{{#Invoke:Languages|resolveLanguageTable}} - As soon as the page has a translation, use this invocation to show up a banner of other languages (put it at very first line on page)
{{#Invoke:DLCs|getListOfDlcChapters}} - Get Linked list of Chapter DLCs
{{#Invoke:Utils|getIcon|Icon}} - Get Icon filename based on parameter Icon. The list of available icons can be found in Module:Datatable/Icons
{{#Invoke:Survivors|resolveSurvivorCharTable}} - Get Survivor's table on their page