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Patch Notes 1.5.1 -- 11. Mai 2017 FEATURES & CONTENT

  • Content - Added a new location (Léry's Memorial Institute)
  • Content - Added a new map for Léry's Memorial Institute (Treatment Theatre)
  • Content - Added a new offering that allows to play as The Doctor (appears on bloodwebs if you do not own the associated DLC)
  • Feature - Added a loading bar to the loading screen
  • Feature - Added a new screen when opening the Settings menu in game. This features every survivor in game with their full Steam IDs and their selected survivor. Clicking on a player will bring up their Steam profile
  • Feature - Added a new sound effect when opening exit gates
  • Feature - Added a saving/loading icon at the top right of the screen. This icon indicates that the game is processing something, so don't close it!
  • Feature - Adjusted character limit for player Steam names in the game HUD. Now includes an ellipses (...) to indicate additional characters not seen
  • Feature - Adjusted the color of positive status effects. Was blue and is now yellow
  • Localization - Integrated community translated Japanese texts


  • Adjusted the maze wall distribution in Asylum, Fractured Cowshed, Torment Creek and Rancid Abattoir
  • Adjusted the window spawning on a house in Haddonfield


  • Adjusted pallet placements
  • Fixed a typo in The Hillbilly's add-on "Speed Limiter"
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to visually select all perks in their inventory
  • Fixed an issue causing an impassable gap between car stacks in Gas Heaven
  • Fixed an issue causing Player IDs in the Setting menu to not appear with a private Steam profile
  • Fixed an issue causing small bushes in Haddonfield to spawn between fence gaps
  • Fixed an issue causing the effects from the perk "Adrenaline" not to properly trigger when caught in a bear trap
  • Fixed an issue causing the effects from the perk "Adrenaline" to not properly trigger when dropped from the killers shoulder
  • Fixed an issue causing the effects from the perk "Adrenaline" to trigger when the killer performs their Memento Mori
  • Fixed an issue causing the effects of the perk "Hex: Devour Hope" to remain after the associated totem was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue causing the hatch to spawn in an inaccessible location in Suffocation Pit
  • Fixed an issue causing the perk "Hex: Devour Hope" to be non functional in a KYF for a killer who was not the host
  • Fixed an issue causing the perk "Hex: Ruin" icon to appear in the HUD at the start of the match. Now the icon will appear when starting to repair a generator
  • Fixed an issue causing the scratch marks not appearing in The Asylum
  • Fixed an issue causing the title to crash when exiting the game
  • Fixed the collision on Asylum walls and debris assets