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Plantilla:Matchmaking Update Grades are a new Ranking Game Mechanic introduced to Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo in Patch 5.2.0, replacing the now obsolete Ranks.

Overview[ | ]

Grades, unlike the old Ranks that they replaced, are not used for the Matchmaking-process and merely represent a Rank-Reward System for each Ranking Season in Dead by Daylight.

Both Killers and Survivors have a separate Grade that is shared amongst all Killers and Survivors respectively.

It is important to note that Grades are merely a feature to show one's progression within a given Grading-Season, and have no correlation at all to one's hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR).
Grades are completely independent of that and do not factor into Matchmaking, which is why Players are unable to see the Grades of other Players.

Qualities[ | ]

Grades come in 5 Qualities.

Each Quality is subdivided into 4 Levels.
Grades progress 'backwards' in their numbering, with each Quality ranging from Level IV to Level I, creating a total of 20 Grades:

Ash IV - I
Bronze IV - I
Silver IV - I
Gold IV - I
Iridescent IV - I

Pipping[ | ]

IconHUD Pips

A Player's Grade is changed based on their performance in a Ranked Trial, which is tied into the Emblem System.

Each Grade has a set amount of Pips one must obtain in order to improve one's Grade.
Depending on one's performance in a Ranked Trial, one can either gain +1 or +2 Pips, remain at their current number of Pips, or lose -1 Pip.

Filling all Pip Slots, which are displayed underneath a Grade's icon, will raise it to the next Level.
While it is possible to lose all Pips in one's current Grade by de-pipping repeatedly, losing all Pips will not lower the Grade to the previous one, as Ranks used to do.
Once a Grade is obtained, it cannot be lost anymore until the next Grade Reset.

Table of Pips required to rank up per Grade
Ash IV-III Nothing Ash II-I, Bronze IV-I Nothing Silver IV-I, Gold IV-I, Iridescent IV-II Nothing Iridescent I
3 Pips 4 Pips 5 Pips 0 Pips

Emblem System[ | ]

Main article: Emblems

The change in Pips after a Ranked Trial is determined by the total number of Emblem Points a Player has obtained, which is based on the Quality of the Emblems they have obtained based on their performance in the Trial:

Quality Emblem Points
None (no Emblem received) 0
Bronze +1
Silver +2
Gold +3
Iridescent +4

Grading Bar[ | ]

The Grading Bar is segmented into 16 Subdivisions, reflecting that in the best case scenario of 4 Iridescent Emblems, one will receive 16 Emblem Points.
How many Emblem Points are necessary to pass the thresholds for a Safety Pip, Single Pip, or a Double Pip, is determined by the Pip Conditions: Plantilla:Pip Conditions/Grades

Grading Seasons[ | ]

Grades are only valid for one Season, which lasts for one month, after which one's Grade is reset back to Ash IV for either side.

Grading Rewards[ | ]

Once one's Grade is reset, a certain amount of Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints is awarded depending on the Grade Level one has obtained.
This reward is obtained once for the Survivor Grade and once for the Killer Grade:

Grades SeasonRewards

History[ | ]

Old Grading Rewards[ | ]

Grade Bloodpoint Reward
Ash 10,000
Bronze 30,000
Silver 100,000
Gold 150,000
Iridescent IV 200,000
Iridescent III 210,000
Iridescent II 225,000
Iridescent I 250,000

Ranks[ | ]

Refer to Rank for more details.

Before the implementation of Grades, the Game used Ranks, which worked the same as Grades, but with some key differences:

  • Ranks were used for Matchmaking, Grades are not.
  • Ranks could be lost through de-pipping, Grades can not.
  • Ranks were reset to the previous Crest Colour at the end of a Season, whereas Grades are always fully reset.
Quality + Level Replaced Rank
Ash IV Rank 20
Ash III Rank 19
Ash II Rank 18
Ash I Rank 17
Bronze IV Rank 16
Bronze III Rank 15
Bronze II Rank 14
Bronze I Rank 13
Silver IV Rank 12
Silver III Rank 11
Silver II Rank 10
Silver I Rank 9
Gold IV Rank 8
Gold III Rank 7
Gold II Rank 6
Gold I Rank 5
Iridescent IV Rank 4
Iridescent III Rank 3
Iridescent II Rank 2
Iridescent I Rank 1

Change Log[ | ]

13 February 2022[ | ]

  • Reworked the Grading Rewards to be different for each Grade, rather than just each Grade Quality and generally increased the amount of rewarded Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.

20 April 2022[ | ]

  • With the conclusion of the March/April 2022 Matchmaking Tests, Grades have been removed from the Tally Screen and are replaced with the icons representing a Killer or a Survivor.
    • The Matchmaking Tests had revealed a positive psychological effect towards the perceived fairness of a Trial when Grades were hidden, prompting the Developers to make this a permanent change.

Gallery[ | ]

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Survivor Grades[ | ]

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