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Patch notes 1.3.0 -- December 06, 2016


  • Added a bell object and animation while the Wraith cloaks & de-cloaks
  • Added a popup message when launching the game and the save game can’t be read (also disables saving of the game)
  • Added additional information to Easy Anti-Cheat popup messages
  • Added an option to adjust the menu music volume
  • Added Legacy Customization Items for Dwight, Jake, Meg, Claudette, Nea, Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly & Nurse
  • Added sorting (automatic) of customization items by rarity
  • Added support for spectators in Kill Your Friends (there are now 5 non-killer slots that can be filled by a mix of survivors and spectators)
  • Added support to rate the match in the Tally Screen
  • Added support to report or give props to other players in the Tally Screen
  • Added the Totem Mechanic (Dull Totems)
  • Adjusted the display of bear trap placement to match the actual placement of the bear trap
  • Re-integrated ready checkmarks & nameplates above survivors in online lobbies (without ranking and progression information)


  • Activating the last required generator for a game will automatically activate all remaining generators
  • Added a Scoring Event for 300 Brutality Points when doing a surprise uncloak attack with The Wraith (in addition to the Surprise Attack Deviousness points)
  • Added a Scoring Event for 300 Brutality Points when landing a chainsaw hit with The Hillbilly (in addition to the Deviousness points)
  • Added Affected by Tinkerer modifier to the following addons; Nurse: "Dull Bracelet", "Anxious Gasp", "Jenner's Last Breath", "Metal Spoon", "Bad Man's Keepsake", "Spasmodic Breath"; Trapper: "Strong Coil Spring", "4 Coil Spring", "Bloody Coil", "Fastening Tools"; Hillbilly: "Thompsons Mix", "Death Engravings", "Doom Engravings".
  • Adjusted "Plunderer’s Instinct" (reduced aura reading distances for Levels 2 & 3, added a modifier to increase the rarity of items found for all levels)
  • Adjusted "Vanity Mirror" & "Scratched Mirror" to provide bonus in the deviousness category (instead of brutality)
  • Adjusted Asylum building modeling & level-design to add more randomness and reduce possibilities for infinites
  • Adjusted Survivor vaulting animation to feel more fluid.
  • Adjusted the "Balanced Landing" Perk (sprint duration increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds, cooldown decreased to 40 seconds from 60 seconds)
  • Adjusted the "Calm Spirit" Perk, (new values are 80/90/100%, increased from 70/80/95%)
  • Adjusted the "Decisive Strike" Perk (new values are 3/3.5/4 reduced from 3/4/5)
  • Adjusted the "Hope" Perk (new values are 5/6/7 increased from 2/3/4, included a condition for this perk to be active only for 120 seconds after the exit gates are powered)
  • Adjusted the "Sprint Burst" Perk so that recuperation time takes twice as long while running
  • Adjusted the "Tinkerer" Perk to provide its bonus to positive modifiers (negative effects will be let unaffected by the perk)
  • Adjusted the "Urban Evasion" Perk (new values are 40/45/50 increased from 10/12/15)
  • Adjusted the Hatch Escape interaction to be available from all incoming angles
  • Adjusted the number of pallets and hooks in various maps (ongoing)
  • Adjusted the parameters for the entity window blocking mechanic & added a condition that requires a recent chase to have happened for windows to be blocked
  • Adjusted The Shape Evil Within Scoring (500 bloodpoints upon raising the Evil Within Tier, up to 2000 bloodpoints. After reaching this, each event will reward 50 less blood points than the previous one, for a maximum of 4000 bloodpoints per game)
  • Adjusted The Shape Stalker Scoring (100 bloodpoints for each point stalked from a survivor, with each survivor having up to 10 stalking points, for a maximum of 4000 bloodpoints per game)
  • Redesigned the "Small Game" perk to work in a similar fashion as "Premonition" (emits a warning sound when looking at a trap or a totem, within a range of 45 degrees)
  • Reduced the time it takes for Killers to vault windows
  • Revisited the level-design of infinite spots in various maps (attempting to break fix infinites in the direction where fast-vaulting is not supported)
  • Survivor dying bleedout now keeps on progressing while in the Kill Interaction (Memento Mori)
  • The Nurse carry speed was slightly increased to match that of other killers
  • The Wraith now starts the match cloaked


  • Fixed an issue causing achievements relating to teachable perks to not unlock if bought in the Shrine of Secrets
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to disappear from offline lobby after accessing the credits
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to possibly appear as fully white in lobbies
  • Fixed an issue causing Decisive Strike to be lost if attempted while being dropped
  • Fixed an issue causing Decisive Strike to not be lost if attempted but failed for overshooting the skill check
  • Fixed an issue causing generators pistons to stop animating if a survivor leaves a generator after failing a skill check
  • Fixed an issue causing Laurie & Nea to sound echo when screaming on the hook
  • Fixed an issue causing spectators to see HUD Perks for other players at level 1 instead of their proper level (it was currently displaying the spectator’s perk level instead)
  • Fixed an issue causing survivors to display as disconnected on the Tally screen if they quit the game while in spectate
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Dying Light" perk to trigger when the obsession escaped the level
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Glass Fragment", "Reflective Fragment" & "Mirror Shards" add-ons to not display outlines
  • Fixed an issue causing the Bloodpoint Icon to remain on screen after purchasing a perk from the Shrine of Secrets
  • Fixed an issue causing the Lobby to transition into a game with only 3 Survivors if the fourth Survivor would leave while all the others are readied-up
  • Fixed an issue causing the luck trait to reduce the number of skill checks a survivor would trigger
  • Fixed an issue causing the Stalking Effect from The Shape to remain on the screen when transitioning to the Tally Screen
  • Fixed an issue causing the stillness crows to still circle the survivor when carried by the killer
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible for The Nurse to blink inside certain houses in Haddonfield
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a killer to interrupt a survivor from a different height
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for players to get trapped inside a pallet
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for the Wraith to remain cloaked on certain clients while being uncloaked on the server
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to by the same teachable perk multiple times from the Shrine of Secrets
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to equip add-ons for a different type of items if changing tabs (to add-ons) during the animation of changing the page (from another section)
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to see offering tooltips before they are revealed
  • Fixed various gameplay & animation issues with the hook (large revamp of how the hook is handled)